Taeyang at Big Show 2011 – Part 2 (FANCAMS!)

Big Bang just rapped up their 2011 Big Show and some Taeyang fancams have come out.

I’ll start with my fav song on the album, Cafe

Where You At/ I’ll Be There

What  Is Right


Somebody to Luv

Hand’s Up



La La La

Shake It

cr: Sol-mate, Urthesun, urthesun1@youtube, Juckdo@youtube, solemateelly@youtube

Goodness, I forgot how much I missed some of these old Big Bang songs. Anyway, he sounded amazing and did a great job.

13 thoughts on “Taeyang at Big Show 2011 – Part 2 (FANCAMS!)”

  1. I LOVE BIG BANG. I LOVE TAEYANG. But it really bothers me that TOP’s HORRIBLE ENGLISH ruins so many songs for me!!!!! His english is really awkward and goosebump inducing… and his overly forced deep voice only adds to the discomfort when listening. PLEASE, for the sake of real korean americans who want to share big bang’s music with other non-korean americans, TOP needs to stop rapping in english so we don’t have to be ashamed of the horrible attempt at english unnecessarily recorded on an album.

    1. for a person who don’t speak English as their main language; it’s consider as quite ok.. give TOP some slack.. 🙂

    2. TOP’s voice is naturally deep and English is obviously not his first language so he naturally has an accent when he speaks English.Nothing to be ashamed.

  2. I miss the 06-07 big bang music. It’s much easier for taeyang to bust out into his hard core hip hoppin moves and show the world whos the new king of kpop!

  3. Lyle said that WUA was one of the most EPIC performances of that night! He said it looked great on stage 🙂

  4. Another WUA + I’ll Be There Fancam

    Note to self: When attending concerts, never tie your hair in a high bun….(you’ll see why when you watch the fancam. lol)

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