4 thoughts on “Teaser for Taeyang’s Comeback Performance on SBS Inkigayo (140601)”

  1. I can’t believe it’s actually here after 4 years of waiting. It’s like my head can’t process that the album is finally coming out. Does anyone want to do a chatbox party during the MV launch? Keep each other company as it drops?

    1. Yes! Chat box please!!!!! I miss it. Lol

      I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see YB just killing the stage! And OMG. Him performing a straight up RnB song? Where’s the exploding ovaries gif when I need it? Lol

  2. yes all those years of waiting finally the album is out tml..everyone is excited for this album, the fans, the producers & engineers, the members and of coz YB himself..the feeling is like how one’s awaiting the birth of a child..I am crying of happiness now..super excited and the count down gonna end soon..hooray!!

  3. Count me in on the chatbox party! This reminds me all over again on how excited I was with SOLAR and the promotions that followed (no matter how short that was) – ALL THEM FEELS RUSHING BACK NOW.

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