30 thoughts on “Movement Lifestyle – Adventures with YG. Ent Episode 2”

  1. Awww, this episode was really cool! I loved how Shaun was cheering YB on, it was really really sweet of him. And I think it was also the right thing to do. =)

    We all know YB thinks way~~~ too much, though what Shaun said can be used in any situation, I think for YB it is the best way to channel his energies in worrying to better performances…:D

    Hahaha, the “Tae Yang fighting!” took a while to say didn’t it~ Hahahaha

    Next episode looks as great as this! Can’t wait for it, and thanks for all the hard work!! 🙂

  2. Hahaha ….at shaun doing GD part on ING and YB translating 😀 …
    a all around great episode but Wow on shaun’s words especially when he talked about that ” it doesn’t hold weight in America !! ) . am not going to say am reassured (because i never really questioned it ) but it’s great to know that they aren’t just working with YG because that’s what available but soon to move to bigger things …. there work is really reaching millions and they should be proud of it .

    first performance next episode … really looking forward to it 😀

  3. Richard, Qui. Shaun, and the whole ML crew rock for doing this!

    Shaun is great. I’m so glad that YB was able to work with him. How many other choreographers would go out of their way and take the time out to comfort their artist and make sure their nerves aren’t getting to them? Shaun is truly a great choreographer, but an even better friend.

    And Shaun…don’t listen to that hater! Your work has affected millions of people! Haven’t we all witnessed the WD phenomenon? Just brush it off and keep dancing please!!!

  4. I like the part where Shaun asked Taeyang to translate his words to Korean ^^

    Shaun seems to know Taeyang inside out.. saying when TY’s onstage he tends to think too much and look down. Gotta say i agree.. more eye contact to the camera please, cuz there were times I think TY tends to be in his own world and as an audience I feel like he’s just performing for himself and not me…

    Anyways, this is another great episode.. and Shaun should just ignore those people.. I mean, he played a huge role in the success of WD and TY’s popularity overseas and I think it’s great cuz it’s reaching out to a lot of people 🙂

    1. Yup even GD has said it that YB is too serious and is thinking too much when performing. Cos hes too focused on getting all the choreography and song right. Which isn’t a bad thing but yeah not much eye contact.

      YB also said himself that as an entertainer hes not the great, like how Daesung is really funny and stuff.

      However having said that based on the Soul Concert hes improved a lot and just having fun on stage now

      1. Gotta agree.. have to say that I do enjoy watching Solar Concert and Soul Festival performances more than his tv appearances.

  5. awesome episode indeed. 🙂

    my respect for Shaun just went up 100X higher.
    his works may not be reaching most of America’s population but he surely reached me and millions of other people.
    he’s an awesome choreographer and mentor.
    i love the fact that he knows the people he works with so well like the way he knows how YB acts on stage when he’s thinking too much.
    it is also so great of him to boost the morale of everyone, especially when he encouraged YB.

    love the part where Shaud made YB the translator.
    that moment of cluelessness was funny!!!

    can’t wait for the next!

  6. Shaun needs to forget those haters and just do himself. Shaun is well known around the world as BB and YB’s choreographer and has a lot of fans himself.

    Anyway, YB is adorable and awkward like usually, love him. And him translating is so cute.

  7. Wow!! It is a definite that I know now that Taeyang understands and speak English! Yeah, you hear him sing it in songs like most Korean music artist do but that does not mean they all speak English. From watching this clip, I know for sure and not by just a word of mouth. I have been following Big bang since they debuted and not one video unless I missed that I know of where they would say yeah, I speak English. “Ahhhh” my question is now definitely answered.

    And shaun, don’t worry about those people who said that because you are working with “all these Asian artist is cool but it is not going to hold weight in America” It holds a lot of weight for me an I am from East Harlem NY. Many don’t realize how big K-pop is going to become. You have Will i am working with 2NE1. There is the “certain people” of who you speak who think that you are wasting your time. Just because they don’t probably listen to K-pop or feel as passionately as you do does not mean that it does not hold no weight. Like I said. It holds a lot of weight here for me in a America just like many other Americans who are watching and listening on the internet. Like the verse was saying in that hip hop song um, I can’t remember but the verse said “Stop the hate!……… But that’s when you know you’re doing great!!*

    1. I meant to say “and not just one video but many unless I missed a few videos where they would say “yeah, I can speak English”…Gosh! I hate making typing errors.

  8. Shaun actually gets YB so much. I wonder why all of sudden YG added in an extra 4 dancers, with only a day to go that must of peed of Shaun. Man they literally got down to the last minutes before comebacks. Wouldn’t it be better if they gave like weeks maybe months, practicing new choreography.

    The whole looking down thing i completely agree. Even GD said it, YB tends to think alot when he’s performing hence why he always has a serious look. But recently at the Soul Concert you can see thats definitely changed. He’s just out there having fun and giving off such happy energy, love it!

  9. On a side note guys, I found a video TaeYang performance at APAN. I love seeing him perform freely when he’s at ease. There is just something about when he’s at ease when he’s performing. When he gets close to the camera, I just wanted to grab him through the computer screen and put him in my pocket. Major lol at him saying, “Put your mother f’-ing hands up”.

