Rise Tour in Fukuoka (140823-24)

Thanks so much to @MShinju for the fanaccounts!

Day 1

YB was really energetic today in Fukuoka. He danced very passionately, using the elevations on stage (where the band members are standing)

In the Q&A corner, he answered the typical “if I don’t ask this I’ll die on my way home”-questions.

First was a girl in 3rd row left side.

Girl 1: How can I enter YG? YB: Enter YG? Do you want to become a singer? No..? You mean as an employee? You should ask the staff here!
The girl next to her explained. YB: Ah,you want to be a dancer!
Girl1: (nods enthusiasticaly)
YB: Well then… (gesticulates towards stage.)

The staff helped the girls on stage. YB asked their names and age. They were only 14 years old. Girl 2 was there as support for Girl 1.
YB: The YG dancers are all looking right now, this is your chance! (towards side of stage) You’re all looking, right?
YB: No need to be nervous. Imagine this (gestures to stage as whole) is your home. And there (towards audience) no one is looking. Are you ready? (gestures for band to play a rhythm) Girl 1 didn’t start dancing so Girl 2 danced instead. She was really good!!
When Girl 1 still didn’t dance (face covered partly by her hands) YB started dancing too, so both girl 2 & him danced to encourage her. But Girl 1 didn’t find the courage in the end so YB stopped the band and said with half a smile “not today hmm?” He patted her shoulders.
YB : That’s okay, really. (Girls leave stage) “When I was a kid, I was really shy too. I mean I am still shy now..! (laugh) But when I was young, my parents would ask me to sing in front of others and I just couldn’t do it. I used to go to my room, close the door so nobody could see me and (starts dancing and humming a tune to himself) That’s how it was. I’m sure you can do it!!

The next question was to a woman on the right, ca. 10th row.
Q: How to become as muscular as you?
YB: ..you’d die if you won’t ask me this? Well… I do sports everyday..? (laugh) next! Quite far, but 2nd floor! You with the HBA shirt. (girls starts screaming) Yes, it’s you!
Q: How to become an amazing dancer like you?
YB: I don’t think I’m an amazing dancer.
VIP: eh..?
YB: No seriously, imo I’m no great dancer. I just express my thoughts & feelings, music by movements. I’m sure you can all do it better than me. If I can do it, you can do it too!

The next VIP asked him if he’d show us the sushi dance. YB didn’t know right away what she meant, then when he got it he explained a bit.
YB: I just made that dance up after watching a chef make sushi in a restaurant. It’s not really anything special but if you want to see it…
So he danced the sushi dance. He elaborated many detail moves and got a bit hurried in the end which made us laugh, probably intended.
YB: For this sushi mackerels were used. That’s the right word, mackerels..? They have to be eaten fresh, since they go bad quick.   Do you like mackerel sushi?
VIP: We do!!

YB: I love it. Next! Third floor, on the very right! You who just did this (imitates movement)

VIP: I actually came all the way from Okinawa and..
YB: Okinawa!! ..I’m very sorry.
VIP: (laugh) you see, there are many fans in Okinawa. I wonder, what can we do to get a concert in Okinawa..?
YB: I see. You know I really love Okinawa. My favorite seawater pool is there, and the food is so good. The people are also very friendly. I like Okinawa so much. To give a concert there… please contact ygex..!  YB noticed VIP’s bitter smiles (“as if ygex would listen to us”) so he smiled helplessly & said “I don’t have much say in this as you know!”

The next question came from a fanboy.
Q: Do you have a girlfriend?
YB: I’ve been asked this before. You see, I do. In Osaka.. and Tokyo.. Also in Kobe, and in Fukuoka. Okinawa! Nagoya! Singapore! Taiwan! In America & Europe! And of course at home in Seoul. It’s all of you!
YB actually laughed at himself at this.
YB: I do too think it would be great to find a woman to give all my love to. Next time… I won’t mess up!! ..haha, just kidding!

