D-4: Four more days!~~

LOL. So I couldn’t think of a more interesting title for today BUT I have got some interesting new for y’all πŸ™‚

Exclusive to ATY’ers!
My lovely source from Korea (myokoon) has given me some juicy news – Fans saw some staff and 2NE1 shooting at a Catholic church recently. In it, Sandara Park was wearing a wedding dress for the shoot. YB fans are speculating this is for Taeyang’s video because although Aimee did say she was at the end of the WUA video, she also stated she is not sure whether she will be in the rest of the music video (see her twitterΒ here) . The other idea is that this is for Park Bom’s new solo music video.

– Please credit/link us if you take this news elsewhere!

^ Take it as it has been given to me, but my guess is this might just be for Taeyang’s music video. I think its for his music video because I don’t see YG reusing the same idea twice (the same concept for both Bom and Taeyang) but then again, YG is very unpredictable and it could be entirely different thing all together. Time will tell whether it’ll be Sandara, Aimee or someone else altogether!

Some news from Japan – Big Bang will be featured in a Japanese magazine “ChouChou” to be released October 22/2009. In it the members talk about their ideal “date” planned out. Hmmm, I want to hear Taeyang’s idea of a perfect date cause mine consists of him & me locked up in a room for a couple of days. *must stop naughty thoughts~lol*
Thanks Yuko for update!

As for DAY 4
I want to share four awesome covers/parodies so far for WUA –

More under the cut!!!

Let’s show these guys some love! If you’ve found any covers or parodies so far, post em!

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50 thoughts on “D-4: Four more days!~~”

  1. wow…interesting…thanks myokoon. Sandara Park….or Aimee, either one are great + they’re both pretty. YG are always full of surprises so i won’t be surprised…..as long as ‘wedding dress’ gets released on it’s due date, everything is O.K…… 4 more days till YB day !!!!!!!! Can’t wait…YB baby xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. hmm .. is it just me or what?
    but, i dunno ..
    i don’t think sandara would fit in the role
    as the “wedding dress-er” ..

    i’d go for aimee ..
    this really sucks ..

  3. plus, i have a question ..

    don’t you guys think YB has
    some crush on her? (sandara) ..

    i saw some clips from 2ne1TV ..
    i’m not sure though .. T T

  4. + the 4 covers for ‘where u at’ are amazing, i’ve noticed some others too…..i’ll find them & post them up xxxxxx

  5. @saintt**…i’m not really sure, but i know what you’re talking about, i’ve seen the clips too. I just think it’s a friendly thing…i heard it was more like GD & Sandara thing…..but you never know……lol.

  6. @armani

    aigoo ..
    no no no ..

    *im crossing my f*&%ing fingers* haha ..
    do you like her to be TY’s
    FIRST GF?? kKkk ..

    but yeah, she looks better with GD ..

  7. I don’t know if TY is into Nuna’s ~lol but personally, I am a big Sun & Sky shipper (Taeyang & CL) – I wanna see those two together….

  8. @ Kay…..Sandara would be better off with GD, and i would have to agree with on actually seeing Taeyang will CL rather than him with sandara…..lol..Sun and sky…they do go well with each other

  9. …..aimeee! lol. ok, i have to be unbiased…but….aimeee!!!
    im sorry, lol. sandara??? really? i can’t see it..i can actually see it with another 2ne1 member..i agree, sandara and gd make a much better, and more natural couple. personally, i would like to see bom and taeyang *giggle* (that is, if aimee’s not gonna be in it). especially after seeing bom’s amazing “gangster” photoshoot..and my girl crush grows…..but i digress, actually, as long as the song and the mv are beautiful, and the mv supports the song appropriately, i think i’ll be happy.

  10. no! ferst TOP, then Lee Min-Ho. then a G-D (well almost G-D) and now a possible taeyang? oh no! not another stolen kiss for taeyang!!!

    nono!!!! dara!!!! nono.. oh gosh. i think if in the MV she ends up kissing TY, Dara’s ‘Anti Bank Vault’ will be expanding exponentially! hahha! XP

    honestly I just prefer him with a simple girl. some one who will be loyal to him. dont matter if its a celeb or jst a regular girl. as long as she’s good to him.. I’ll be content with it. (altho it would break my heart in the end =_=’ hahhaah!)

  11. haha i found a guy who did a taeyang tribute w/ all that dancing of where u at πŸ˜€

    waaah sandara parrrrkkkkkkk. filipinos are totally jealous of her because of lee min ho (since hes so popular here because of BOF) now, its taeyangggg.. noooooo!!!

    even guys loooove TY πŸ˜€

  12. oh, one more thing..i really like the feature mark agustin did in taeyang’s song. real nice :). as well as the piano cover. it’s so incredible how they know the keys by just listening to the song..wow.

