Taeyang mentioned on Mnet’s “Dirty Talk” (140724)

On a recent episode of Mnet’s Dirty Talk, panelists Kim Gura, Yoo Se Yoon, Lee Sang Min and Moon Hee Jun talked about Taeyang’s live performance of “Eyes Nose Lips.”

Dirty Talk is a program where panelists answer and discuss questions and topics posted by netizens on their official page. In this episode, panelists are discussing the use of MR on music programs. [MR=”music recorded”=backing track to the live vocals for the performance]

A translation:

Kim Gura: (Now for) Taeyang… “Eyes, Nose Lips”
Yoo Se Yoon: (parodies singing)

Cut of Taeyang performing on MCountdown

Lee Sang Min: Isn’t this MR entirely? Except the chorus part?
Yoo Se Yoon: It sounds like it.
Moon Hee Joon: I tried to highlight the chorus part.
Reporter: He doesn’t dance at all in this song though.
Yoo Se Yoon: [imitating MV – sings] Your eyes, nose and lips…
Kim Gu Ra: Let’s reveal the truth! Bring the lyrics board out!
Lee Sang Min: Wow! Lyrics board! Meaning, it will be checked word by word!
Kim Gu Ra: Oh!
Lee Sang Min: What is it?
Kim Gu Ra: Here we go. Tae Yang’s “Eyes Nose Lips”!
Moon Hee Joon: I think I got it right!
Kim Gu Ra: Is that so? 100 points?
Moon Hee Joon: Look!
Kim Gu Ra: He sings live pretty much entire song except the chorus part! Wow Moon Hee Joon Ssi! You are amazing! You just missed out 3 words! How did you do that?
Moon Hee Joon: I have good ears. I found some ‘doubling’ parts in chorus. Doubling can be helpful when he is using Falsetto in chorus.
Kim Gu Ra: Let’s all listen to the MR CD. As you can see this CD cover, he is shirtless.

—MR playing—
Some highlights from comments from Netizens when MR was played.
-Taeyang is sacred
-Where is the voice?
-Is this an instrumental music?
-Taeyang never let us down.
-Taeyang Jjang!
-Taeyang ends the game!

All: Wow, this is amazing.
Moon Hee Joon: Wow~ I like the last verse. The lyrics, “I will call you a memory”…

Translation by lolliandpurple for alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com.  Please credit in full when taking out. Thanks to 베티핑끄 for the upload!


5 thoughts on “Taeyang mentioned on Mnet’s “Dirty Talk” (140724)”

  1. To be honest, I don’t know how anyone can mistake YB’s voice for lipsynching on any of the “Eyes Nose Lips” performances since they were obviously live (to me at least). (And in passing, I don’t get the obsession with MR/MR removed videos in general. The technology people use is sketchy and results in these weird, distorted and obviously manipulated videos that shouldn’t really influence how people enjoy the actual performance anyway.)

    1. MR Removed Videos on Youtube are bullshit, I’ve tried to watch it once & found a wrong made. In normal video, the singer didn’t open his mouth, but in MR Removed video his voice in that particular part was included as truely singing! I wonder if that a manipulative purpose or the video maker just didn’t have a good ears, because actually u don’t have to hear a MR removed video to know whether it live or not. And like what you’ve said, the voice is so distorted.

  2. Young Bae will never does lipsync, at least I’ve not find a video yet, and I’ve watched his countless! That’s one of many reasons why I love & respect him.

  3. I think the partial MR such as doublings in chorus part can’t be harm for songs with powerful performance. The point that panelists wanted to empathise was idol singers who are belong to large group should be able to sing their part live since they only get to sing for 3-5 seconds. 🙂

  4. “He sings live pretty much entire song except the chorus part”

    I think he sings the entire song live but there were just some ‘doubling’ in the chorus but that didn’t mean he lipsync those parts ><

    Anyway, YB's lives have been really good for this comeback, because he's a very stable live singer when he's not occupied with dancing. I have to admit he's less stable with dance tracks but that's because he dances heavily most of the time, and that affects his breathing. Nevertheless he's still decent most of the time, and i'm just happy that he's performing so well lately ❤ ❤

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