Taeyang at MAMA 2014

MAMA 2014

Mnet’s MAMA put on a good show this year (albeit running long as it usually does, the performances seemed better overall than in previous years.) It was also an extra special night for Taeyang and us fans as our boy went home with 3 awards: Best Male Vocal Performance, Best Male Artist and Song of the Year!

Video below the cut

Winning for Song of the Year

“I don’t know what to say. It took so long to release this album, and I think it was to meet this music Eyes Nose Lips . So many people have loved this song. This year is a very happy one for me. Thank you so much. Thank you Mr. YG. Thank you Teddy, Choice37, PK, Hanbum, Airplay, and many producers for helping w/ my music. Thank stylists, managers for working hard for me. It was the 1st stage of GOODBOY today, did y’all like it? Thank you GD for coming here, and BIGBANG members Seunghyun, Seunghyun hyung, Daesung, and moreover, VIP. Thank you so much.”

Winning Best Vocal Performance Male

“Hello this is Taeyang. Thank you so much for the awesome award. Thank you mom and dad for giving me an awesome voice. Thank you fans for loving my voice. Thank you so much.”

Winning Best Male Artist

“I’ve received another awesome award. Thank you, Mr YG, Teddy, YG staffs, producers for supporting me as a solo artist. Thank you my fans, I love you.”

Interview (with IU)

Q: Are you hoping for one of the 3 Grand Award?
TAEYANG: I’ll be honored to receive it if it’s given to me.
Q. Who do you think will receive the Grand Prize then?
TAEYANG: I think it would be IU. 🙂
IU: I think it would be TY. 🙂

Thanks to @HuisuYoon for the quick translations and big thanks to all the uploaders!

Taeyang  was looking extra fine – which was not lost on the cameraman as we were treated to a lot of cute reaction shots as TY sat in the audience.  (So many cute gifs and captures – check our twitter feed!)  Here’s his adorable reaction as the object of some special attention from special performers Lee Guk Joo (이국주) & Cho Sae Ho :

Taeyang audience cuts

Incidentally, GD and TY decided to walk the red carpet this year and looked adorable .

Taeyang performed a stirring rendition of crowd favorite “Eyes Nose Lips.”  (MAMA has such a great audience. HK fans showing a lot of love for the artists that night!)

Besties GDYB closed the show with a most anticipated performance of “Good Boy” and the inevitable “Fantastic Baby.”   YB remained committed to his shirtless concept for RISE which was a welcome distraction from the usual hit-or-miss quality of Mnet’s  camera work and sound quality. But overall it was a cool performance and is probably  going to get even better as they get more comfortable with the song. GDYB definitely know how to work a crowd and the audience loved them!

And yet another year of MAMA comes to a close… on to the year end performances! (YB’s got a full calendar thank goodness… more goodies ahead!)

4 thoughts on “Taeyang at MAMA 2014”

  1. This year has been fruitful for taeyang..haha I like how the camera showing ailee’s reaction when taeyang is performjng shirtless in good boy stage

  2. Ohhh so much to say, and so much feels I can’t put into words but I’ll try lol. *Note, might be another min-essay XD

    If YB was allowed all the time in the world for his speeches, I’m sure he can go on for hours. He always has bajillion people to thank, and never forgets anyone, even the stylist noonas and manager hyung. Being the dork that he is though, he yells “yayyyy” first, that boy (man) is such a sweetie. Love the humour he had when he received the vocal performance award, haha!

    I’ve found that YB, among all the male idols/celebs female comedians interact with for gags and LOLs, always take their gags in stride, goes with it, and doesn’t look uncomfortable. First Jung Juri from Strong Heart, now Guk Joo (watching her in Roommate is just the best).

    Seeing “Good Boy” performed live, YB shirtless as a bonus no less.. was not expecting it but hey, no-shirt is pretty much what he’s been doing for this RISE promotion, should’ve expected something. I was expecting ripping, but not coming out completely shirtless *moves away from laptop to fan self*

    Cameraman catching Ailee’s reaction was cute XD

    I think “Fantastic Baby” should be the Big Bang anthem by now, that song 100% guaranteed to rouse the crowd LOL

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