SBS Chuseok Idol Big Show

It was a great day for kVIPs today, who had the opportunity to see Big Bang perform together on stage after 10 months of prolonged non-stage activities. You bet I was really excited ~lol.

Here’s a clip of the How Gee+ “dance battle” – I was hoping it would be more of a face off, rather they just gathered in a circle and danced, but still…Taeyang got air time~~ also got to see Minzy showing her moves (my fav from 2NE1 and unarguably the best dancer out of the quad)….did u catch those awesome ad-libs during the How Gee chorus by Tae!? LOVE EM.

I’m so sad…no Daesung!

Does anyone know if they performed Last Farewell as well?

2NE1 and BB performing Last Farewell

^ I think I actually got a bit teary seeing them together on stage (I’m still sad there’s no Daesung). As much as I don’t love their new music much or their style lately….they’ll still always be my loves. The first group that ever got me into Kpop, group who showed me Taeyang and really…a good group of guys who – and I still want to believe this – love music.

11 thoughts on “SBS Chuseok Idol Big Show”

  1. God I loved their perfs. I so missed them.
    So sad too that Dae wasn’t with them yet, I think he still can’t move as he used to be at the moment.

    Big Bang also was the group that made me love Kpop. Wish they do maddd moves again. =)

  2. ahh BB performing on stage always leaves me breathless. They always leave a good impression && they never disappoint.
    Very well said Kay. They truly are good hearted individuals. You can see how much they love music in their singing & dancing. That’s what makes me love em more. The fact that their doing what they do because they really LOVE it. All their success is well deserved. Only hope for them to shine more in their future. BIG BANG FIGHTING!

  3. Its real good to see them together on stage again minus DaeSung. I have to agree with you Kay. They’ll always be my original Kpop boy band that I love even if sometimes I don’t agree or like their styles. 🙂

  4. Omg, Im like spazzing like crazy over YB’s pic! **Squeals** (even though its only one pic, but idc, lol)
    And I totally know how you feel, Big Bang got me into kpop too…sometimes I imagine how I would be if I hadn’t found them…gaaahhhh (aahh getting too emotional here)
    Anyways, I can’t wait for Taeyang’s & Big Bang’s new albums!! Hope Daesung comes back soon.

  5. Now that i think about it the main reasons why i like kpop so much even though ive only known it for like 5 months is the amount of work that these idols put for their fans. Sure their songs may not sound to original or evolutionary but i just have to commend them for that. However despite the hard work ethic I think what most of these idols need is rest and inspiration. I mean seriously if all you do is practice, endorse, promote, meetings etcetc. every single day and never have time for yourself i think the quality of their work could plummet. But who knows maybe the presssure gives them a rush i dunno. Also the one problem facing YG is his branching out strategies maybe ina couple months YG would let BB be free from all the endorsements, and other hoopla he does and lets them concentrate on music instead of the image. Though the chance for this to actually happen is very slim because of the money involved I’ll wait until they reawaken lol.

  6. ^interesting point and I agree, the lack of “rest period” really puts a damper on the creativity…I really think they lack the physical space needed for inspiration…..YG needs to give them a couple weeks to go anywhere they want but somewhere out of Korea…live it up, get inspired and refreshed and come back with something different….Big Bang hasn’t made their comeback yet so I’ll reserve judgement on anything new but their newer Japanese album was a step up from the stale stuff they were doing in Korea (we all know how horrible Remember album was). Nonetheless, I will be looking forward to their comeback, if not for their music, just to see them together performing…I guess we’ll have to wait for 2010…….

  7. Their live performances are always the BEST~ It’s realy sad Dae Sung wasn’t there with them….=(

    It was a great live though, I liked it a lot! Wished I was there with the others, it must’ve been a blast~ (Though that’s quite an impossible dream since I’m in Australia at the moment… Korea seems so far away…”XD)

  8. ooo i totally agree with Kay. they are actually the first band that got me stuck to kpop, though DBSk was the first band i was introduced to. But YB was the one that brought me to BB hehehe. Can’t wait for a BB comeback next year! 🙂

  9. Maybe I’m anticipating too much, but for some reasons I don’t feel the ‘bang!’ as much as I’d like when I watched this performance. Sure it was great, but something seems off…probably the absence of DS? Or that our boy is looking a bit spacey and distracted?

    Still, it’s good to see them back performing in their homeland and the screams of VIPs still give me goosebumps. And of cos, I just love spotting our boy doing his own dance thing at some corner of the stage …lost in his own world.

  10. re: SBS new show “Strong Heart” 1st episode

    Don’t know where to post this but our boy was mentioned by several guests of the show ,including MC Mong, Brian(?) from Fly to the Sky and Tablo. Very excited to know what they talked about.

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