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Details From YG after the cut


Is it a full album?
Yes. This is Taeyang’s second full album. It’s called RISE and it has a total of 9 songs. It’s his first full album in 4 years since his first one, SOLAR, in July 2010.

What can you tell us about the title track?

Taeyang took part in composing and writing several tracks in the album, but the sole title track is “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, a joint production with YG’s main producers TEDDY and DEE.P.

For the past few years, most YG artists promoted two or three title tracks. What is the reason behind the decision to pick a single title track for Taeyang’s album?
Most songs in Taeyang’s new album were regarded as title tracks at one point, so selecting joint title tracks was the hardest task. This is why we chose “Eyes, Nose, Lips” as a single title track and decided to focus on it for early promotion. We offered Taeyang to be in charge of his solo album production 4 years ago, and late last year, when the album was nearing completion, we were about to make the tracks Let Go, 1AM, and Body the three title tracks. However, Taeyang was keen to work further on the album and at the end of last year, I actively got involved. As a result, we added tracks This Ain’t It, Stay With Me, and lastly, Eye, Nose Lips, which eventually became the title song.

Every time a new song was added, it was excellent enough to be the title track, but “Eyes, Nose, Lips” was chosen because when Taeyang sang the first line, it was so powerful that our past plans simply evaporated.

The excitement was passed on to me as I watched him record the song. I even suggested, “Youngbae, how about filming an M/V like this for this song?”—this was the first time for me to propose an idea for a music video for a YG artist since Big Mama’s “Break Away” 11 years ago. That is how much affection I have for “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.

From “Look Only At Me” to the recent “Ringa Linga”, most title tracks were done with dance performances—but “Eyes, Nose, Lips“ is a slow R&B song that steers away from dance moves and maximizes the strengths of Taeyang’s sentimental voice.

Single title track means one music video?
Not exactly… We are releasing 3 music videos. The music video of the title track “Eyes, Nose, Lips” will be unveiled simultaneously with the online album on June 2nd at 12AM. The music video for “1AM” will be released on June 10th at 1AM. We recently decided to have an additional video for “Body”, the fastest-tempo song in the 2nd album, which we are considering as the follow-up track. It will be directed by Seo Hyun Seung and the release date is estimated around mid-June.

Thoughts on Taeyang’s imminent 2nd album release as the producer?
Apart from “Ringa Linga”, which was already released as a single last year, there will be 8 new songs in Taeyang’s 2nd album, including the intro. Despite having 20 complete songs that Taeyang recorded for the second album, we carefully selected 9 songs in respect of his wish to focus more on quality than quantity. All the songs are truly exceptional that they could all be title tracks. Although there are more things I want to say about the latest album, I believe it is right for Taeyang to do it himself when it is released.

(Thanks to redsun for providing the summary before we updated with the official YG-Life translation!)


21 thoughts on “RISE: Tracklist”

  1. Slow r&b for the title track! :O wow. I can’t wait! But why am I cautiously excited for this? ‘as doing as TY sang the first line, all past plan came tumbling down’. Okay. I’m nervous for the title track. Sorry tlist can’t spazz properly I’m in the middle of presentation now lol.

    YG and YB seem to be very confident about it. I can trust them right? 😀

  2. Summerize.

    Taeyang took a part in several songs in his new solo album.

    Title : “Eye, Nose, Lip”.(composed by TEDDY and DEE.P)(single title)
    Every single songs were strong candidates for the title, so it was really hard to decide one. So they decided to pick “Eye, Nose, Lip” as a single title and focus on early promotion for Taeyang.

    4 years ago YG asked Taeyang to do his solo album producing himself and it almost finished the end of last year and they choose track No.8(throw away, 버리고), No.3(1am), No.5(Beautiful, 아름다워) as multi-title, but Taeyang asked YG he wants to do more work for the album.
    That’s how we add track No.7(This is not what I meant, 이게 아닌데) and No.4(Stay with me) – with GD and we put “Eye, Nose, Lip”
    lastly which became the title of this album.

    YG loved this song so much, so he even provide some ideas for the MV which is the first time from Big MaMa’s ‘Break Away’.

    Taeyang’s title songs have focused on both vocal and danve performances(from Only Look at me to Ringa Linga), but “Eye, Nose, Lip” is a slow R&B song which emphasizes YB’s emotional vocal most.

    YG is going to reveal 3MVs in a row.

