Taeyang’s “Eyes Nose Lips” is #1 for the second time on SBS Inkigayo (140622)


Great performance of “Eyes Nose Lips”! Taeyang was so adorable, though I must admit to holding my breath while he was going down those stairs. (A rather precarious distraction when you are singing a song that requires a lot of emotional intensity. I can imagine he was more concerned with not taking a tumble!)

And congratulations on his 6th music show win – he got his wish of winning more than 5!  Too bad there wasn’t time for an epic encore, especially since his first win last week on Inkigayo wasn’t televised.  His encores are the best part of winning!

You’re the best baeby!

Official Photos from SBS:

8 thoughts on “Taeyang’s “Eyes Nose Lips” is #1 for the second time on SBS Inkigayo (140622)”

  1. Yay!!! So proud of YB baby!
    Despite my poor internet connection, I managed to watch it. Whewwww.
    I know!! The stairs and cutoff encore! No bueno! 😦

  2. Congrats YB!!! 😀 So 2 wins on Inki, 2 wins on Mcount, 1 win on Mucore and 1 win on Music Bank? Am I right ? 😀

  3. Congrats YB for surpassing 5 wins!!!Hopefully there are more to come. His condition is much better compare to the one on Mcountdown and I prefer this performance. At least he gets to moves instead of standing still throughout the whole song. I guess the stairs do help a lil bit.

  4. ooooo he sounds perfect. For a split second, I thought he might be lipsyncing. Baeby looks tired. 😦

  5. doing great YB! well deserved 🙂 i was like…YB vs Beast and YB won hahahaha go for it your owning the stages these days ❤

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