Buying SOLAR International Album+Itunes+Twitter

SOLAR International Album BUY NOW!
(If you can’t purchase the album, consider purchasing “Connection”, as we’re hoping we can show YG that more promotions is needed for this song!)

R&B/Soul Charts: #2 (Canada), #5 (USA)!

Last time, I did a similar post for SOLAR (Korean album) and it’s fitting I do one for the international release. I know most people have already purchased the  Korean SOLAR album, but I’m hoping fans support him and buy the international album as well. That being said, our main focus is going to be on ITUNES. Why? Because, for one, Itunes are the only charts that represent ONLY international fans as well as its an inexpensive way to show your support!. Updates on his Itunes charting will be posted here.

Twitter – We hope all those who are on Twitter can help making Taeyang a trending topic and we will be trying to trend #taeyangworldwide so MAKE SURE you’re on and tweeting !

BELOW, more links on how you can get a physical copy of the INTERNATIONAL album, which comes with a DVD.

The international album is not available in stores, so online order is the only way to purchase this album. Below are links where you can buy the album.

NOTE: The DVD is a region 3 DVD, which means, depending on your DVD player, it may not work HOWEVER we did do a post sometime ago showing how you can watch such a DVD so please refer to this LINK

Yesasia: Click me to BUY from YESASIA
DVDheaven: Click me to BUY from DVDHEAVEN (search: Taeyang International)
Weinthezone: Click me to BUY from WEINTHEZONE

If you know of any others, please post them in the comments~


148 thoughts on “Buying SOLAR International Album+Itunes+Twitter”

  1. Gosh,it’s nice they’re selling the actual hard copy of Solar international,but im so afraid it could get lost,it happened when i ordered Solar deluxe -_- never arrived,that’s why i was hoping off line stores would have it,sigh..thanks though! I’ll try to get mine off itunes…u.u

    1. omg thats exactly what happened to me! ordered from yesasia and it never came because it got lost in the mail…. now im too scared to buy it from yesasia but really want to… i hope yesasia didnt scam us or something =S

        1. oh lucky you! .. ive been hoping that itll come eventually everyday… oh well im gonna get myself taeyang’s international album and solar album anyways…

      1. Yesasia lost my deluxe copy too!! I waited 6 weeks for nothing! It’s the only order that I never got from them and I’ve been buying stuff from them for years. So upsetting!! I bought the regular version from them and it came in a week, but no yg family card. =(

  2. just waithing for my one to arrive so Connection is made by the same people that made Look Only at me that why is so good i hope YG buy more of there music Walt Anderson is good.

    1. I knew Connection couldn’t have been composed by Teddy, just didn’t sound like him.
      I’ll be purchasing it to support Taeyang, Big Tone, DJ Murf, and Peejay. They really did an awesome job producing that song.

  3. I bought a hard copy of the album, plus I just bought the album on itunes ❤ I wanna support Taeyang! ❤ ❤ fighting!

  4. Can Taeyang beat Usher on Itunes? Usher just released Deluxe Edition of Raymond vs Raymond and Versus. Lets make Taeyang’s dream come true. Currently 11th in US R&B charts Itunes. Fighting!

    1. Taeyang is #5 and usher is #3! I love them both but I really want taeyang to move up the charts! Then usher would be like who’s this guy? Then before we know it their working together and he brings yb along to his concerts in the US! Then yb will start touring by himself then BAM! mission accomplished lol sorry got a bit exciter but that would be really cool if that happened…I just want yb to come to san francisco CA!

  5. umm….will this album help him on the korean charts (aka music programs…awards)? if so, where is the most effective place to buy it?

    1. purchasing from DVDheaven will help him on the Hanteo charts which are counted on tv programs…

      Our international effort is for Itunes!

        1. I think it’s suppose to come with the YG Family card? When I ordered SOLAr Deluxe from DVD Heaven, I got my YG family card.

  6. Just bought Connection on iTunes as well as the actual physical album! YG wants to make me broke seeing as how I have all the copies of YB’s albums now!

    YG….I hope you’re reading our posts and taking note that we want Connection to be promoted!!!! Please??? Pretty pretty please??? With a cherry on top?

  7. I bought 3 hard copies of the album for my friends and told all three of them to buy it on itunes. I bought both… let’s continue with the great effor!!!

