Taeyang, “I want to change my hairstyle but I have no time”

Personally, this article is almost perfect.  Stunning photographs, my favorite yet, and again, a very genuine interview and sorta funny at the same time.  I felt like the writer was both praising and laughing at Youngbae at the same time – praising him for being so focused on music and giving it 518% (hehe) and laughing at him for pretty much having no life because all he can think about, talk about is his music.  However, I can confidently say that the media (journalists and critics alike) adore Youngbae after reading pieces like these.

What would it be like if Taeyang of Big Bang did not exist.

It may be something fans don’t even want to [imagine], but in order to evaluate Taeyang’s true value, such a method may be effective. Even if Taeyang didn’t exist, Big Bang probably would have been one of the best pop groups like they are now. Because the remaining members have their own talents and personalities, and thanks to strong training, they would be lacking nothing to continue receiving the fiery love of their fans.

But if Taeyang did not exist, Big Bang’s heavy presence could have been lighter than it is now. Big Bang’s singular existence is that though they are ‘idols,’ they are also recognized as ‘artists’, and the member who is in charge of a significant portion of this ‘artistry’ is Taeyang.

Artistry, and sincerity

The reason this is obviously that Taeyang shows us an exceptional ability in song and dance. But in addition to his musical ability that can be summarize him as an ‘artist,’ there is another key factor that makes him the alpha plus of Big Bang. And that is sincerity.

Taeyang clearly shows us musical and human sincerity that is difficult to find in a member of an idol group and singer in his early twenties. We can [see] this sincerity musically [in the continuous worrying over] wanting to show a better and fresher image through his solo activities, and humanly through his prudent and modest [humble] thoughts and actions.

We met Taeyang. It was during the time when his solo album did almost surprisingly well on iTunes charts overseas and he was getting ready for his second solo concert (September 25 and 26, Seoul Hall of Peace) after releasing his international album. Though the interview was filled with sincere talk about music, there was also some silliness, like how he began the interview by appearing from behind the sofa where he had been hiding with a bright smile.

Musical modesty and musical greed

Taeyang’s interview continued with some [serious and stern] conversations. It was Taeyang who made it that way. When asked a question about his achievements and his high-scoring musical ability, he simply gave us modest answers. Even though it’s accepted that when celebrities are asked questions about themselves, they sugar coat their answers to some degree, Taeyang did not do so.

When asked what he thought about doing more aggressive promotions overseas with the basis of his success on iTunes, he said, “There’s nothing special. Other than releasing an international album because my solo album did well on iTunes, there’s nothing special planned. We’re just going to get out there slowly, one step at a time.”

When asked about his performance of motions and facial expressions that [unfolded] quite naturally as if we’re watching a musical in his recently promoted song ‘I’ll Be There,’ he answered, “It’s not to the point where I should be receiving compliments. I just try hard to express myself naturally according to the music without practicing my acting on the side.”

He says that he is lacking in so many things even though he is being acclaimed that his musical ability surpasses that of an idol. “I’m lacking a lot. Musically, I think that I have to find a lot more areas where I can directly incorporate my own color, and on stage I think I have to be able to show an image that’s more relaxed.”

He continues to give us [humble] answers. He says that he doesn’t really show his Big Bang friends the music that he had been working on for his solo album. The reason is because he is “too shy…” When asked about his secret to digesting both song and dance together, he says again, “I’m still lacking a lot. There’s nothing special. I always exercise whether or not I’m doing promotions. So that I don’t run out of strength on stage. And because the facilities at the office are so advanced, I always grab a mic and sing live whenever I practice the choreography.”

But no matter how modest he tries to be about his musical greed and how much he tries to hide it, he can’t help but let it show. He has a lot of thoughts about writing lyrics. “There are a lot of dating stories in my songs and in most pop songs. But I want to write lyrics that reflect the generation, about society and people. Stories about ‘relationship’ or society’s ‘issues.’”

‘Human’ Taeyang, prudent and silly

Talk about music has no end, but we were curious about ‘human’ Taeyang so we changed the direction of the interview. We asked whether he’s jealous of the other Big Bang members. And what he thought made him better than the others. “Jiyong has the sense to accept new things, Daesung is bright and sociable, Seungri has confidence, and TOP is charismatic and stubborn… Me? I’m careful (laughs).” Taeyang is in charge of(?) Big Bang’s caution. [Meaning Taeyang is in charge of being the worrywart – telling Big Bang to have some discretion be cautious.]

We asked whether he would change his hairstyle, which he’s had for quite some time. “I want to change it. But I don’t have that kind of time. If I want to change something, I have to do it with a comeback after going on a break, and I would need time to study and find a new style, but even if I didn’t have promotions in Korea, I have promotions in Japan and other places overseas, so I don’t have any time to change it.”

