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[Feature] Take It Slow Part 2: The Covers

As can be expected, there are few Take It Slow covers out there inspite of its popularity. Perhaps because the original is so hard to live up to?

The song does seem relatively more popular for Piano Covers and instrumentals though. (Testament to our boy’s growing skills at composition, natch.)  Some picks:

From Big Rice Records

More videos under the cut.

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What’s your favorite track?

Yes the most generic question, but a very important one.  It seems like we’re all across the board in terms what we think is the best track is off of Taeyang’s new “SOLAR” album.  Did “You’re My” pull your heart-strings?  Did “MOVE” or “Break Down” make you move more? Vote!

*I’m evil.  I’m making you pick only one. keke.  Pick the one you’re feeling the most at the moment.

What’s mine?  Read under the cut…if you even care. lol. Plus English translations for the track!

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