Big Bang release T.V version of “Tonight” and SBS Comeback Special

Big Bang is BACK!!!
Post is loaded with goodies to commemorate Big Bang’s “epic” comeback. First off, the music video for “Tonight” – television version – below. Sources say this is just the television version, as the real version will be released later today. Personally, I’m just as pleased with this version! The L.A locals are captured beautifully with the refreshing pace of the song, and of course Big Bang looks amazing. Particularly our man, Taeyang =)

Links to the entire SBS Comeback Special is below the cut~

I loved the comeback, filled with an hour long of goodness, it was just what Big Bang fans needed! I am so glad they performed some of their old hits like “Lies” and  “Sunset Glow”, which are some of my favs. The “Secret Garden” special was also halarious!~ Can’t wait to watch it with subs and Taeyang’s “transformation” – or hair transformation shall we call it?” – well lets just say he should stick with the fauxhawk!

19 thoughts on “Big Bang release T.V version of “Tonight” and SBS Comeback Special”

  1. OMG! Kay! we missed you here.. glad to see you around.. XD

    anyway, ikr! i was watching it live and i couldn’t stop myself from giggling the whole time! our boys are so awesome i can’t even.. gah! i need to breathe! =)

    and YB sure became more confident and powerful onstage! he has this presence that is so intimidating i mean. BAD BOY style! LOL

    and yeah.. BIGBANG is finally BACK!!! people should watch out! XD

  2. wow, YB has definitely stepped his game up. Tho the shortest in the group he made sure he stood out, I think the new confidence he has now is showing and I’m loving it

  3. I hope this can come out with subs and I can watch it soon. I understood a little of what was going on, but ❤ ❤ I love Big Bang, especially YB. I've looked for subbed all ready and no versions exist. When it comes out I need to watch ASAP before it's taken off of youtube or some other video site. :3

  4. Kay, we missed you 🙂
    Thank You so much for having the videos. Missed it because I had to go to work. I’m going to watch it later tonight. Then rewatch it with subs lol #fangirl

    1. I’ve been around but I’ve missed posting, so glad to do this post lol~~
      You’ll have to watch and fangirl like crazy while you’re at it!!

  5. the more i listen, the more i love all the songs (in their 4th mini albumn)
    of course i love YB’s parts the most :XD

    that Secret garden parody is so hilarious
    i couldnt help laughing at their transformation, especially Dae’s and GD’s.
    and our YB looked like a fool with that long hairstyle :))

  6. fantastic cover of Tonight in English – his lyrics are always pretty decent but I don’t think I could have picked better english lyrics for this song =)

  7. LOL even though there were no subs for the parody … that was freakin’ halarious!! The “transformation” of Taeyang’s side view wasn’t bad. BIG BANG is BACK!!! Thanks for the share 😉

  8. Truly I’m a YB fan but I dont satisfied with what he has done on SBS show, especially with the song Some Body To Love. The choreograph doesnt take him much energy, why he lipsynced so many times? He’s the lead vocal, the soul of the song? How can he do that? I’m trying to think that he’s lack of time practicing these performance.

    1. i didn’t want to sound too bias or anything so i am sorry in advance if i’d sound like one.

      well., you may be right. YB doesn’t sing much to all of his/BIGBANG live performances, but his presence on stage and his moves are actually intimidating, in a positive way, i mean.

      We all know that during a comeback stage, a song usually takes 6-7 times of filming before deciding which one to use (ML – during YB’s comeback with SOLAR – explained it, too). How many songs were there? you can’t expect them to actually had the energy to sing every single time, can you? besides, all YB fans and VIPs know that HE (actually all 5 of them) DOESN’T LIPSYNCH. If he can’t sing, he won’t pretend to sing. Why does it seem to me that you’re doubting his ability as a singer? Why does your ‘He’s the lead vocal, the soul of the song?’ question bother me so much? For me, it wasn’t supposed to be a question, because, it was the fact.

      Maybe that SBS BIGBANG SHOW wasn’t satisfying for you, but to many, it was certainly explosive.

    2. Choosing which lines to sing depends a lot on the arrangement of the song and the effect one wants to bring out.
      In a song with a lot of produced effects like “Tonight” or even “Prayer” – YB doesn’t sing over the “electronic” parts to maintain the overall effect of the song. In addition, he also sings backing vocals for both his and BB music so its normal for him not to sing all the parts where you hear his voice on the studio version. In a live especially, he will usually end up doing the adlibs more since removing them will actually end up with a flatter (more boring) live and you can’t program the adlibs into the MR. This means he will not end up singing certain lines from the chorus/verse (which will either be taken up by the MR or one of the other members.)
      By the way, I second the fact that he does not lipsynch (“pretend to sing”) when he isn’t actually singing.

    3. I dont mention this controversy with negative attitude, hope you guys understand. I just expected that I could hear more live lines from YB. His voice is really something precious to me. Of course he cannot sing the whole song without backup music, but I hope he can enhance his vocal skill and definitely he can do that if he wants. We cant satisfy with 5 or 6 words singing live like that. In YB we trust I once again, I want YB advance his place in not only K-biz but also in World Music.
      His line in SBTL is really great, that’s why I wanna hear it live!

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