YB: Last question!
Q: What is your favorite song?
YB:Aah~!! (points finger at questioner) ah~~~!! That’s a good one! …what would it be…
YB looked around and thought quite a bit. VIP started with artist suggestions such as Ne-Yo and then of course Michael Jackson.
YB: Ah, Michael Jackson!
Q: Would you please also sing the song you pick as your favorite?
YB: But I don’t know the lyrics..! (laugh) Ah, there’s this one song I really like a lot! (towards band) Man in the Mirror! The drummer started and then the guitar set in.
YB: …is that Man in the Mirror?
He got into the song just a few seconds later and started singing. It was so so good! YB sang about half the song, it was clear he had not much clue about the lyrics so he basically made a part up and the rest was sounds. But it was amazing. His voice is simply amazing. It fits Michael Jackson’s songs so well. I was at the verge of crying when he stopped.
YB: Well… I really don’t know the lyrics. Even if I look at the lyrics… (gesticulates) how do you call that? Lyrics… card? Well, even if I look at that, I don’t understand what he’s singing. I guess nobody really does. That’s Michael Jackson’s charm!

There were many times yesterday where the song had already finished, but YB started to sing the chorus again acappella. He did it after songs that VIP sang with him. He did it with Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. YB would sing 1-2 words and hold the mic out to us. He had a big, sincere smile on his face and looked really happy to hear and see us sing. YB’s very last song this tour is ENL in KR. JVIP listen quietly through the JP ver. he sings earlier, but sing the whole while for the KR one. I was wondering if it makes singing difficult for YB when we sing loudly the whole while, he sometimes seems to have to concentrate hard. Yesterday though he randomly held out his hand with mic towards the audience – only shortly so he could keep singing together with us. After ENL finished, he started singing the chorus again, always singing just 2 words then letting us sing the rest. It was really moving.

Day 2

YB: As BIGBANG we always perform in really large venues like domes. I really wanted to perform in a smaller venue, like this one today. In a dome, you all must feel like “ah..!” (holds out hand with few cm distance between finger and thumb) “so that’s SOL..!” Seeing me up close today, what do you think? VIP: (cheer)
YB: You won’t go home like this (pretends to write on smartphone)… “heh! (spiteful laugh) I knew it!”
VIP: Noo! (cheer louder)
YB: (laugh) Thank you! Since we’re so close, I’ll answer questions!

-Question time-
YB: But today no questions like “how do you get so muscular” or “do you have a gf?” Questions like that are boring, right? He imitated a female voice at the “how do you get so muscular” part, it sounded so funny.

Q: What would you want to become if you were reborn?
YB: Hmm… I really like being myself. I’m satisfied with my choices in life, and with how my path turned out. So if I was reborn I’d want to be myself again, and do even better. Really good question.

Q: How do you pronounce Ringa Linga correctly?
VIP: Youngbae sensei!! (= teacher)
YB: (serious face) I’ll teach you politely. The first Ringa starts with R, the second with L, right? So it’s Ringa Linga (EN pronunciation). For the R, you have to roll your tongue (he didn’t know the JP word for tongue so he said it in English and showed his tongue til VIP told him the JP word) back. like this: Ringa – Linga. (goes back to VIP who asked) Try it once! (hands mic to staff who hands it to VIP)
VIP: (into mic) Linga Linga!
YB: (gets mic back) practice a bit more!

Another question came from a boy in 1st row
YB: How old are you?
Boy: 13.
YB: And you know me?
Boy: (nods) I do!
YB: You weren’t dragged ere by your mom, “We’re going to a concert!! (strict voice)”?
Boy: (shakes head) I like you!
YB: Thank you! What’s your question?
Boy: My little brother is here with me.. (camera moves to show both)
YB: Oh! How old is he?
Boy: He’s 10. I’m worried about him. He is very dependent on my mom and cries when she’s not there.. What should I do?
YB: Ohh.. You see, I started dreaming of being a singer from when I was 13. Before that I was a real mother boy (he said “mother boy” in English). Really! When I was a kid, I used to wake up in the morning, think of how I’d go to kindergarten & my mom wouldn’t be there. I couldn’t eat and started crying. It was after finding my dream that it stopped and I was okay. So don’t worry. Your brother will be fine. Tell your mom too!
The boy said his mom was there too, in another seat.  A woman on 2nd floor right edge started screaming and waving while jumping.
YB: Hm? How can you be up there so far, when your sons are right here in first row? – the mom didn’t explain, but it was super hard to get tickets at all for this tour, so she probably bought them for her sons at a super high price and took the bad seats herself.
YB: Thanks for coming! Don’t worry, and… please love your sons a lot!