    YB fans are the best! yes!!

  8. US iTunes R&B #8 now…

    And yes~! YB will be on MuCore and Inki again this week, according to ybmania.

    And with that, g’nite. ^^

  9. Just looking at the Digital Book. I love reading the credits in the booklets.
    I saw that Prayer & IBT contains samples from French Musicians. Teddy must have a thing for French Musicians to sample there music lol. But the end project is a BIG bunch of AWESOMENESS!!! the album is currently sitting at #12 on the Aussie iTunes charts.

    Prayer sample

    IBT sample

    Just some quirky facts i thought id share with my fellow TY fans. 😀

    1. so some of it are not their real music?
      kinda disappointed though…
      did they mentioned about those 2 artist in the credits? they should have…

  10. Quick Question:

    Has anyone posted the Wedding Dress [English Verison] lyrics yet?

    If not, I have them.
    If anyone wants them….just throwing that out there. Haha.

  11. I downloaded iTunes just so I could buy his album off of it. I also have the actual CD/DVD on the way. I have about 4 versions of solar now. haha. YG definitely knows how to make the fans broke. haha.


  12. I think its only fair we buy his album even though many of us already purchased “Solar”. i know money can be an issue but this is it for taeyang international fans to show him our support. to show yg that taeyang international fans really want him ^^

  13. Currently on the Itunes Charts:

    US – 154
    Canada – 135
    Japan – 98

    US – 5
    Canada – 5
    Japan – 4
    Australia – 5

      1. haha, cool. I didn’t see anyone put it up so i’m glad i could help 🙂

        More chartings:

        UK – 30
        New Zealand – 88

  14. damnnn, my parents wont let me buy it offa sites, i was hoping places like HMV or walmart or something were going to sell it. oh well, guess it’s time to hit up itunes.
    i really wanted the poster and dvd tho D:
    taeyang, i’m waiting for you to come to canada, that includes yourself and hard copies of your cd ❤

  15. i bought from both itunes and yesasia [b/c i wanted to hear him now, and i wanted the dvd and the poster] its amamzing!!!

  16. Just bought connection from Itunes…I’m in 7th heaven! I bought his deluxe album in Japan and it’s the second most precious thing i own.. Connection is lika drug to me…Love the old school kinda beat. HAHA

  17. I’m pretty thrilled with top 5 in the US. It’s going to be hard for him to get any higher on the r&b charts, I think, because those are some heavy hitters with new releases. For comparison’s sake, YB is ranked 141 on the overall album chart right now. The four albums ahead him are ranked 3, 5, 23, 34. Having said that, I want to see YB climb the overall chart! Hwaiting! ^^

    1. Wow, that’s a pretty big difference between 4th and 5th on overall charts… Guess it’s gonna be pretty difficult for him to get higher than 5 in US R&B/Soul charts…? Well, I just bought his album off iTunes yesterday~ I hope he can climb higher too!

      1. Yeah, I’m now more interested in him moving up the overall and singles charts. I think a lot of people who already purchased Solar are DLing the new songs individually instead of getting the album, so I’m hoping to see a lot of movement on the singles chart. ^^

    2. Ah, silly. You read my mind. I was going to say that he’s probably going to be #5 for a while.

      As for his songs, he’s charting on the RnB chart.

      Connection: #128
      I’ll Be There (Eng): #188
      I’ll Be There (Kor) # 197

  18. Someone post the CD booklet pics. That’s the deciding factor if I buy the physical disc. I already have all his MVs.

    Grammar nazi sez: “…more promotions ARE needed for this song.”

    1. Hmm, for me the deciding factor is the Making Of videos. ^^ I hear there’s about 30 minutes of footage, and I’m itching to watch it!

  19. a lil off topic, but BIGBANG IS GOING TO SINGAPORE!! (along with Shinee, SNSD, FT island and infinite) I don’t mind taking a trip down cause it’s my chance to see taeyang but argh, don’t think i can get tickets seeing how many ppl are waiting to get their hands on the tickets.

    I demand an international tour YG!

    1. go!! go for me!!!! you have to see Taeyang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Malaysian representin okay?

