D-3: Picture Spam!!

Day 3
Time goes by…so slowly….how you guys holding up? I’m in a full midterm (exam) season, so it’s keep me busy, although the wait for this weekend is killing me…and I’m excited about more than one thing, which you guys will find out about soon enough …  🙂

So I’m here with some YUMMY new photos from Big Bang’s recent Lotte Duty Free photo shoot. Man, I got a bit teary looking at these pictures….THE BOYS HAVE GROWN UP! ~ They all look so good and so mature…ah~

My fav:

^ He’s got that look on his face like ” You can run, but you can’t hide from my sexiness”

More under the cut….

^ At first glance, I thought it was a cigarette in his mouth ~lol especially with GD’s facial expression!

^ LOL they all look so sad going somewhere..and i love Daesung

^ I love TOP’s face here….he’s such a cutie…

26 thoughts on “D-3: Picture Spam!!”

  1. @kay..

    haha!! YESsss!!!

    i totally agree with you
    with the ..

    “you can run, but you can’t hide from my SEXINESS” smile .. hahaha XD

  2. ….agree with u…looks like Taeyang has a cigarette in his mouth, but i know my YB isn’t a smoker….it’s not his style….Taeyang…..he always leaves me speechless and breathless…complete swagga and sexiness to the max……*god that smile*……luv him xxxxxx Glad to see smiling Daesung again…goofy GD as always…so cute….+TOP needs a haircut asap…it’s shielding us from seeing his killer eyes xxx

  3. i couldn’t stop smiling after seeing that first pic of yb…he’s sooo handsome…and then i saw your comment..lolllll! so truee. TOP looks extra hot in these pics as well.
    kay, you have a secret!? omoooo is it good news?? what else is coming up…..

  4. Awww~~~ Tae Yang’s so cute in that first pic!!!! I felt like I just melted~ XD

    Love their dorkiness, Dae Sung with the open suitcase… LOL

    Seung Ri with the red nose and TOP looking at him and smiling, so cute!

    Tae Yang’s arm on G-Dragon’s shoulder, *scream*!!!!

    No wonder I miss them, it’s when they’re together that every piece of the puzzle fit together and form the wonderful, perfect, greatness that is called BIG BANG~

  5. I’m super bias I know but our boy and Top (sans the specs though) look the hottest.

    TY – how could anyone’s side profile look so damn sexy??
    GD – I don’t know why but when I look at him I’m thinking of the comedian Noh Hong Chul ! LOL~~
    DS – was it me or he seems to look kinda different after his ops?
    SR – the magnae is looking more manly these days too

  6. gahs! i just fainted.

    BUT I sooo love the 2nd pic. esp daesung. miss that smile of his. =D

    and yeah. they look soo matured now. =)) me lioke. =)

  7. ^ He’s got that look on his face like ” You can run, but you can’t hide from my sexiness” – WAHAHAHAHA :)) that pic killed me! omg 😀 and hes not even trying to be sexy. damn that boy! lol.

    they look all so grown up esp maknae.. its like we saw him grow up and now hes such a man… hot man! 🙂 gaaah seung-ri went up on my BB chart 🙂 gaaah!!!

    go kay! you can do it 😀 im also going bezerk here doing some business thingamajigs so waaaah. lol total brain damageeee!

  8. oops wrong spelling on maknae . lol. magnae 😀 my bad my bad 😀

    seungriiiiii 😀 omggg stop it! haha

  9. “You can run, but you can’t hide from my sexiness”

    Oh YB. Why would I want to run away from your sexiness? Hahaha! He’s so dreamy!=D

  10. Hahhaha Kay “He’s got that look on his face like ” You can run, but you can’t hide from my sexiness”

    that caption totally cracked me up

    Hahah these pics are…unusal to say the least. YB mohawk has grown longer. Its looks like a nice patch of grass on his head now.

  11. He looks like such a cool guy. Him and Taec need to get together~! And then Utada and Namie. xD lol. Wishful thinking but we all know if they did a CD, that would be the ultimate. xD A couple of posters to go a long with it. EPIC.

  12. GD ish adorable
    TOP is hawt
    SeungRi is a cute babeh
    Daesung is his funny self
    Tae Yang looks dreamy

    aww this is a great photoshoot! the clothes rock!

  13. **peep
    i love the colourful briefcase pic.
    everyone’s getting hotter and hotter!
    YB’s smile~ Awww…
    I wonder how am I gonna concentrate in class later.

  14. This collection’s so funny xD
    I love those ideas !
    But our YB didn’t smile much, did he ? I miss his smile already 😦

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