Taeyang at Seoul Soul Music Festival: Pics+Fancams

Sorry for the delay on this post, looks like the festival was a blast. Glad to see Taeyang got to meet such great artists, check out his pictures with Music Soulchild. More stuff under the cut~

64 thoughts on “Taeyang at Seoul Soul Music Festival: Pics+Fancams”

  1. Looks like YB had so much fun!!!! This really was like a mini Solar concert. Damn Korean fans are so lucky.

    Here are some other fancams!





    I Want You Back

    LOAM Remix

  2. He’s equipped with a new brand of confidence. Almost feels like he’s someone else, not in a bad way. Just…different

    1. I think it’s more that he has gone back to the confident person he used to be seeing as he and GD often mention how Taeyang used to be a lot more extroverted and confident but had a sudden personality swap with GD…
      I’m liking this side of him but hopefully he still retains some of that boyish innocence he used to have 🙂

      Anyway, those wer

      1. and my hand slipped lol. As i was saying, those were some awesome cams…it seems like it was a great night. It’s funny how he has had so many performances the past week despite having ended promotions xD

    2. The best thing about all the performances was how FUN they were. YB stopped concentrating so hard on getting everything right and just let loose, got down and jammed and it was AWESOME. (So he was pitchy and forgot lyrics and didn’t do all the steps — but as all those who went were talking about — it totally didn’t matter because it was a fantastic experience for him and the audience.) He was feeding off the energy of the crowd and they loved it too. And since it wasn’t for broadcast and was an adult audience, no restrictions either so he could just go with whatever he felt (which apparently, was really sexy…. Hey, I’m not complaining…I hear even the fanboys were digging YB’s vibe that night.) It was totally the kind of performance I wanted him to have this entire promo run…

    3. yes totally different YB post vacation.
      like you said, with a brand new confidence.
      and him just letting go and enjoying the performances.
      i love it, and i just think he upped his game, i didn’t think he could go any further after the solar concerts cause they were already really good from what i’ve heard and seen but this time he topped himself all over again. amazing!

    4. I hear you! Very different, especially since I’ve been following YB for about 2 years now, suddenly seeing this side of him….definitely different. But like you said, not in a bad way. His confidence has soared, and I’m glad, b/c I always feel like he never knows just how good he is. Maybe it’s b/c of the great reviews about his album, maybe it’s the international response, or maybe, just maybe there’s a lucky lady involved (I’m kind of hoping, lol). Whatever it is, I hope he continuous to put on great performances.
      Damn, already, im pumped for his next solo album…I wonder what he’ll show us in a few years…..exciting just thinking about it

    5. yep,I agree,he’s definitely changed its like SOLAR was the start of a new Taeyang but its all good like you said and he’s becoming a great artist,his performances are getting better and better each time like he was having sooo much fun performing here 😀

  3. Omg my bae bae’s been hangin around his hyungs too much these days methinks and not forgetting his BFF; )
    Gees TIS was embarassing enough to listen to now u had to literally elaborate on the ‘bounce’ bit?! Omona this noona cant handle all this YB!

    1. OOF O_o those lucky lucky girls. I like how the first was totally jamming with him. The second was awkward and wasn’t sure about how to dance with him, and the third…well she was just cripplingly shy, and she got the kissing part :3

    2. that video… completely shows how much he’s grown. he’s shows so much more confident now. and the way he’s owning the performance && having fun.

      and the girls!! GAHHH. look at him.

      helllla jealous.

      i liked how he high fived that random guy hahaha. he’s soo cute.

      this is the EXACT reason why i love youngbae.

      he’s adorable. (=

    3. Why was this never advertised. Like mannn he’s so close to the audience if anything its better than the concert, probably much cheaper too.

      LOOL can i say Taeyang player. Ahhhh i remember the days of the Big Bang Documentary where YB was too shy to even dance with his back up dancers. And now look at him

      Oh SHIT! he fell during that flip, probably too hyper too feel pain though. The confidence is just making him kill his performances. Theres so much hype and dunno just makes you wanna clap your hands and jump in the air, with his performances now

    4. i just wish i was in that club, partying with YB.
      man, that was awesome.
      and YB sure knows how to pick a hot girl. lol.

    5. Mannn~ I wanted to join the audience!!! That was some awesome performance!

      I’m so happy to see YB oozing with confidence. He’s just being himself on stage.

      I have yet to watch the concert fancams, but I don’t want to spoil myself when I want to buy the DVD 😛

      Anyway, that flip must’ve hurt~~~~ D: but I’m happy to see him just jamming to the music and feeling uber relaxed and happy on stage.

