Taeyang to Feature in Swing’s New Song

We all know who Swings is, the rapper Taeyang featured in “After You Fall Asleep” from SOLAR, and now it seems that the combo worked so well that Swings will be featuring him on his new digital single.

The title of the song is By Instinct and will be coming out 03/09!
Click under the cut to learn more about the song~

The song is a remake of a song Swings originally did with Yoon Jong Shin and you can hear it here,

I’m so excited for this!! AYFA was a great song and to have them working together again is amazing. I wonder how the  sound  of the song will change now with Taeyang singing in it. I also hope that this leads to other features with underground artists, I personally would love for Taeyang to work with someone like The Quiett who has said before he wanted to work with him.

Anyone else you guys want him to feature with or work with?

cr: YBmania.com, Taeyang*flower on facebook, BigBangUpdates.com

16 thoughts on “Taeyang to Feature in Swing’s New Song”

  1. I would looooove that he can sing with me in the SHOWER!! my voice sounds pretty good in there =) just kidding!! sorry I got carry out with the news 😉

  2. Very exciting indeed!
    Yoon Jong Shin’s voice is very unique, I wonder how YB will make the song his own 🙂

    I’m also really glad YB’s branching out, and featuring with other artists. He needs to do this more often. He’s had numerous proposals and recognition from his colleagues, I hope this won’t be one of the few times he’ll be featuring/collaborating 🙂

  3. Yay! I loved AYFA so I can’t wait to see what happens when they join up again. This song is definitely different for YB so it’ll be interesting to see him put his own twist on it.

  4. i known this song and liked it for awhile now … so it’s great news for me and i can’t wait to see how it’s going to sound with taeyang 😀

    it’s kind of funny that just yesterday i found out it was Swing rapping … i really thought it was Simon D anyway … i really hope taeyang would keep doing this kind of features !

  5. Ah yes! So much bigbang commotion finally just Taeyang doing something on his own. And Taeyang with Epik High would be “epik” hehe. A collab w/ Supreme Team wouldn’t be bad either.

    1. Tablo really liked Hot and has complimented YB before so a colabo is somewhat possible. But yeah, an Epik High/YB combo would be amazing.

  6. Hope this counts as collab and I don’t get stoned but YB and J.Beib for remake of his “I’ll be there”…yea? #bigbangrockstonight

  7. Awesome! cant wait to see how it turns out.

    Mhmm the artist I want Tae to collborate with? Apart from Usher,lol,I dunno,maybe Jay Park? I’m not a huge fan of his but since he expressed his desire to work with him I’m curious. Besides he seems quite good.

    LOL Yoon Jong Shin and Swings!? Family outing has left me with a rather comical view of YJS haha! the song isnt bad.

  8. ►yo! guys…i know it’s kinda out of topic…but i just want to ask if you’ve seen the parody of BB for Secret Garden…i’ve seen it and i was laughing my heart out already but then i want to see vids with english subs…do you know where i can find those?…i really want to know the gist of their parody since i really don’t understand hanggul…hope for a reply soon!~!…Tnx much~!

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