  10. You know whats GREAT? I for once finally don’t need subs on a video. they’re talking english.. yayyy (: haha. & right now i LOVE movement lifestyle, so lucky and and jealous of them (:

  11. The One Year Anniversary of “Where U At”

    To put into words what Taeyang’s music has meant to me since discovering him last year would probably take all day. But to express the emotions surrounding this particular song and MV is easier to do. “Where U At” was released to huge fanfare on October 14th of last year. The MV that would bring together choreographers Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga would change the way music fans looked at dance. A song about longing to find ones true love against a backdrop of powerful Hip Hop in a grimy alleyway. To some it was not much to look at but for me meant the world. In this one MV a side of me was reawakened. The side of me that loved to dance. The song that we can all relate to coupled with a dance we all wished we could do. “Where U At” is the perfect pairing of lyrics and visuals that capture the imagination of anyone who watches it. In essence the appeal of this MV and Taeyang as an artist is in his ability to speak to a wide range of music fans.

    Source: YGEntertainment via The Kevisaurus@youtube
    Rehearsal video: Aukang@youtube
    Credit: devotedtothesun.wordpress

  12. To be honest, this video made me a tad frustrated at Youngbae. Its hard to believe that the choreo/performance was literally put together the night before. Its without a doubt his entire comeback was sooo rushed….so last minute and as a result, haphazard. I think we all saw bits and pieces of that. -_- This video just confirmed it. aiiiiigggoooo. No wonder why the boy was so damn stressed out.

    1. ^
      So true. Everything felt sooooo rushed.
      Yes, fans were waiting a really long time since he was suppose to come back in 2009, then the start of 2010 but we rather wait a long time than have a haphazard comeback. I could hear it in some of the song recordings and now it’s confirmed about the choreo too.

      If YB was determined to redo that much of the album (7 songs I think) and knowing how busy he would be with BB in Japan, he should have taken his time and told YG that it wasn’t coming out this year or to even do it after BB’s comeback if BB did do their planned August comeback.

      Knowing how YGE operates in terms of solo works, YB has to take a lot of the blame. I wouldn’t have been surprised if YG said that if he wanted to comeback this year, it was either the start of July or not at all. And YB choose to rush it and get it out then -I’m not sure if that was exactly the best move on his part.

      I do have to say that this album and promotion did give him a lot of personal growth – a lot more growth than HOT. And we’ll see an older and wiser YB in 2012.

      1. I think you’re being way too hard on YB considering YGE’s history of stellar time management. (Case in point: http://www.21bangs.com/news-cl-only-knew-about-2ne1s-comeback-a-week-before-100918/ ) Making the decision to push the album till after BB’s comeback would not have guaranteed him more space to “perfect” things, probably just more time to change things around in between the other scheduled BB activities that are sure to come up. Not to mention pushing the album back would have completely wasted any international momentum from Wedding Dress and would have driven all the YB fans over the edge and into near rioting status (where they nearly always are anyway over YG decisions regarding YB.)

        Anyway, what’s done is done and launching Solar can hardly be called a bad decision given all that has happened, right? While the execution of the promo was not perfect (and when has it ever been?) it gave us some great music and some fantastic performances. I think YB has had a breakthrough with this album and it is nothing but onwards and upwards for him. Already counting down till we get some new music from YB…and some more epic performances like Soulfest while we wait. To take a page from BB….until whenever YB…

        1. ^
          I don’t think SOLAR was a bad decision -it brought me and a whole lot of ppl to YB and I guess YG and YB had to strike while it’s hot. Plus it allowed me to see so much growth in YB, IDEK -still so proud. I think it was a calculated risk on both YB and YG’s part though.

          However, I could tell that certain parts were rushed and not just with promotions. Some of the new songs on the album sounded rushed and could have used some editing, especially if you compared it to the stuff he produced before he changed it. And that’s somewhat of a pet peeve of mine (plus I’m a pretty critical persons in general and one of the reasons I adore ATY).

          But I agree with you, watching YB do SOLAR (and seeing the gowth and even greater potential) makes me excited for his next solo promotions (I’m so greedy, lol). Personally, I think the mistakes made with SOLAR will give YB a lot of food for thought and I want to see him grow as an artist.
          Like you said…until whenever YB.

      2. I think there were some spectacular things that happened with the album but I think there were some mistakes that were so obviously a result of lack of planning and little time. (His first INAG for example) I think I lay the blame on both YB and YG. I don’t think we can just say “well YG has a history of sucking at promos” and forgive so to speak. The fact that the dancers were just learning the dance the night before the performance is quite unprofessional. I understand that YB has a short time frame to do this….but still if you’re gonna do something, might as well do it right. I’m sure YB has the same mentality in regards to his work.

        1. Haha! As if any of us YB fans will ever forget the sins of the past – and its not as if we’ll ever let them forget it either. Professional naggers aren’t we? Or just fanmoms (the same thing?)

          Though perhaps we can be bribed to relent by better things in the future? I’m confident that YB learns from his mistakes, but am not so sure about YGE…. and as we know, even YB says dealing with the company is his “homework he has to solve.”

        2. you hit the nail on the head but I think it will be food for thought for YB. This is his first time planning any promotions and I think he had a lot to learn and obviously made some mistake (YG gave YB a lot of freedom here I feel), he’s inexperience and it showed but in the end it worked out really well for him. It also makes me 10x more excited for his next album. Maybe he’ll finally be able to make REAL this time. I remember him saying that SOLAR wasn’t REAL but a step to him reaching REAL. I’m happy that YB sees it as a journey too, just like we see it. Makes me proud and excited.

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