    1. “Eye, Nose, Lip” ” – June2th, 12pm
    2. “1AM” – June 10th, 1am.
    3. “Beautiful” – around middle of June(YG hasn’t filmed it yet)
    – YG is considering this one as follow up. and this song is the fastest tempo song in this album.
    – the director : SeoHyunSeung(서현승)

    For Taeyang’s 2nd full length album, they have recorded about 20 songs, but Taeyang wanted to focus more on quality than quantity so YG is so sure every single song is good enough as a title.

  3. Ahhh! So excited, and a slow R&B track as title!? I think these teasers and now this track list… How am I going to handle this until June 2!? So much excitement that I think all my precautions and doubts are thrown out of the window… LOL

  4. A slow rnb track focusing on emotional vocals. YESHHH!!! Could it get any better, I’m so glad its not gonna be a ringa linga type song (how come that’s not on the album). Even though its expected, I’m disappointed there’s only 9 songs. Like after 4 years I’m sure he’s made 2 albums by now and scrapped them. Honestly I would like to hear all his songs even if they are ‘less quality’. Since music is subjective, a crap song to one peroson could be an amazing song for another. It would be dope if he released a double album like Justin Timberlake. Anyways I’m happy with what we got, so excited. Cannot wait!!

  5. Recap of the Tracklist (From Vic of bigbangupdates)

    01. Rise [INTRO]
    Composer: Peejay, Taeyang
    Lyrics: Tablo, Choice37, Taeyang
    Arrangement: Peejay

    02. 눈, 코, 입 [TITLE SONG]
    (Translation: Eyes, Nose, Lips)
    Composer: Teddy, Dee.P, Rebecca Johnson
    Lyrics: Teddy, Taeyang
    Arrangement: Teddy, Dee.P

    03. 1AM
    Composer: Teddy, Choice37, Boys Noize
    Lyrics: Teddy
    Arrangement: Teddy, Choice37, Boys Noize

    04. Stay with Me (Feat. G-Dragon)
    Composer: G-Dragon, The Fliptones, JHart
    Lyrics: G-Dragon
    Arrangement: The Fliptones

    05. Body
    (Korean Title: 아름다워/Beautiful)
    Composer: Teddy, Taeyang, PK, Dee.P
    Lyrics: Teddy, Taeyang
    Arrangement: Teddy, PK, Dee.P

    06. Ringa Linga
    Composer: G-Dragon, Shockbit
    Lyrics: G-Dragon, Tokki
    Arrangement: Shockbit

    07. 이게아닌데
    (Translation: This Ain’t It)
    Composer: Airplay, Jo Sung Hwak
    Lyrics: Airplay, Jo Sung Hwak
    Arrangement: Airplay

    08. 버리고
    (Translation: Let Go)
    Composer: Taeyang, PK, Dee.P
    Lyrics: Tablo
    Arrangement: PK, Dee.P

    09. Love You To Death
    Composer: Happy Perez, Britt Burton, Taeyang
    Lyrics: Tablo, Britt Burton
    Arrangement: Happy Perez

    1. I’m happy we’ll finally get a song that he’ll just be singing in since it’s something I’ve been wanting him to do for some time now.

      He’s worked with so many producers for this one but in the end what matters is the result. I hope in the end he has the album that he really wanted (and didn’t have to compromise too much.) June 2 needs to come faster, lol.

      I’ll admit I’m kind of bummed that we’re only getting 6 whole new songs (practically an EP.) Then again, as long as the results are those that he really wanted on there, I can’t complain. (Though I wouldn’t be adverse to a repackage with more songs hahaha)

      1. Now that we’ve got a track list everything seems real and I’m letting myself get excited about this lol

        A slow rnb track focusing on vocals – YES! I literally screamed when I read that haha

        I’m glad he’s had input on a few of the songs… I got to a point where I thought YG won’t include any lol and as with bluemaid I was a bit bummed that it’s really only 6 new songs but we shouldn’t complain, we’re finally getting the album!

        Eeekk I’m so excited 🙂

      2. He should just release all 20 songs, like a Rise Part 2. So far, any song he and Teddy have been involved in tend to be gold. Surely YG would benefit too cashing in? I’m sure they have a whole bunch of songs that they produce but never release. Like the song that Taeyang was composing on 2ne1 tv, I’m still hoping that will be released one day. I don’t understand, if anything can’t they just release them as mixtapes online. What’s the point of them spending that time and effort making these songs and then never releasing them? Anyone have the same thoughts?

