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Big Bang release T.V version of “Tonight” and SBS Comeback Special

Big Bang is BACK!!!
Post is loaded with goodies to commemorate Big Bang’s “epic” comeback. First off, the music video for “Tonight” – television version – below. Sources say this is just the television version, as the real version will be released later today. Personally, I’m just as pleased with this version! The L.A locals are captured beautifully with the refreshing pace of the song, and of course Big Bang looks amazing. Particularly our man, Taeyang =)

Links to the entire SBS Comeback Special is below the cut~
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SBS Gayo 2009 Taeyang Performances!

[Update] – Awesome pictures~

Taeyang performed:
You & I with Park Bom
Let’s Go Party with 2Ne1 and GD
Look Only at Me
Wedding Dress
Lies (with GD)
Korean Dream (with GD)

Taeyang & Park Bom – YOU & I
> This performance was cute as hell, Taeyang’s voice complimented the song VERY well!~~definately an awesome R&B collaboration between the two…

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January 2010 GQ Korea Interview+SBS Gayo Update

2009 SBS Gayo update –
Performance is on the 29th of December – Taeyang will be perfoming “Wedding Dress“, “Where U At” AND have a Special Performance. GD is also schedule to perform “Korean Dream” – however its not certain whether Taeyang will be performing jointly ~check the schedule to see when you can watch it live.
Holy Shizzles.  *Passing out from a fangirl nosebleed.*

So according to me, this is probably Tae Yang’s hottest, sexiest phootshoot EVER.

Dear GQ Korea,

Thank you.  I  am not worthy.


C: GQ Korea
Source: sol-mate.co.kr

*FYI: The photographer here seems to be a fanboy of Tae Yang as well.  Hong Jang-Hyun is the same photographer to chose YB as his subject for the NIKE’s AW77 HOODIE ON MOMENT exhibition.  And GQ Korea is no doubt fanboys and fangirls.  Tae Yang was GQ’s Man of the Year for 2008 and they ranked his album as one of the best.

12.16.09 “Teen Idols who Deserve More Attention”

**NOTE: This article is a complete translation of what the writer has written as HER point of view. Some of you may not agree with her and some will, you are welcome to share your opinion HOWEVER,  please be nice. We want to share all news about Taeyang and as per blogger request, we’ve translated this one.

Like it or not, there are several members in a boy/girl group and they are usually divided into members who stand out quickly and those who take time to bloom and reveal their true charm and talent. They may belong to the same group but the amount of popularity each member enjoys varies widely. Naturally, there are boy/girl group members I think deserve more attention and popularity.

First on my list is TaeYang, a member of the boy band Big Bang, which took the title of the best boy group from TBSK while the latter was in a slump.

I bet there are people who would say, “Is it even possible for them to get any more attention than they are getting now?” However, I know for a fact that TaeYang is not getting as much recognition as he deserves for what he is capable of and wouldn’t hesitate to put him on the top of my list.

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[Photos] YB & Big Bang Cyon Crystal

Oh, I just love photoshoots!!~
Cyon just released some more sexy picture of YB and Big Bang.
~ you can find all these in their full size in the GALLERY
Also, an update about “Strong Heart” – it will not be aired Dec 22nd anymore, instead it will be a New Year Special aired in January 2010 (filming is taking place Dec 13)

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Backstage at Inkigayo+Live perf INFO

Thanks to everyone who came by the blog yesterday for some Taeyang lovin’ – we had 11,410 people on from around the world!

SBS released some new pics of GDYB and Tae, Shaun and Lyle together before they performance of Where U At on SBS Inkigayo =)

Also, for those wondering how to watch SBS Inkigayo LIVE tonight, visit this LINK
To find out what time SBS Inkigayo* will be on for you, visit this LINK
*SBS Inkigayo airs 4:00 pm on Sundays

There will be a chatbox party TONIGHT for the performance, so make sure to come out and JOIN!!

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D-3: Picture Spam!!

Day 3
Time goes by…so slowly….how you guys holding up? I’m in a full midterm (exam) season, so it’s keep me busy, although the wait for this weekend is killing me…and I’m excited about more than one thing, which you guys will find out about soon enough …  🙂

So I’m here with some YUMMY new photos from Big Bang’s recent Lotte Duty Free photo shoot. Man, I got a bit teary looking at these pictures….THE BOYS HAVE GROWN UP! ~ They all look so good and so mature…ah~

My fav:

^ He’s got that look on his face like ” You can run, but you can’t hide from my sexiness”

More under the cut….

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