      I hate the fact that this year i have SPM >,<

  20. Wow, the english version of WD is charting higher than Connection

    WD – 110
    Connection – 123

    His album is still rising too. It’s #129 on the overall charts

    1. ^connection at #36

      worldwide R&B album chart

      Canada #4
      USA #5
      Japan #5
      France #13
      UK #35
      Germany #54
      New Zealand #88
      Denmark #115

      so far so good

        1. WOOT WOOT!

          #1!!!! C’MON CANADIANS!

          #96 – Overall albums, Canadians charts

          He’s still #3 on the R&B/Soul Album charts, #1 and #2 are both Usher…wonder if we can make his dream come true!

  21. If YG doesnt make a MV for Connection I say we do a fan made MV for it and post it on YT.
    Im not talking about spamming pics of TY in the whole video with the song playing over it too lol.

    We all have a “Connection” with each other and that connection is TY!!!

    Ive seen a few ones made for other artists which include pics and videos of their fans just showing their appreciation for the artist but in a creative way.
    Just like when musicians put out concert footage instead of a proper MV.

    I’m pretty creative & also have connections with a few Video DJs.

    Just throwing it out there if any1 is interested and there’s no rush as it still early to see if YG will release a MV for it.

    1. If fans are willing to use their pictures in a fan video, that’d be great, it depends on how many fans want too but yea, if YG doesn’t do it, it’d be a good idea~

    2. this is a good idea! i think we can do that even if they happen to release an MV.. a project maybe, ATY? we can let YB see that and he’ll appreciate more what intl fans are doing for him


      Seeing his progress on the charts with this international album has got my so hyped up~~~ >w<

      If there's no MV for Connection, I say COUNT ME IN! Let's do it 😀

    4. I’ll do it. A special project for YB. I would love for him to see the video and see how much he’s loved. Lets do it ATY.

    5. This sounds like an awesome idea! I sense another ATY project in the works!!!

      What a way for us to show our “connection” to YB!!!

        1. behind usher? not bad at all! and versus just got released. i think same time as SOLAR Int’l? it’s pretty hard to topple that, i know YB will be thrilled to know that he came just behind USHER!

    1. Wow, I wish we could see Taeyang’s reaction to this news.
      I truthfully hope this serves as an incentive for him to keep working hard and moving forward.

  22. Im starting to love the english version of “weddinf dress” after a couple of listen along with the lyrics, i cant stop listening to it ^^

  23. oh em gee I want to but it. wow already #2
    anyway I really want to say this it’s that
    Seo in Young wants to date Taeyang she was ask and she said bigbang taeyang. if taeyang were to ask her out she said she’ll said yes.
    I honestly don’t want her to be with taeyang but I’m really happy that our taeyang gettin love love love hehe yeah this is just to share the recent news about taeyang and the show where she said that was haha mong show which will air at 29 check if you want to see the article. Also check out the making of where you at you get to see taeyang so cute speaking English with his cheographers,it’s cute There BRO-MANCE LOL and you can see few seconds of the making of I need a girl,taeyang was so close to dara KYAahh! LOL yeah thats about it anyways yeah he will go to number 1 in no time! taeyang Fighting yah!~yah~Yah!

    1. Imma have to thank you for the link ( cause I definitely didn’t know about this site (I know, how could I miss it? lol)
      Anyway, always great to see another “fangirl” adding up to YB’s long list of admirers.
      I’m quite surprised cause in Heroes, it didn’t seem like Seo InYoung was “interested” in YB but, hey, she was next to IU and I guess you can’t beat her when it comes to openly spazzing on him lol…

      1. You should watch her in the We Got Married episode (reallyyy long time ago). She went to visit Taeyang and TOP (this was during Taeyang’s 1st solo mini promos) and she was all touchy-feely with him LOL it was real cute…she’s been a secret fangirl but I guess she let the young ones go for him

        1. Hey, Another thing I just discover tonight ^__^
          (Shame on me) I feel like a new YB fan here, cause there’s so much videos about him I haven’t seen yet… Thanks I’ll try to find the vid!!!

  24. wow! feel so happy for YoungBae! by the way; do you guys happen to know whether YoungBae is gonna be attending any of the music show this week (eg: Mnet, Music Bank, Music Core & Inki).. cuz i love to see him perform I’ll Be There live. ^^

    1. I hear he’s going to be on MuCore and Inki again, just like last week. And the KJE Chocolate broadcast and Hallyu Concert are this weekend as well, I believe.

    1. