[Feature] Take It Slow Part 2: The Covers

As can be expected, there are few Take It Slow covers out there inspite of its popularity. Perhaps because the original is so hard to live up to?

The song does seem relatively more popular for Piano Covers and instrumentals though. (Testament to our boy’s growing skills at composition, natch.)  Some picks:

From Big Rice Records

More videos under the cut.

From RaynneEnKPOP

And a heartfelt cover by someone who doesn’t speak Korean.

From r8g392

But my favorite cover so far is by Fernando Cardo

His cover of Wedding Dress is one of my favorite WD covers mostly because he captured the same emotion of the song but delivered it in a distinctly different way. I don’t think anyone will ever beat the nuanced vocal and emotional impact of Taeyang’s TIS (which is just about as perfect a song there is from him, in my opinion) but I have to admit this is very well done.

What do you guys think? And to any of our Spanish speaking readers, do the Spanish lyrics match up well to the meaning of the original?

Thanks to the uploaders.
Part 1 of the feature here.

10 thoughts on “[Feature] Take It Slow Part 2: The Covers”

  1. Fernando’s is awesome but I missed hearing “baby,lets take it slow…” in the chorus,of course I will always love Tae’a and his version only.

    1. LOL that last bit sounded really selfish and narrow minded,what I meant to say was its really hard to follow Tae’s original so I dont think its easy for anyone to execute it the way he does.

      btw the piano covers are brilliant! you picked some awesome covers bluemaid 🙂 I like all 4 of them.

  2. Really love the two piano covers. Fernando’s cover is beautiful as well.. and props to the dude who doesn’t know Korean cuz his cover is good too.

  3. The two piano covers were really beautiful. I do admit I liked the first one a bit better. He played by ear, which is amazing in my opinion… =)

    The two song covers were great too. Fernado definitely had the emotion of the original, and the guy who didn’t know Korean really did a good job too.

    All four videos were beautiful to hear, great post bluemaid~ ^^

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