After seeing such a serious side of Taeyang, we wondered about his other sides so we asked if he ever spends his time being silly. “There are times when I am silly. If there’s a closet in our waiting room or something, I go inside sometimes. The people around me now understand this kind of humor of mine.” He told us about the time when he was in the middle of filming a music video when he ran away from set in full makeup and costume, and took a bus back to the office.
After talking nonstop about music, Taeyang found difficulty with questions that required a funny story or funny answers. The image of him saying, “Ah, I can’t think of it right now,” making a pained facial expression, and striving to think of something was very Taeyang-like. It seemed as though Taeyang doesn’t keep much in his head other than things that have to do with music.

Source: Daum
Translation: Seungie.tumblr.com + BigBangUpdates
Edits in [ ] by Tofumon@alwaystaeyang

57 thoughts on “Taeyang, “I want to change my hairstyle but I have no time””

  1. I love this article and the pictures make me smile! I love that he tries even while being extremely shy to give us a taste of Young Bae.

  2. i bet he keeps his style but dies it some weird color for their comeback….any betters?

    Great interview and pictures!!! When I read these I can sense the appreciation and love for Taeyang and what hes trying to accomplish in this current idol phase korea is in. They not only acknowledge his talents but have high hopes for his music in breaking down some of the industry bias towards true rnb (not idol rnb imitations or token talking classified as rapping)

    1. I’ll take that bet. YB is not one to do things that he doesn’t feel comfortable with. He already fights with the stylists over wearing clothes he doesn’t think is comfortable. Changing is hair color would be a definite no-no for him.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE DON’T CHANGE YOUR HAIR. It’s so cool like that and not much ppl have it or want to copy it cause they would be copy cats then TAE YANG. I would totally do may hair like that if I was a guy. Wait…I still want to do my hair like that even though I am a girl. HEHE. LOL

    1. IKR? I don’t get why people don’t get his sense of humor…but I would classify it as “dorkiness.” I absolutely love his dorkiness especially paired with how naturally awkward he his.

    2. I agree… ahaha… but i never knew he would do someting like this. Gotta thank this interview for letting me know 🙂

      He gave a lot of reasons to why he didn’t change his hairstyle.. first was because he is most comfortable with it, then the hairstyle doesn’t bother him while he’s dancing and then now he has no time. LOL… well he can always wear his hat again to change his hairstyle.. I mean if he wants to regrow it and not let anyone know.

      Fun interview overall. 🙂

  4. Tofu….I agree 100% with your comment. This particular interviewer seemed to admire YB’s 100000% earnest feelings about his music but doesn’t hesitate to make fun of him for it. I like that contradiction.

    I love most of YB’s interviews but his recent interview have gotten me falling in love with him all over again. He’s just so humble and honest. And it helps that all critics and journalists seem to love YB and can’t stop saying positive things about his recent actions as well as his progress to come.

    And the third picture of him is just the most ultimate win BTW. If the interview didn’t have me falling in love with him….that picture definitely did.

    1. OMO All these photographs are the ultimate wins. I particularly like the 2nd to last photo. His smile…KILLS ME EVERYTIME. aiiiigggooo.

      As for the article, I can imagine the interviewer chuckling inside afterward at Taeyang thinking “This kid really needs a girlfriend.” But really can’t help but be rooting for him because he’s so likeable.

      1. Hey! Taeyang’s concert will be mainstream live on youtube or not? Do you have the information?
        anybody please tell me ??????

    1. There is no information yet and it is unlikely that YG will make any announcements until the concert dates are completely sold out. (This is probably because potential ticket buyers might suddenly opt to just watch it on YT instead of actually going.) If it does go on YT, it will be a nice surprise, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

      1. Can’t believe his tickets arn’t all sold out. Frikkenn i would pay to fly to S.Korea and watch his concert and it would still be worth it. But i have uni =/

        1. yeah, i know it’s a shocker. I was really HAPPY when i got VIP tickets just two days ago because people cancelled and not pay. See the way Gmarket works is that you buy the ticket and it gives you 2 days to pay. So now my friend and I have been eyeing the market for better concert tickets. When I got it i was really HAPPY and then I was really SAD. I was wondering why this is happening. Then I realized his concert is really bad timing. IT falls right after CHuseok the biggest korean holiday. People are still on break and may not make it back for his concert. ALso, the 26th show (age 19 and over) are COMPLETELY SOLD OUT, but the 25th show still has seats. I guess YB just has a lot of older fans. LOL cuz i still have 3rd level seats for the 26th.