      I really like how he randomly high fived that guy, it’s just too cute. ❤

  4. :3 Why do I get so squee every time I see those two pics of Taeyang and Soulchild? I don’t know why but they look so cute together. Same height, same grin, same glasses and even same haircut (look carefully and Soulchild’s buzz.). They look like BFF’s XD. I think Taeyang just makes everyone he takes pictures with look incredibly happy (i.e picture with IU)

  5. i loved his performance. YB is unleashing his true self more and more.

    what other surprises you got for us?!?!

    gahhh. he is enjoying himself soo much and i’m soo proud of him being able to be more carefree during his performances.

  6. the humping during TIS was so precise and the implications were so clear…lol I blushed

    anyway he was having so much fun its so great to see him enjoying himself and getting towards that even greater artist he wants to be.

  7. LOL Taeyang who couldn’t curse out loud just last year (during BIGBANG TV I think) does exactly just that! and “yeeeah man!” haha reminded me of Usher.I loved these two performances.

    1. U know what i love the confidence and everything but if the cursing is for the same reason he grew a beard ie to look more manly, then pls YB dont get it twisted, theres nothing sexier or manlier than a guy with integrity and thats why we all squeal for u like little girls (ahjummas and all!) stay true to urself son! Juseyo; )

      1. ^
        I think he was just super hyped. He was really excited for the show. And I never got the impression that YB didn’t curse in general, just that he wouldn’t on camera (esp considering that YGTV is/was a really popular show). Probably didn’t want his mom calling him and asking why he was cursing on TV. He knew that the Seoul Soul festival wouldn’t be broadcast and it was an adult event, no need to hold himself back. The guy has been in YGE for 10+ years and hangs out with the hyungs, I don’t think even he’s such an angel that he doesn’t curse.

      2. I too hope he didn’t curse for that reason and I cant deny the fact that part of his charm,for me personally, was the fact that he wasn’t one of those people who went around cursing.But then we dont know that for sure and I’m being very lenient on these matters now coz at the end of the day we dont know everything about him,I’ll just appreciate him for the amazing artist he is and know that he’s a man with a good heart rather than make assumptions about his personality as some kind of perfect being that I would like him to be and forget that he’s actually human just like everyone else.

        sorry I know that was kinda deep…lol but thats how I really feel.

    2. wtf has happened to him. He’s really come out of his shell now. I wish i could. Like he’s really feeling his performances and just having fun. Like how 2ne1 do with their performances. Theres so much energy now when he performs.

  8. YB was so hyped during this, IDEK. Loved the performances, and TIS had me blushing (How does he do this, I’m a grown woman). Love his new confidence and his new swag.

  9. like everyone else here, im loving his newfound confidence (or long lost confidence like someone mentioned up there). he is definitely applying his charm and sexiness in his performances to make everyone excited. he’s sort of becoming an onstage player!! (hopefully not a real life player!!) though, like someone mentioned up there as well, i do want him to keep some of that shy boyish innocence that made me fall in love with him in the first place. he should come out of the shell but keep it around to revert back to sometimes!

  10. I know many people have been VIPs for years and have been watching YB and the rest of the guys since they were boys, but I think people need to realize that YB is now a grown man. And I don’t think it’s surprising that he became a confident, seemingly charming adult.

    The shy boy phase was just that….His shy boy phase. He was a kid then. He grew up. There’s nothing surprising about that.

    1. True and I agree completely.

      And the change has been somewhat gradual. But I’m not just talking about how much more confident he is but also how much more happy he is – the smile are brighter and the air around him so much more relaxed.

      I think all of us here are happy about these changes, none of us want another depressed YB on our hands. And the confidence is sexy. But to fans who are used to the old YB it’s still surprising. Like we know he’s changed, but sometimes we’re hit in the face with it, lol.

      1. I agree with you and its completely true.

        I personally get a bit shocked like “oh, is that really Youngbae?” lol.but the changes are inevitable and they’re not bad changes either,he’s just being the grown up man that comes with growing up.

        Also,he’s so happy and you can see it in his awesome performances, its great because it means he’s becoming that great artist he wants to be and I cant help but think that there might,just might, be a lucky girl involved 😀

    1. Seeing the three of them together is a literal EYEgasm. I was crushin on shaun and lyle before I even found out about YB so I was super excited when I found out they were his choreographers. This was definitely a match made in heaven.

  11. I’ve watched some fancams and boy sure did look hyper and happy… Performances wasn’t perfect, he did the concert numbers but I don’t care, he sucked me in this time. I had a great time just watching him through the computer screen.

