Twitter Diary Pt 2: Fun in Vegas and NY

After having a blast in LA, seen here, Taeyang took his US adventures to Las Vegas


Though we don’t know much about what he did there, not everything that happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas thanks to his tweets. Yes, he did tweeted again!!!! I know, I could hardly believe it.

“Las Vegas – flashy city, full of crazy people”



“Las Vegas”


“with homer simpson”

First he tweeted to Park Hanbyul (actress and Se7en’s girlfriend) which showed that he was in New York.

6cr: @realtaeyang on twitter

and a lucky fan even managed to catch him while he was shopping in Soho




So Young Bae was not only on the US West Coast but has now traveled to the East Coast. I’m hoping he comes to DC but I have work starting so I doubt I’ll be able to chase him down, lol. He seems to be enjoying his visit here. That’s all the pictures we have of him in Vegas and in New York so far however here are some more pics of YB chilling in LA with the ML crew.

Young Beezy



Eating with homies


cr: Lyle Beniga’s Facebook Page via soompi


With Shaun and Aimee’s dog Buddy

me n uncle @Realtaeyang. finally got to meet him in person!


cr: @heyimbuddy on twitter (and it so cute that their dog has a twitter)

And a photo of that ping pong match between Qui and Taeyang

Ping pong battle for titles haha. @Realtaeyang vs @Qui_Truong


cr: @keonemadrid

To be honest I was asleep or way from my computer when most of these were twitter except for the one with him in NY, kind of upset that I missed out on the spazzing with my fellow YB addicts. Hopefully he’ll keep on tweeting even when he goes back to Korea and we wont have to suffer through another dry spell.


22 thoughts on “Twitter Diary Pt 2: Fun in Vegas and NY”

    1. Toozdae, you did a great job. YB has been quite the stealthy ninja tweeting like he’s still in Vegas when he was actually in New York. Glad he’s having so much fun on his vacation. Another great post!

  1. i missed out on spazzing about his vegas tweets too!!! thanks for another amazing post toozdae! i am so impressed with your investigative skills especially with his NY tweet! i didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out 🙂

  2. Another great post showing your investigative skills toozdae!!! Good job~~ 😀

    I’ve been quite the busy person myself… MIA even on Facebook, lol

    Thanks so much for this! Am glad to see YB enjoying himself during this break he’s having. He definitely suits the US scene from the looks of it, haha.

    Hope he tweets every now and then even when he’s back, I’d definitely put my twitter account to good use…Hahahahaha.

  3. guys, YB’s HOT album is #79 on Soribada’s top 100 albums of the decade.
    so proud of him.
    he’s the only idol up there.
    i know he’s more than that.
    but it’s just so overwhelming.
    i love it when Korea recognize the gem that is Taeyang!

    1. how did those two end up there? lol,did CB just randomely see them and included them,but they came up right when he was talking about “being inspired by idols” etc maybe he got to know them? whatever it was,this is awesome stuff.

    2. I’m thinking that this trip to the US wasn’t about “dancing.” Maybe a US debut is about to pop off after all. This is too much to just be a coincidence. Teddy is with him too, just like he was there for 2NE1.

      1. I agreed w/u on that. When I heard that he was in the US for dance lesson, I thought it was just a nice cover up. I’m pretty sure that he decided to take a little trip to the US before BB debut again and for what reason? To have a feel of what America is like & if debuting here will be possible. And I’m sure there are lots of other reason but I can’t say!

  4. That pic with Lyle and the juice… TY sure got some dark fingertips!

    Man… I’m not sure when it started, but all of my pictures are starting to have TY’s expressions and pose. My subconscious is emulating him without my knowing LOL XD.

  5. OMG literally just choked on my own spit when i saw fan pic of him sitting right there in ny!!!!!!!!!! WTF IM IN NY!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFGG!!

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