Taeyang in GQ Korea (July 2014 ) – Scans


I’ve always loved Taeyang’s black and white portraits.  Not just because he’s a naturally handsome guy that seems to get handsomer as he grows older, but that the B&W photos he has done tend to bring out the more thoughtful and vulnerable side of  him in a way his other fashion shoots don’t.

HQ Scans below the cut.

While the inital impact of these GQ shots were of how good looking he has become, I also see how much he has grown up from a boy into a man. And unlike before, the maturity isn’t just in a wiser and more thoughtful way but also in a more assertive (and sexual) masculinity than what was in the past.

I can’t wait for the interview to be translated.

Many thanks to urthesun for the scans. Click on any thumbnail to start the slideshow.

Press photos:

4 thoughts on “Taeyang in GQ Korea (July 2014 ) – Scans”

  1. Thank you, thank you for these scans they are lovely! I really enjoy his styling here 🙂 GC always delivers X) Can’t wait for the subbed interview!

  2. JWC always giving us the best. Below is the rough translation of the part that I liked. Sorry it’s not much, busy weekend!! Boo~!

    TY: My original idea was place ‘Love you to death’ right after “Intro”, but it wasn’t easy to place that song as a second track since it almost didn’t make it to the album. Eventually ‘Intro’ and ‘Love you to Death’, these two songs which are close to the direction that I initially envisioned was placed in the first and last in the album.
    I really love the lyric of ‘Love you to Death’, it’s so passionate. Love a girl to death… And I like how this song has Sounds of Masculinity.
    JWC Is Taeyang a passionate person?
    TY: Yes. Especially when i am falling for someone. Getting to know that side of myself, I feel like I need to control myself before falling too hard.

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