  12. YB looks so happy, confident and relaxed! I’m loving this side of him.

    He’s just being himself on stage, and this new air of confidence in his performances just adds to the overall charm. ❤

  13. YB’s so full of confidence while performing.
    he sometimes forgot the lyrics to his songs but that didn’t stop him from enjoying himself.
    i’m so damn proud.i want to cry tears of joy.T T

    as i was watching an old video of YB when he was featured in jinuseans A-YO vid,he already have that confidence as a kid.
    he was so full of swag,that kid.
    tell me guys,how many 12yr old kid would have the guts to go a big company,prolly all by himself and asked the boss why he didn’t call him back?if not for the confidence in himself?

    but then,somehow he became the shy,introverted kid trainee in YG.:(

    now,he somehow have that confidence back.
    i guess,prolly because of the international fans’ warm welcome to his songs,maybe he found himself a girl,and the positive critics reviews.

    i’m just so thankful for everything.
    now i enjoyed watching him enjoying himself performing on stage.<3
    i love him so much.

    1. ^
      I know. Whenever GD would mention YB from the past I always would wonder what happened to that kid, and why he loss that confidence. Now it’s back and I’m so happy that I got to witness it.

      Personally I think it’s a combo of all three -international fans warm response, got himself a girl and the positive critic reviews. Plus it seems like the YGE family have been giving him a lot of support, fans weren’t the only ones concern over YB’s depression last year, Mr. YG and the rest of the fam seems like they were really concerned too.

  14. I FREAKING CRAZY FOR TAEYANG now more and more !!!! SCREAM!!!!!!!! Taeyang He is fuckin’ the boss… he’s the BEAST!!!!
    His dance move was amazing and his vocal was amazing too.
    I love this bad boy side of him… looks gangsta but we all know this is for the show …real of our YoungBae has a beautiful heart and still shy sometime that’s so cute.
    He’s really my ideal guy outside looks bad boy but inside him is beautiful…I really fall in love with him.
    I think now he stole all the girls’s heart from all over the world!

  15. I’m sure this will be posted later, but just a quick translation of YB’s part at 3:50…

    When I said not to leave me
    When I wanted you so longingly
    Now far away, in a moment’s time far away
    It’s all passing by

    … YG suggested I try writing a song for the new album, an R&B song that the three vocals can sing together….
    … I’m thinking of the melody line and writing lyrics. I don’t know exactly how this song will be used but…
    … It’s the first BB album in a while. In order to show a lot of different colors I figured we should also include a good R&B song…
    … I’m writing right now.


    Such a simple melody. His voice just kills me….
    Looks like the working title translates roughly as “Passing By.”

    1. Silly , you are such a godsend. I was anxiously waiting for translations from somewhere and trying to make heads or tails of what was going on using the kboards and google translate. (Someone had mentioned that he was working on a solo single to be released after the BB album, but I was sure that didn’t sound right.)

      Thanks again — the song sounds lovely and YB sounds great singing it. 🙂 (Biased much? kekeke)

    2. this is so cute, hope it makes the album. Happy that YB is working on making more songs, and songs for BB too. And that Mr. YG is encouraging him – he has such a soft spot for YB.

    3. Thank you silly!!
      Hearing this has got me really excited about BB’s comeback, and YB’s potential as a future composer/writer. 😀
      Already I’m anticipating his next solo album >.<

    4. Thank you so much for the translations! I watched it earlier today and literally replayed his part 5 times. The melody sounds so promising. When I inferred that he was writing it for the BB album I teared up. My fangirling has officially gone too far lol

    1. First GD and TOP now YB producing and writing Big Bang songs. True Artists/Musicians.

      The song sounds so sad, allow Seung Ri and Daesung, this should be another YB solo song haha. No offence, i’m sorry but when it comes to sad loves songs, YB’s voice is always no.1

      1. I’m so happy that YB is writing a song for BB’s album. I loved TIS so much so to see YB try his hand at composing makes me a happy fan. Another sad song for YB to sing but he will be sharing the stage with Daesung and Seungri which is always a pleasure to see. I love it when these three harmonize. Let’s just say I am really looking forward to hearing the final product. YB’s voice is love.

        1. ^
          Me too, I love YB and I’m happy he’s writing for BB. He mentioned this in his FOUND interview, that there was the possibility of him writing songs for BB but he wasn’t sure. Seems like YG convinced him.

    2. XD I love the way YB looked at the camera. He’s like “ugh what are you doing here lemme alone”. It’s so cute.

    1. Thanks to Richard and Qui and ML for this!

      Really hope Shaun didn’t let that hater get to him. More people than we can count, and not just Asians, have been inspired by Shaun and his work. Keep it up Shaun!!!

  16. OMFG did he meet musiq ?! two fav artsts one pic =) mhmmm .

    dayumm YB got this whole new swag and confidence to him I like it . Mhmmmmm anyone else wondering if he got some lol ?

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