Taeyang’s album to be released in Japan on August 13, Japan Tour dates announced (UPDATED with more concert dates)

Taeyang (SOL) will release his first official album in Japan on August 13, 2014.  2 versions will be released: a 2CD set (JPY 2,800+tax) and another version with an additional DVD (JPY 3,800+tax) , as well as a “Playbutton” version. We’ll update with more information as soon as it becomes available.

YGEX has also announced that Taeyang will be having a concert tour in Japan to promote his new album and have released some concert dates:  (UPDATED with additional concert dates)

  • 12-13 August at Osaka International Convention Center Grand Cube Osaka (Doors open 1800/ Start 1900)
  • 17-18 August at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall (1800/1900)
  • 20-21 August at Kobe International House (Kokusai Kaikan) (1800/1900)
  • 23 -24 August at Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel and Hall (Aug 23 1600/1700 and Aug 24 1500/1600)
  • 26 August  at Act City Hamamatsu Great Hall (1800/1900)
  • 27 August at Tokyo International Forum Hall A (1800/1900)
  • 1 September at Pacifico Yokohama National University Hall (1730/1830)
  • 3-4 September at Osaka Castle Hall (17:30/18:30)

See tour schedule on YGEX here.

Tickets are prices at JPY 7,900. VIP Japan has already started receiving applications for ticket lottery. We’ll update with more information on ticketing and any additional concert dates as it becomes available.

(concert schedule via @AueyTLin) Other information via YGEX

News update from YG Life

[OSEN=윤가이 기자] TAEYANG’s first solo Japan Tour is proving to be highly popular in the country as extra concerts are added to the schedule.

Starting from August 12 and 13 at Japan Osaka International Convention Center Grand Cube Osaka, TAEYANG’s “SOL JAPAN TOUR RISE 2014” was originally scheduled for 6 concerts across 3 cities, but thanks to the enthusiastic response of the fans, extra 4 concerts across 3 cities were added.

That’s not the end. As fans requests for extra concerts poured in, 3 more concerts were added at Pacifico Yokohama National University Hall on Sept 1 and Osaka Castle Hall on Sept 3 and 4. In total, he will travel across 6 cities for 13 concerts, attracting double the original number of fans, which will be around 70,000.

TAEYANG has been promoting in Japan as a member of BIGBANG. Thus it is encouraging that the local fans are already showing such enthusiastic response even before his official debut as a solo.

The Korean version of his 2nd full album “RISE” released in Japan on June 18 topped Japan’s largest music site recochoku while also topping iTunes top pop album chart and ranking #2 on overall album chart.

So all eyes are on TAEYANG’s solo debut album that is to be released on Aug 13. The upcoming album will include songs from “RISE” and his 1st full album “SOLAR”, along with the mini album “HOT.”

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13 thoughts on “Taeyang’s album to be released in Japan on August 13, Japan Tour dates announced (UPDATED with more concert dates)”

  1. I promised myself that I would see him in concert for this promo no matter what it took. So happy that there will be more opportunities to do that since he’ll be touring a bit. Knowing that YB prefers smaller venues with better acoustics, I’m happy he got such nice venues but I also know that the ticket wars will be intense. Good luck to all the fans!

  2. I’m so excited that he’s getting a Japan tour. I hope to see a Korean one as well. He must be on cloud 9. Releasing the album he’s worked so hard on and fought so much for. And now he’s getting all of these opportunities to perform on stage. I love that these shows will be more intimate settings and not any giant venues. I feel that YB does better in smaller venues. He just seems so much more comfortable.

    I just wish he was coming to the US for a date or two. WAHHHHHH

  3. I’ve given up all hope that YG acts would come to down under – otherwise there’s plenty of small venues in lovely Melbourne that I think would be ideal for YB to perform at.

    YB is always at his best when he’s in smaller venues – his interactions with his fans and presence is a lot more comfortable and relaxed.

    I’m happy that he’s getting a small tour of his own to promote his album in Japan! Too bad I’m heading to Japan in June and not August otherwise it would fit so nicely and I’d do anything to get a ticket!! Fate always plays with me at times like this *sniff*

  4. I hope he gets a world tour (although unlikely). If not I’m considering flying to Korean just to see it, once in a lifetime moment. Anyone else from UK thinking of going?

  5. I hope he will have one in Korea somewhere in Oct as I will be there somewhere that period..But anyway, it’s been a while since he has a solo concert and I hope YG will consider to arrange a would tour for him just like GD..plzzz YG

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