Are you the next FOTM?

Do you think you have what it takes to be Always Taeyang’s next FAN OF THE MONTH!?
If you said yes, then you’re in the right post.

We’ve decided to try something new which involves fans of Taeyang, and that means you! Every month we’re going to feature a fan on our blog who will be that month’s FOTM! Yep, that’s right…a whole month on the blog’s main page, just for you. See how special you are?!?

Here’s what you gotta do!

1) Tell me your name/blog id (and if you want, your location)
2) Answer these two questions

  • Why do you like Taeyang?
  • What makes you Taeyang’s BIGGEST fan?

3) Send it to

Please follow word limit – approximately 140 words!
Please, make it PG rated – I don’t want to know your wildest fantasies ~lol

There is no deadline for this, you can send it in at your leisure, although I will chose in order of when I’ve gotten your response. So hurry, you could be the first FOTM!

Gara gara GO and show us your Taeyang fan power now! (…please?)

21 thoughts on “Are you the next FOTM?”

  1. I’M THE BIGGEST FAN DARN IT. I have his children to prove it, so there. =_=;


  2. lol. I don’t think I can be next month’s biggest fan(But how can someone be the biggest fan for only a month? xD) I feel as though I’m his fan for all the wrong reasons. The only reason I looked into him was because I thought he was bomb-diggidy HOT. xD Don’t get me wrong, I like his music; his voice is so fuckin’ awesome. There’s something about it I like but I honestly probably wouldn’t have been interested if he wasn’t so attractive.

  3. goodness 140 words seems like enough but knowing myself i would probably go over the limit…And also I’m too darn lazy! I will try my best and do it before this week is over.

  4. aigoo! I deleted half of my comment. -____- *kicks ctrl+Z* i was in a hurry to post.

    so I was saying I want to have his babies AND he’ll have the honor to marry me.

    I don’t want to get married in real life. let alone have kids…so it’s like a very huge thing for me *nods*

  5. haha, thank you jennych
    wooo! fotm! thats hella tight

    jennych you dont happen to be jenny chan or chang or soemthing like that?
    do you know a zack lan?

  6. @ali
    Congrats! Greetings my fellow Washingtonian! I love what you wrote. I think the best a fan can do is support Taeyang by buying his albums and supporting his music. Again, congrats!

  7. Congratulations Ali! And yeah I’m one of those ladies who is dangerously in love with him LOL! But, at first it was with his vocals then came the rests… And I LOVE your last comment about Ty! Nice!

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