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Taeyang announces RISE Tour in Asia!

It’s kicking off at Hong Kong on Jan. 10 with other concert dates in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan to be announced.  Keep checking the tour facebook page for more information!

YG’s calling it a world tour (and I’m holding Taeyang to his promise of a US concert in the “near future”) so let’s keep our fingers crossed that he brings the tour to other parts of the globe.

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Taeyang’s SOLAR Concert updates – Pictures+Set List

*Updated with  Audio+Fancams! Goodies in the comments section too!

We will be updating this post as more pictures and fancams come out, so keep checking here for those! Right now we’ve got a couple pictures and the complete set list! Seems like the first night of the concert was a huge success, congratulations to Taeyang for all he’s accomplished this year 🙂

Credits: YBEffect

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Taeyang opening for Brian McKnight’s first concert in Seoul!

Just what us Taeyang-deprived fans were looking for…more news and this is BIG NEWS indeed!!

Big Bang TaeYang will do the opening performance for Brian McKnight’s concert performance in Korea.

Coming 1st April, Brian McKnight will hold a concert after 8 years in Korea titled ‘Mcknight at night’ and TaeYang will be doing the opening show for it.

It has been known that as soon as Brian McKnight saw a video of TaeYang singing he had decided that he wanted TaeYang to perform with him. TaeYang has been recognised as the trendy R&B singer in Korea committed to black music.

Source: Kbites

Can you say “International Exposure?” – First Alica Keys and now Mr.McKnight….C’mon Neyo, just call Taeyang for a collab! *haha wishful thinking*

Big Bang, Music & some Caffe Lattes

Here are some pictures and fancams of Big Bang’s recent performance at SangSangMaDang Live Hall in Seoul just recently. This was a mini concert held in conjunction with Caffe Latte, of which the boys previously did a CF with. Poor Daesung couldn’t be present due to his injuries (update: he has been discharged from the hospital). Still, the boys look great, Taeyang looks great.

Seungri one – i’ll try and find a Taeyang one…
Found one of them performing the “Caffe Latte” song –

Other fancams under the cut:

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How to Watch Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.

Off of Bangs, an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but Im loving it.
Off of "Bangs," an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but I'm loving it. CREDIT: BBFansite

The title of this post is a little insulting, no?  But, I’m not assuming that you’re all knuckleheads.  This is a boring and dry post, but if you’re having trouble watching Tae Yang’s concert DVD or is concerned about it before buying, hopefully this might be worth your time.

This is just instructions on how to breech Tae Yang’s Concert DVD Region 3 restrictions.  The DVD probably won’t work unless you have a all-region DVD player.  I suggest watching the DVD via a desktop or laptop.  I’m a PC, so the instructions will work best for PCs, but probably will be the same for MACs, I’m not sure.

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