Taeyang wins his MCountdown Triple Crown for “눈코입”! (140703)

Congratulations Baeby!

More video below the cut

Taeyang looked and sounded his usual brand of amazing during MCD today and seemed much more comfortable being able to walk around the stage during his live performance.  That huge smile to fans during his encore was priceless!

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Press photos:

Thanks to @DYBILU for the press photos!

7 thoughts on “Taeyang wins his MCountdown Triple Crown for “눈코입”! (140703)”

  1. This performance of ENL was spectacular. I felt it, Youngbae. I felt your pain, boo.

    Yes, we all know this but I just wanna say this again, he’s major adorable these days. More so than his normal self. And his sincerity when interacting with fans is touching. This entire promotion period has be perfect for me. ❤

    1. I cannot agree more about how adorable he has been throughout this promo! I never thought I could grow to love that boy (ok, man) more, but I doooooo! My fangirling has grown exponentially too to my eternal embarassment, but I just can’t help it.

    2. I agree I think this promotion has been such a joy to me as a fan mainly because YB seems to be enjoying himself and the album is successful 🙂 I’m happy with the product, I’m happy that he’s happy and I’m happy that many are enjoying his single too. Adorable YB is so good to watch especially when he’s doing is so effortlessly. Who needs aegyo when we have this man of cuteness of the day, everyday 🙂

      Congratulation YB for the triple crown (yeay first triple crown!! for this promo! Did he get a triple crown too during promotion of HOT?) boy deserves this all the good things that come his way :3

  2. Loved loved LOVED everything about this. YB looks sooooo good in his casual wear. And he sounded awesome! And was just so happy. And look at him interacting with the fans. What a great guy.

    And I’m rambling on and on and I didn’t even get to the most important part. CONGRATULATIONS TO YB ON HIS FIRST TRIPLE CROWN FOR ENL!!!!! Let’s hope he can get on for Inki as well.

    1. The best part of winning are his encores and Mcountdown is now officially my fave music show for giving us the full footage every week. And he’s been so playful with fans so there’s so much to see. (Not to mention the traditional wardrobe malfunction. Better now than at other times, lol.)

  3. i think this is one of the best live performances of this song…the voice is solid and love it when he smiles while singing just after winning. youngbae super deserve this award. triple crown wooot wooot

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