        2. Im worried cuz it makes him look like he’s not popular. It’s just such bad timing. For chuseok everyone goes out of town, travel, and such. Damn if i had all the money in th eworld i’d buy all the concert tickets. They were sold out immediately when they went on sale but a lot of people ending up not paying

        3. ahhh so that’s what happened to the tickets. hmm makes sense. especially since most of the VIP fans are younger, and would probably have to be w/ their families and what not. Is Chuseok kinda like Christmas (in terms of popularity and vacation planning etc..).
          Hopefully there’ll be people who buy tickets day of. Nonetheless, im sooo excited for the concert. so close!!!

        4. How did you go about buying the tickets. I went on the Gmarket site but everything is in korean can’t understand any of it

        5. i made a korean friend. lol seriously. but with the way things are looking, go ahead and try your luck at the door, there will most definitley be peoople selling tickets there.

  5. Sigh. The original interview was 6 pages long…. and of course the headline of the summary had to be about his hair…This is kpop for you…

    1. this! omg when I saw the title of the article, and read the content, I was kinda irked. So many great quotes, the interview was in-depth and funny..and yet the title is talking about why he;s not changing his hairstyle –___–
      But I wonder if ppl want him to change his hairstyle that badly? It seems like every journalist in the past few interviews asks that question. Personally, I could care less. I think it suits him, and as long as he keeps on putting great performances and releasing good music, I’m a happy camper 🙂
      well, other than that, absolutely loveee this interview.518%..i see what you did there!
      Only two songs will be performed w/o the band. wow. I have no idea how they managed that. Gosh, I’m soo excited for his concert!
      and the pictures..man oh man those pics are stunning!

  6. I lurv his hair so he shall keep it. (like I’m his hair styler but hey, let me have my fantasies ahahahhahaha)

    “Though the interview was filled with sincere talk about music, there was also some silliness, like how he began the interview by appearing from behind the sofa where he had been hiding with a bright smile.”

    This is my favourite part of the interview.

    It’s nicely worded, direct but descriptive. You can just see him doing that!! XD

    He seems to love hiding behind or inside something… then scaring people or surprising people like that….LOL


    This is a fun interview, and one of those that are less serious-talk-about-his-music, which is a nice change.

    But really, he really can go on and on about music and just music….Hahahaha

    YB is a very down to earth, sincere and humble man. This interview makes me love him even more.

    He is just too likeable and so unlike the other idols or artists out there… Maybe that’s why the media and critics take a liking to him so. ❤

    Why isn't a man like this with a girilfriend!? Oh yeah, he's a man of music…Hahaha, he is married to his music. 😛

    For some reason this quote from YB: "I want to write lyrics that reflect the generation, about society and people. Stories about ‘relationship’ or society’s ‘issues.’”

    It sounds like something MJ was also doing isn't it? YB really is inspired by MJ, amongst the other wonderful artists he admires… 🙂

    So proud to be a fan, so proud of this boy….*gives YB a virtual hug and pat on the head, LOL cuz i'm a fanmom like that*

  7. I love the way you are now ! Dont change anything ! ^^
    Yb, there’s no people on the world more special than you: warm and cute !
    YB fighting !

  8. seriously speaking; where can u find an artiste like YB nowadays?? he’s the only artiste whom i think is keeping his feet grounded & being humble (maybe there’s others but i ain’t gonna pay attention to them)..
    i’ll love to be at the interview scene cuz i wanna see YB’s expression when he emerged behind the sofa after hiding behind it.. i bet it’s gonna be funny.. 🙂
    like what Chanting mentioned; YB is a married man BUT to music.. literally; music is his girlfriend/wife cuz he talks about it ALL the time.. =)
    P.S: please don’t change that mohawk-style of urs YB.. cuz i think it suits u to a T.. nobody can pull it off better than u!! okie dokie?? 😉

  9. Mann i swear his arms are pumped 24/7, in almost every pic of him i’ve seen his veins are bursting out haha.

    I like how they defined artist and idol. I think on his own Taeyang as a solo is definitely an artist rather than an idol. Honestly i think this idol stuff is stupid. How they have to act a certain way to uphold their image. Despite all of that I love how on Kbites or AllKpop articles about Taeyang are always music related. Like he rarely stirs up controversies and stuff, hes just totally focused on his music…a true artist

  10. I just discovered Taeyang a little while ago because his album did so well on iTunes. And because he was an Asian artist making waves in America, as an Asian-American, I was curious. So I listened to his music, and I really like it! And one of you guys commented that I should get ready to fall in love with him a while back when I commented on a previous post. For reals. I have. He is AWESOME! So talented, so adorable. Also, I watched the documentary of Big Bang when they were training to become a group, and I really really respect Taeyang. Also, his evolution, from a shy awkward but talented teenager to a much more confident, humble and even more talented man is pretty great to watch. He really has worked so hard to get where he is now, and he deserves every single ounce of success he has.