After the question of the little boy, YB told us that his parents came to see him live today. He said he didn’t know himself first where they were sitting exactly, which is funny because then he spotted them right in row 1 in the middle, 2nd floor. They had a large white textile banner hanging over the rail in front of them that said 영배 (Youngbae) and something else in hangul I couldn’t spot.

Q: Express your feelings by dancing! YB seemed a bit at a loss at first. He’d chosen 2 VIP who’d screamed a lot in the arena but then in the end didn’t know anything to ask, his mood must have been a bit, well, complicated? 😀 He asked for a beat from the band and started dancing, went on for a while with loud cheers from VIP but he clearly wasn’t satisfied, he laughed and apologized at the end. I would mention every time I tweet “he laughed” that it was this really cute, utterly adorable YB laugh, but I trust you know that anyway.

Q: Do you like me?
YB: …I can’t see you. (serious face) I’m sorry. You’re a bit far away… Not a good answer, I know. (towards staff) Bring me glasses! (Looks to questioner with very concentrated expression), Sorry, but… eh? (VIP in row 1 say something)
YB: (looks at screen in his back where VIP is shown) Oh! (looks back to VIP’s direction) I like you! I like you a lot! (thumbs up) 😀 😀 😀

Q: Will there be a new BIGBANG album before the Dome Tour starts? [November 15]
YB: (serious) Let me answer after the question session ends. The album question was the 2nd one of them all, so YB left us hanging for quite a while. He said it in the very end after talking about the other members’ current activities.
YB: If our new album will be ready before the tour… I really don’t know. We will do our best. To be honest, in my eyes he didn’t sound or look confident that there will be a comeback before the Japan Dome Tour starts mid November.

YB sang 4 encore songs RINGA LINGA 아름다워 Body 1 AM (request of a birthday girl, Japanese ver.) ENL (Korean ver.)

In the encore YB took off his snapback and threw it to VIP. After a glance at the screen (his undone hair) YB right away put on a spare one. 😀

I think it was during the 1AM encore that YB took another spare snapback (seems he has several lying on stage randomly) and played with it. He juggled the snapback around, flipped it through the air and caught it with his head, back to the floor to bick it up with his feet, etc. His swag was strong. 😀

YB talked about the difference between people in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.
YB: People in Tokyo always seem to hold back their emotions. (imitates) (clutches chest) (tortured face) no, this is mine, I won’t let it go!! (back to serious.)
People in Osaka are the opposite. (imitates) (passionate face) this! (clutches chest) (forms fist) I’ll THROW it all at yah!! (throws imaginary ball of emotions.)
Fukuoka… is different again somehow. Everyone, make sure that at the end of this tour I’ll only think “Wow, Fukuoka was amazing!”

YB was very sweet & humble. He thanked us often&said he was happy to be able to perform in Fukuoka.

Thanks so much to bbrhythm, YB-518urthesun and gdreira for the photos!   Check here for more photos from GDREIRA.

Next stop: Hamamatsu!


3 thoughts on “Rise Tour in Fukuoka (140823-24)”

  1. I really love that YB took advantage of the relatively smaller venues to do the Q&A corner during the concerts. It makes each concert more of an “event” for spontaneous and unscripted fan interaction and let’s fans see more sides of his personality and humor. (Really, the world needs to see how cute, sweet and funny he is apart from his “cool” and serious image.) This whole promo for Rise has really turned into a love letter to the fans and he’s finally getting to do the kind of performances he’s been wanting to do ever since he’s started solo activities back in 2008. And his happiness in being able to do so just shines through, especially since the fans have been so responsive and awesome.

  2. I’ve absolutely loved reading all these fan accounts. Thanks BM for posting them cause it makes me feel like I was there in a way haha.

    The best part about the Q&A is how humble YB is. I’ve come to realize already how humble of a person he is, but to see his answer to some of these questions makes it even more obvious.

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