09.10.06 – Taeyang #80 “Flavor Dance of this Era”+ GaBoss Love

Woo Hoo~~
Taeyang was ranked #80 as having a “Flavour Dance of this Era”…Heck, with the amount of covers and parodies done on his dance, I’m surprised he wasn’t in the Top 10. Either way, great to see Shaun Evaristo’s choreography getting the recognition it deserves.

Another update on GD’s me2day revealed this:

Awwwwwwwwwwww. Adorable. I love how they have matching sweaters!
Thanks tofu.

BTW. A lot of people have been wondering where the welcome gifs are from and where they can find them once they are changed. The gifs are usually made by me and every time the welcome gif is changed, the old one is put in the Gallery>Animations & Screencaps section where you can see and save anytime. Please do credit them if you are posting elsewhere!

10 thoughts on “09.10.06 – Taeyang #80 “Flavor Dance of this Era”+ GaBoss Love”

  1. Ranked no 80? More like top 10. He’s definitely one of the most talented dancers i’ve seen, especailly in Korea, he has the full package….peresonality, looks, talent & the whole stage aura…….watching this video makes me luv my baby even more…..*signs*. Taeyang why are u making me wait even longer??? Suspense is killing me…….looking forward to his mv is no 1 on my thoughts & list xxxxxxxxxx Boss & Gaho look so adorable….bless.

  2. ^I think don’t think the rating was based on dancing skills but rather the dance itself – whether it was catchy or not…i think that’s what they mean by “flavor dance”. I still think the choreo for LOAM should have been higher, but there were other “catchy” dances….but yea, if it was based on skills Taeyang should be in top 10

  3. Yeah you’re probably right……at the end of the day, he’s a very skilled dancer/performer….no question about that.

  4. And one more thing…..just wanna thank Kay & the rest of the staff for creating a Taeyang fansite that all fans of Taeyang can come together & share their views on this wonderful person. Your fansite is probably the one i visit the most…..much appreciation for all the effort & hard work you guys put in xxxxxxxx Armani from London, UK (time difference is a bit different so this is posted at 8.37pm)….lol.

  5. awwwww cuties, gaho and boss.
    and i agree, that if it was based on dance skills, then he should definitely get atleast top 10.
    oo and i agree with armani!! thanks alot kay and tofu! and everyone else who makes this site possible.
    mucho gracias!!

  6. i’m kind of not surprised that taeyang comes in so low despite how talented he is in dancing. lets face it, choreographed hip hop isn’t really a big thing in korea, i mean how many other ppl in the industry dances the same style as yb ? very few if u ask me. i’ve noticed koreans tend to be impressed by dances that have ‘big’ ‘powerful’ movements, like b-boying or popping for example. despite that, i think the only thing that matters is that we know he’s mentioned as one of the best.

    on another note: i was watching strong heart last night, that new variety show, and they were talking about album release dates, and gd stated that yb would be coming out with his solo in december ? did it get pushed back further again ?

  7. Thanks for the post, Kay. FYI, “poong-mi” in the title has nothing to do with “flavor.” It’s from the verb, “풍미하다.” So the translation of the tile is more like, “The 100 most popular/influential dances of our time.”

    BTW, I always appreciate all your hard work to make new welcome gifs. Every single one of them is ADORABLE!!!

  8. @ jess. oh it were true, gawd I’m gonna soooooooo be mad at YG.. dec? taeyang fans must wait until that long ? haha.. lets all pray 10 tyms a day that this does not come true aites? =))

    he just ooze’s that yummy factor every time I watch him. *drools* hehek..

  9. @jessica
    definitely get what you mean. the dancing is pretty awesome, but i think what the poll is about is the most viral/popular dances. I mean the “Tell Me” dance is pretty popular because it’s easy to do and the song is annoyingly catchy. I think TY’s dance was too intricate for everyone to follow along.

    And FYI his album is probably gonna be out in December, but the single is coming out this month. This just means we’ll see more of him.

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