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Taeyang teases from the set of his new MV (131010)

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the Sun will rise

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“the Sun will rise”

We may not have an actual date yet, but it looks like we may get confirmation real soon… (crosses fingers.) After teasing for the past 3 years, how much more hype do we need?

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Subbed “Making Of” Taeyang MVs from the Solar International DVD

The great team over at bbvipchannel have subbed the behind the scenes videos of the filming of Taeyang’s MVs which were included in the DVD of Solar International.

Check out their post here which includes streaming video and download links for Ma Girl, Look Only At Me, Prayer, I Need A Girl, Where U At and I’ll Be There.

What a great present on Taeyang’s birthday! Thank you bbvipchannel!

More on Wedding Dress and some BB in Japan

Yesterday, we posted up pictures of the Wedding Dress M/V filming here
So here’s some more details about the actor and actress playing the big roles in the M/V besides Taeyang.


The guy (who I’m assuming will be playing the groom) is actor, Ryu Sang Wook. Those of you familiar with Kara’s Wanna MV might have noticed him in there. He’s done numerous other drama’s and M/V.

The actress, and Taeyang’s possible love interest in the M/V is Baek Seung Hee. There isn’t a whole lot of information about her, but from what I can gather, she’s done a couple of cameo role in dramas and music videos. I think she’s gorgeous and will probably do a great job in the M/V.

^Much love to myokoon for the info~

Also, those wondering what our boys are up to in Japan. Here are some stalker pics (and I say “stalker” because they’re astonishingly close, kinda creepy~lol) of the boys getting into a car out of the airport in Tokyo.

You’ll have to click on the pic to be directed to the site, since I can’t put the full pics here~

^ Thank you Yuko! (I hope you get to see Taeyang in Japan!)

YB’s new MV pic revealed? (+October FOTM)

Thanks to those posting in the chatbox~
This pic has surfaced of YB in some type of studio setting, could it be from his new MV? ~lets hope! cause DAMN the boy is on FIRE.

credit: 디귿 @ DCYB

Hopefully we’ll get to see more pictures soon!!~~
Also wanted to add in….we’ve got our October FOTM here… vipwong from UK – scroll down on your right to read what makes vipwong october’s fan of the month…
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Thanks to mizz_julie for the lovely banner this month!