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Subbed “Making Of” Taeyang MVs from the Solar International DVD

The great team over at bbvipchannel have subbed the behind the scenes videos of the filming of Taeyang’s MVs which were included in the DVD of Solar International.

Check out their post here which includes streaming video and download links for Ma Girl, Look Only At Me, Prayer, I Need A Girl, Where U At and I’ll Be There.

What a great present on Taeyang’s birthday! Thank you bbvipchannel!

[Feature] SUPERMAN – Taeyang’s Solar Concert (Review)

In celebration (or is it anticipation?) of the release of the Solar Concert DVD, we are posting this excellent review of the Solar Concert that was published some months back.  Not being one of those lucky enough to watch it in the live, I can’t wait to see if the DVD bears out the reviewer’s take on the whole event. Enjoy!


By Kang Myoung-Seok
Pop Culture Writer and Critic. You might remember him from this 10Asia interview with Taeyang (here and here)

One of the interesting points during my recent interview with Taeyang was when he had said that he planned to fill his concert with the sound of a live band. Of course, the majority of singers use bands in their concerts. But Taeyang’s case is different. As confirmed in “Look Only At Me,” his songs feature layers and layers of sounds created by the producers. This makes them much harder to recreate accurately in live performances.

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D8: 4 Tracks Unveiled!

Four more tracks are out today, all four we know of and love:

Where U At, Wedding Dress, Pray ft Teddy and Look Only at Me~!

Some of you have been asking about ordering the album and I just to give a heads up – We WILL post more information about how you can order his album. It has not become available for pre-order yet so just sit tight and keep checking ATY for more news about it~

We recently posted up our “ATY Album Giveaway” contest; It begins June 25th, don’t forget! And to make sure you are on top of your ATY news, be sure to subscribe to our blog!

“Where U At” demo was originally in English?

And this is why you should visit ATY more often if you’re not a frequent blogger (lol) because only here you’ll get such juicy information as this~

Back in March, one of the ATY visitors attended the Korean Night event hosted by Shaun and Lyle where they taught both “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress”. Anyway, here is the interesting part, according the Shaun and Lyle, the track that had been sent to them for choreography was a demo version where Taeyang was singing in English. A specific example our blogger remembers Shaun and Lyle speaking of, is the part where Taeyang says “day and night, high and low”, in the English version he says “pick up the fight” – hence the sort of “punch” like steps in the choreography.

Thanks to Teresa for emailing in this interesting bit of information!

It’s exciting to know that there is possibly an English version sitting there recorded by Taeyang originally… Where did it go? Why’d they record it? Maybe it was for fun? Or maybe YG has more grander plans in store (as Tofu would say “World Domination”)?

Shaun & Lyle to teach WD & WUA Choreo

All you lucky Taeyang fans in Cali, you have the chance to meet Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo at TM Dance Studio where they’ll be teaching “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” !
Makes me wanna hop on a plane and fly down there, not for the dance because I’ve got two left feet, but because I’ve got a little crush on Lyle *blush* and I bow down to Shaun *bows* haha. I’d just wanna stare at them for being so close to Taeyang. Anyway, check em out!

Website: http://tmdance.org/Korean_Night_Event.html

Thank you jeannuxu for the tip~