        1. IKR? Throw the fans a bone if they’re not planning to do anything with the songs and take so long in between official releases. Mixtapes would be wonderful. (Something to tide us over when he goes to military duty, sniff….)

  6. OMG!!! It’s finally seeming real now. June 2 can’t come fast enough!

    Loving the mix of YGE producers and international producers on the list. And YESSSSSS for the title track being straight up RnB. I love that the 3 mvs are for songs totally different from each other: the legit RnB song, the RnB pop song, and the dance track. I can’t wait!!!!

    GD is the only feature but I’ll take it. At this point, it’d be weird for the not to feature on each other’s albums.

    After 4 years of waiting…..this is finally happening! I’m literally on the edge of my seat everytime something is released. Lol

      1. I didn’t really want any featuring, but if he did, I wanted Tablo or TOP (because I think their voices together is basically an eargam. LOL).

        But, it’s GD. Of course. Like I said, it’d actually be pretty weird if he wasn’t on it.

  7. Yayyyyy a slow rnb title song is exactly what we need from him in this new album!!!Sth that showcases his beautiful smooth voice and Sth different from ringa linga that doesn’t require him to rely on the backtrack to give a stellar performance!! I Only 4 more days to go now I can’t wait to have this album in my hands and play nonstop in the car!!!

  8. It’s FINALLY happening! I’m on the same page with most of you… could it have killed them to give us some extra songs? I know YB is a perfectionist but damn, we have been waiting an extra long time between albums. I think someone on ATY had suggested a mixtape before and I am all for that, but that would never happen. I’m a bit skeptical about this title song, they’re really building up the hype for it lol all I’m thinking of is “You’re My”. And how would the video teaser we saw match the song as they’ve described it so far? lol Anyway… I’m still really excited. Only a few more days, Solmates!

  9. I’m really glad he went with quality over quantity with this album. As long as he’s putting out songs that he’s confident in, I’m good with having six new songs. I’d prefer that he put songs into the album that he genuinely felt passionate about, so while some fans may be disappointed in the lack in number of tracks, I think the fact that he’s bringing us music that’s sincere, is a blessing.

  10. I think my head might explode with all this excitement haha. Now that I have the track list, all I can think about are what the songs sound like and that’s making me even more excited. June 2nd definitely needs to hurry.

    As for the amount of songs, I of course would have loved for all 20 songs to be on the album, but I would much rather have an album with 9 great songs that YB is happy about than 20 throw away songs that don’t really mean much. Not saying that I would complain if they decided to release those songs since I can’t imagine YB releasing anything completely terrible 🙂

  11. Awwwwww!! This is really happening! I screamed so hard with overloaded joy last night when I found out the title is a slow R&B track. (End up waking up my daughter and hubby…just couldn’t contain myself!) I am just so happy to see YB is confident about this album. He sure came a long way. ❤

  12. so body is the fastest paced song in the album… guess it’s not the slow r&b baby maker folks were thinking it’d be. that’s fine though just hoping he sings his songs since it’s not going to be focused on dance.

  13. I just want to say that I am so excited to hear this album – it has been FOUR years in the works; we’re going to get to know YB on a more personal level than we ever have, because he’s pouring his heart out through the medium he always prefers: music.

    We realize that we have never really heard anything truly authentic from him – he is an idol – other than what is made evident through the little details: his hard work in the practice room, rehearsing choreography; his eye-smile; his gentle laugh; his first-to-rise anecdotes; and traits as told from other members – nothing so authentic, so direct as his own songs, in a way, his subconscious desires for the world to see.

    He penned the majority of the lyrics in this album, and in doing so, has made himself very vulnerable.

    In that, let’s support him (kind of silly of me to say on a fansite, huh) with everything we have! Buy his album – refresh the MV twenty times; fill his social media with notes of love and support, send in fan art, reaction videos, what have you.

    He is brave for doing this; he is genuine; he cares about music, and people; he is diligent – a truly good human being. Let’s support that.

    YB, fighting!!! 💞💞

  14. ‘Bout time! A little disappointed with such a short track list, but so excited that he picked a slow jam as his title. Finally YG and YB recognizes that he’s not a “mainstream” k-pop artist, but a special R&B gem. The need to capitalize that. Thanks for the updates ATY.

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