  13. I prefer aimee over dara too..

    haha, maybe dara AND aimee will both be in the shoot and taeyang will have to choose between the two of them? :X that would be cool

  14. it could really be for YB’s MV… YB seems comfortable with her… ayt? so if there’s a kissing scene then there wont be much problem… kekekke

  15. can someone kill me? OH EM GEE..been swayed with darayang lately but i still think daragon is better


  16. gaaah ive been swayed with darayang lately but i think daragon is better..


    dara and taeyang couple isnt bad though but yeah daragon works better (i think hahaha)

  17. whoa….dara’s getting all the cute younger men now…lol…hmmmnnn more antis for her..i feel bad for her though..i mean its not her fault ryt..to be so indemand and desirable..thats juz the way she is..XD, i mean shes juz doing her job,shes juz doing what yg tells her to do etc,like be on this mv’s or that,family outing etc etc…so why go hating on her?so for those dara haters out der …needs to grow up cuz theyre juz plain stupid!!!beyond unreasonable,and jealous cuz u cn never be like her…so juz suck it up and face REALITY people!!!!
    i think shes a NICE girl…
    u dont even know her so stop bashing and judging her U losers….lol

  18. what’s up with some of the Dara bashing? I love all the girls of 2ne1 but I do agree that Dara is best for the role if not Aimee. Dara and YB are much closer then meets the eye, so YB will be so much more comfortable, not like Ms. “I wanna eat u up” My Girl. To address the issue, she did kiss TOP and Lee Min Ho but it’s apart of the job, same will go for YB. A few kissing scenes and her loyalty is doubted? Come On! In a recent interview with the Ex from the Philippians, he has stated that he regrets breaking up with her because she is such a loyal and devoted person, not to mention that she is totally “wife” material. They dated 3 years before the press found out through him. The reason for the breakup was that it was mutual and they decided to remain friends, so it can’t be that bad. Unless you girls who are getting shot through the heart with the idea are 12-17 year olds who dream of themselves as Tae’s girl…then there’s definitely a problem, because ya’ll want there to be.

  19. what’s wrong with aimee being
    the girl in the vid??

    she really looks nice with TY ..
    (like REALLy ..)

    TY looks good with “exotic”
    looking-girls .. kKk ..
    like tanned girls ..
    or sumthin’ like that ..

    H-O-T !!

    dara? hmm ..
    uh-uh .. she’s old .. -.-;;;;

  20. well. uhmm
    i don’t care who’ll be the bride
    as long as YB gives us his best there. lol
    i miss him
    & i miss 2NE1 too. kkkkkkkkkk

  21. I’d go for Aimee. I like Dara and all she’s fun to watch but can’t picture her and TY go all lovey-dovey. on the other hand, TY slapped Aimee’s um behind.. before and did lotsa sexy dances together. Plus, Aimee said before that TY’s not shy around her and she loves talking to him. Yeah. I can definitely picture TY and Aimee do some lip-locking… LOL!!

  22. Nooooooo….
    Tofu is grumpy this morning.
    Okay it’s better than her being in the same song as him.
    Hate me I don’t care.

    This random but I’m rooting for IU…she’s young but I have a major girl crush on her. Lol

    thanks myokoon for the news.

  23. I agree Taeyang and CL are suited more but this is just an MV so its not like they’ll get married for real. Taeyang looks good with anybody so as long as he is in it then I dont care eh eh eh.

  24. haha if at the end of the MV YB takes off the veil and underneath is actually GD that would make crease so much.

    Anyways sorry buh i don’t think it should be Sandara. I know its just an MV but they totally don’t suit each other at all personality wise. I would LOVE it to be CL & YB. The girl of my dreams and my role model in one MV (Y) xD i wish

    Does anyone else notice CL and YB both have that same eye smile expression especially when they laugh.

  25. Maybe Sandara has a song on his new album. An appearance in this video could lead into another single featuring Sandara. πŸ™‚


  27. i prefer the sun and the sky (taeyang and cl) but i don’t think that’s gonna happen since there were no announcements about their tandem!

    i don’t think sandara and taeyang would be a good pair! even if im a daragon fan(dara and gd), i think it’s still not bias to say that it will be a little bit akward seeing taeyang and dara together!

    aimee would be perfect for the role i would say! A dancing bride! love it!

  28. I think Dara is a pretty girl but I dont think she has enough “flava or style” for Taeyang. I would rather me to be the video girl but Aimee is a fine replacement;…..lol

  29. here’s an idea … ‘WUA’ is supposed to link to ‘wedding dress’ right … so maybe in the ‘wedding dress’ mv, taeyang goes around the world or something looking for his bride, n like in the ‘look only at me’ video, there are guest appearances, only this time it isn’t big bang, but 2ne1 ?? LOL ! and the 2ne1 girls are in wedding dresses ?? bahahaha … just a wild thought.

  30. I knew that with all these speculations all hell would break lose when it came down to opinions and such…everyone’s opinion should be respected but it’s very hard to respect an opinion that is rather….shall i say ignorant? I mean…be it Aimee or Sandara or some relatively unknown girl who’s to say? You and I…We all have no say at all as to what and how Taeyang and YG wants to present this, so it’s best if we just keep our mouths shut and take what is given to us…sheesh.

  31. @aish: agree. πŸ˜€

    here’s my 2cents’ worth/opinion/speculations too:
    i think there’s going to be LOTS of girls in wedding dresses in the MV. dara. aimee. even bom. all or some of the 2ne1 girls. yg girls. crazygirls. actresses.

    ALSO i dont think YB’s going to be liplocking with any girl in the present or even in the near future. even if its for a job. i seriously believe he’s saving his “first” kiss (the REAL one) for the girl he’s going to marry. πŸ˜€

    Who YB likes or will like in the future is none of our biz. No matter how heartbroken we might become. Its HIS choice.

    Peace ❀

  32. The girl in his look at me video would be fine too… Hm.. it’ll be like the continuation of their story… haha.

  33. lol. personally i think he’d look better with me πŸ˜‰ but we don’t always get what we want
    no point in trying to predict who it’ll be. just chill til the MV comes out. yeah?

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