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[Feature] Take It Slow Part 2: The Covers

As can be expected, there are few Take It Slow covers out there inspite of its popularity. Perhaps because the original is so hard to live up to?

The song does seem relatively more popular for Piano Covers and instrumentals though. (Testament to our boy’s growing skills at composition, natch.)  Some picks:

From Big Rice Records

More videos under the cut.

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One of the first artists to ever do Taeyang remakes, our friends over at Kanauru, came out with their much awaited masterpiece in time for the anniversary. Thanks Richard and Qui!

Time flies doesn’t it? It has been exactly one year since Taeyang’s sad song of missed chances first made fangirls cry (and dare I say it, maybe even a fanboy or two?) While the initial reception in Korea was not as warm as hoped, the little song that could has been making its way around the globe winning Taeyang new admirers in some far off places. The song, dance and video have inspired the more dedicated fans from all over to do their own renditions – some heartfelt, some funny, some just plain awesome.

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