[Twitter] Taeyang tweets about upcoming album release (140601)

Translation from @kristinekwak below the cut

Finally tomorrow. My 2nd album that I worked on for 4 years.. It was a long journey to make 9 songs. I worked my hardest without missing any moments to make up for the long time I didnt release an album. I hope the album is loved by the fans who had a harder time waiting than I did. Thank you so much for loving me and waiting for me even though I am lacking. I hope my music and songs can cheer everyone up a little.. LOVE

5 thoughts on “[Twitter] Taeyang tweets about upcoming album release (140601)”

  1. YB’s the sweetest, sweetest guy. I’m certainly one of those who have been waiting a long time but I don’t regret it regardless of how the album comes out. Just the fact that he’s doing what he loves is worth it (though of course I’d want him to do it more often…)

  2. It’s 3am and I can’t sleep knowing it’s only a few hours away for the sun to #rise. I’m sure it will be worth the wait. There is no one like taeyang he is truly the sweetes most thoughtful man. Thinking of the fans first always. Love you Taeyang

  3. I swear, is YB not the sweetest, most precious man ever? The feels!!!!!

    It’s been a long wait, but as long as he’s happy with the result, so am I! He’s poured his heart and soul into this album. I really don’t feel like he could disappoint me with it. I have no doubts in my mind that it’ll be an album worth waiting for.

  4. we should thank you YB, for spending so much time and thoughts on this album despite the delay. But all these are just to ensure that the album is of the quality standard and to meet up with the fans expectation. I am sure this album is gonna be a good one and you will never disappoint us. ^^

  5. This tweet is precious – coming from the sweetest man ever makes it all the more special and even sweeter, I have no doubt in my mind that the album will be worth the wait!

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