YB’s new MV pic revealed? (+October FOTM)

Thanks to those posting in the chatbox~
This pic has surfaced of YB in some type of studio setting, could it be from his new MV? ~lets hope! cause DAMN the boy is on FIRE.

credit: 디귿 @ DCYB

Hopefully we’ll get to see more pictures soon!!~~
Also wanted to add in….we’ve got our October FOTM here… vipwong from UK – scroll down on your right to read what makes vipwong october’s fan of the month…
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Thanks to mizz_julie for the lovely banner this month!

33 thoughts on “YB’s new MV pic revealed? (+October FOTM)”

  1. OMO! I’m so ashamed I missed this. Damn you homework!!! Agggghhhh Sooo effing hot! Looks like it’s gonna be Hiphop/R&B…not Euro electronic dance. ROFL. EXCITED!!!

    I will make it up to you….

  2. excuse me while i hyperventilate……..
    he looks soo fine
    i am seriously anticipating this soo much

  3. @ billy goat
    lol i agree with you. he should get a tatttoo or at least a henna lmao it would look amazing on him.

    i wonder when the special day for the mv is come out. lol they always pick special dates for a release lol

  4. OMG….damn what a sexy picture…*love love love*

    If it’s not for his MV, it’s most likely a picture for his upcoming album

    thanks for posting this. Can’t wait for his single and MV!!!

  5. OHH SOO SEXYY !!!
    goodness seriously anticipating his new albumm.
    ahh I can picture his MV now:
    gahh YB FIGHTING!!

  6. The person who uploaded this picture on dcyb used to upload rare pictures. I think every fans might be wondering how he always get that pictures. Seeing it, I guess the song is maybe danceable and powerful like prayer. Actually I feel something lacking about digital single, but expect he’ll show awesome performance.

  7. Sorry for kinda being absent from site. Ugh, school. Miss talking to my fellow YB fan.
    EEKKK! Damn!!! Seriously, this boy is fine. His swagga is definitely a turn on. Can’t wait for new album now.

  8. you fly as hell, swagga right, *tanned skin poppin…you turnin me on, you turnin me on, you turnin me on

    Keri Hilson said right!

    *changed brown to tanned*

  9. he is so freakin hot<3. daaannnggg.
    I'm so excited. I seriously cant wait, if they delay his album,
    imma be so pissed, ahhahahah.

    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!
    imma die guys! hhahah

  11. That was HOT photo TaeYang, hope you will appreance with shaun, aimee,lyle on your new MV

    can’t await for 2nd album ^ ^

  12. Goooddddddayummm, he’s so fine. Razor fine, he has swagger and it’s such a turn-on for me.
    Ooooh, if I could just get my hands on that, I’d hit for sure.

  13. TAEYANG!!!!!! aaaahhhhh!!!

    i swear i hate teasers. i’m dying.. CPR me taeyang? ;P

    *wails for taeyang -oppa’s mv to be released soon*

  14. All have been said. This pic sure looks promising, if it’s from the mv. I’m really excited….can’t wait!

  15. WOW. He is so…FINE…ha I can’t wait for the single and the MV to come out…think I’m gonna go watch the Hot tour right now lol

  16. hello YB! muahahahahahaahaaa im getting a nose bleed but i dont care im still starinng LOL jokes but im really excited for yb’s single to drop. annywho im gonna go watch together forever now dudidudidu…

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