Twitter Diary: YB times in LA with Pictures and Twitter updates!

Day 0 (Jan 7th) : leaving for LA

6Source: @Realtaeyang

It all started with this tweet from @kikoro86 who said he was on the same fight as Big Bang’s Taeyang leaving Incheon airport.


Since @kikoro86 was heading to Utah, we were wondering what Taeyang was doing and where he was going.We could barely contain ourselves, YB was coming to the states?!? We didn’t believe it till @kikoro86 uploaded a picture the next day, you can see it here.

Day 1 (Jan 8th): Arriving at LA

Aimee Lee Lucas (ML choreographer and friend of Taeyang) tweeted “TAE YANG” and my twitter literally blew up. Everyone was wondering why she tweeted that and even more so when she later deleted her tweet. Since I knew he was in the US and likely in California I had a hard time not tweeting “HE’S IN LA, HE’S HERE”, especially with everyone wondering if he was in the US.

Thankfully YG and AllKPOP came in with an article explaining he was in LA for dance lessons and I could stop trying to keep my big mouth shut, read our post on it here.

So I put my internet stalking skills -a.k.a. twitter – to good use to find out what Taeyang was doing in LA (school’s out and I had nothing to do, don’t judge me).  And this is my handy dandy timeline.

On the 8th YB arrived from a 20 hour or so flight and met up with the ML crew.

That night he went to NOBU HOLLYWOOD for dinner.

Fan account: Last night I headed back up to LA to meet up with Shaun Evaristo and Aimee Lucas for dinner at Nobu Hollywood. They were playing host to K-Pop superstar Taeyang while he was in town visiting. It was my first time meeting him and he’s definitely a super down to earth guy. We were going to take him out to My House but he was still to jet lagged so we’ll have to save it for tonight…

I didn’t want to tweet about it last night because I heard all of his fans have been wondering where he is in LA. Wish I could tell you, but its top secret information.

Account from:

-about that My House thing. The club tweeted he was going to be there and I know a few fangirls and fanboys definitely went and were horribly disappointed. One of whom met up with Shaun and greatly confused him, but she got great pictures anyway so it ended on a win.
And that’s all twitter wrote.
Day 2 (Jan 9th).

Sadly twitter gave us nothing about what he does during the day, however we do know he met up with Chris Trondsen, a dancer and a fan, who YB was kind enough to take pictures with.


4Source: @ChrisTrondsen

However we firmly believed he attended ML’s party, they kept tweeting about some mysterious Korean guest that would be there (really guys? really?). While we don’t have pictures of him at the party we do have a picture of the food (lol, stop judging me)

Source: @KyleHanagami

Then our boy hit the club. The twitter pictures were accompanied by flailing fangirls and me wondering what I had done to deserve being stuck on the East Coast.


Source: @khainguyen10, @im_lindseyb, @JoseDancer88 & @tk_nguyen

The tweets stopped there.

Day 3 (Jan 10th):

He went hiking with the ML crew.


Met a horse – though I’ve always wanted a pony, I’ll take a Taeyang instead.



and hung out with Lyle’s dog


And something glorious happened that day on twitter. TAEYANG TWEETED!!! (some of these pics even came from him). His first tweet in MONTHS!!! Me and all my friends on twitter literally flipped. Fangirls wailing and flailing and generally going crazy. The fanboys were much more tame by I’m sure they were inwardly flailing.AND THEY WERE IN ENGLISH (very very good English may I add).


And he also had some more fun hanging out with the ML crew including some ping-pong and some XBox 360 Kinect.



He also did get some dance lessons in between all that fun according to Shaun.


Sources: @aimeeleelucas, @qui_truong, @kanauru, @Realtaeyang,@v1nh, @shaunevaristo, @KeoneMadrid, & @ThaCharlie

*Anyway, my timeline is probably way out of order but this has become a hazy memory of flailing, tweeting, caps lock and keyboard smashing so I apologize if my information is wrong.

However I’m really really happy that Taeyang had such a great time in LA, hung out with his old friends and hopefully made some new ones and is loving his stay in the US as much as we love him. Have a great time during your visit Young Bae.


31 thoughts on “Twitter Diary: YB times in LA with Pictures and Twitter updates!”

  1. omg i was the same!!! ive been tweeting and stalking for days!! it was like a long workout!! thanks for this!!
    you still have a week to do another timeline ahha!

  2. Yesterday was such an EPIC days for us YB fans. I haven’t spazzed this hard since his Solar album dropped July 1st. I’m so happy that YB had a great time in L.A and can’t wait to get the updates about his trip to Sin City. Here’s to hoping ‘What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas’ Amazing timeline, Toozdae 🙂

  3. That effin’ horse got to met Taeyang and I didn’t! Tae looks so wholesome and corn-fed (though he’s probably rice-fed).

  4. This post should be re-titled to:

    “A Fangirl’s Guide To Stalking Mr. Dong Young Bae”

    Prologue: Were you able to catch a glimpse of YB in LA? Wish you did? Never fear, this post will provide you with all the details of Mr. YoungBae’s whereabouts, and with whom…even down to what the glorious man ingested. Yes folks, re-live the experience over and over again, as if you were vacationing with YoungBae himself!

    Side note: awesome post Toozdae!

    1. Coming Soon!
      “A Fangirl’s Guide to Stalking Mr. Dong Young Bae Part II: Las Vegas Edition”
      ~Vivaaaaa Las Vegassss~

    2. Dilani….you crack me up!

      On a side note….awesome post Toozdae! What great investigative skills ATY has!

  5. haha awesome commentary throughout toozdae! and thanks for the timeline 😉 May I add how cute he looks,just exploring LA with his old and new buddies.

    1. lol,well he’s “officially” put down as 5’7,since official heights are exaggerated most of the time,he must be around 5’5 or 5’6 cant be taller than 5’7,thats really obvious anyway.

  6. amazing timeline!

    twitter has been so helpful to us and also a big thank you to the ML crew for sharing their pictures. hopefully, we’ll have updates also for his stay in Las Vegas! 😉

  7. Amazing post toozdae! I don’t use twitter that much so I hate that I’ve missed out on all the spazzing and fangiriling…XD

    But thanks! This post is definitely a great timeline, and LOL no one is judging you, loved the humour throughout!

    I can’t wait to see what he will be up to in Vegas!

  8. *sigh* SO HAPPY that there’s finally word on him. ever since his solo activities ended, it’s like he disappeared off the face of the earth :'(.
    But omoooo soooooooo happpy now~! 😀 😀 😀 :D.

    YB is so cute ^__^

  9. do u guys hav any ideas if he’s still here in la or is he staying at vegas for the rest of his vacay? im frm la & was hoping to bump into him before he goes back to seoul

  10. He’s back in LA. Maybe he’ll accompany Shaun when he does his workshops this weeeek. Someone needs to put up shauns shedule! Lol

  11. Man!! I wonder how he feels about Vegas so far!! No twit pics or nothing! I guess whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! LOL!! I am still hoping for a twit pic or a short video or something. That will be so cool!

  12. Apparently YB’s in NYC now. Man, first LA then LV and now NYC? He must be getting some crazy dance lessons! Or is “dancing” a euphemism for “partying”? 😀 Either way, I hope he’s having loads of fun!

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