    1. yup, that was me. LOL i knew you would! ahahahaha. just keep youtubing. I wish ATY had an archive of all his youtube videos bc there’s a lot!. (I love ATY by the way).

  11. The best part of this time has been YB’s interviews. I get a real sense of who he is as a man and an artist when I read them. The thing I love most about YB is his ability to bridge the gap of his different sides, the mature with the silly. You hear that growth in his music. He’s just so humble about his talent and where he’s going as an artist. YB is the perfect man.

  12. LMAO @ YB hiding behind the couch! Dork! all of the pictures were ❤ and I dont understand why people want him to change his hair…. The mohawk is beyond perfect. Also, this line: He has a lot of thoughts about writing lyrics. “There are a lot of dating stories in my songs and in most pop songs. But I want to write lyrics that reflect the generation, about society and people. Stories about ‘relationship’ or society’s ‘issues.’”
    This. Man. Is. Awesome.

  13. its all about Taeyang and his music this,music that LOL how Taeyang-like!
    I loved this interview it was so genuine with a bit of added humor ,I found myself unconsciously grinning reading this. 😀

  14. My favorite part of the interview: “There are a lot of dating stories in my songs and in most pop songs. But I want to write lyrics that reflect the generation, about society and people.”

    Be careful not to criticize society though…look at Tablo and his antis. I’m actually scared for his wife and child.

  15. dont change… cuzz we love you jus the way you are… 🙂 you are you and thats the reason why we all love you…

  16. as long as its a clean-cut, its fine for me. 🙂

    really, these interviews, i feel like the writers are big fans of Taeyang.
    well, good for him.
    he really appeals to the adults who understand true music and i love it.
    it was a very enjoyable read.

    and ATY peeps, if you have time, please view my own video interpretation of Taeyang’s wedding dress.
    it’s a project for my music video making class so feel free to comment on the link on how i can improve the music video.
    it’s a bit grainy due to lack of HD camera. keke..
    so w/o further ado, here it is:

    1. I really hope you do well with this school project. Please don’t be mad with my or anyone else’s comments on your video! I just truly want to give you my input since you’re asking for critiques. (Warning you now, this might seem like a long comment, but that’s just because I really really really want you to understand what I mean) I’m actually going to comment on the original WD first and show you how I think your video compares to it.

      In the original WD, it seemed more like TY and the lead girl had a close friendship that could have possibly led to something more, that is until it was revealed that the other guy actually married her. In the end of WD, judging by the actress’s facial expression, it seemed that she truly did not have any romantic feelings for TY at all. And we figure that’s true since she ended up marrying the other guy. Of course, the choreography is something often imitated, never surpassed. 🙂

      This was an interesting video/take on the song. Yours seems to be that you and the girl are in an actual relationship, as opposed to being just friends. You guys seem to be such a happy couple. Then you begin showing the scenes with the girl and the other guy. At first, it seemed like he was chasing after her, while she halfheartedly tried to get away from him. But in the end she gave into her feelings and ended up with him. So as opposed to TY having this false illusion of his relationship with the girl, yours was actually real. So it really seemed like the other guy purposely went after your girl and stole her. I liked that you went and showed that your relationship with the girl was true and that you were together before the home wrecking started. I only say this because some YouTubers’ comments (not all, since the majority of the viewers think the other guy sucks since he stole TY’s girl in the end) pick TY as trying to be the other man since it sort of seems as if he was trying to steal the girl away from the other guy. With your mv, it’s obvious what everyone’s role is.

      I like the little cat-and-mouse thing you had going on the bench then the choreo took a turn for the worse (IMHO). I liked the choreo up until they started to do the floor choreo. It just didn’t make sense to me. When they started laying on the ground and such, I was like, “0_o….What are they doing? What does this have to do with the mv?”

      Also, would be better if you synched your lipsynching with the song better. Sometimes it was off…like your mouth wasn’t moving when the song was playing sometimes.

      Other than that, I really want to commend you on your video! It is still 1000x better than something I would have made. I wish you the best of luck with your project!

      1. wow, thanks for actually spending time to watch and comment!

        comment noted.

        i was also iffy about the second part of the choreo.
        thanks for your honest comments. no offense taken. 🙂

        P.S. hope others can view as well and comment, especially on the editing and shots.

  17. wow, thanks for actually spending time to watch and comment!

    comment noted.

    i was also iffy about the second part of the choreo.
    thanks for your honest comments. no offense taken. 🙂

  18. as i read the enterview 2 images dont go out of my mind: taeyang in the bus the the video costume , and the picture of taeyang back in highschool (or school) wich was shown in the strong heart episode where daesung was invited too! cute (kinda) long hair!!! =D

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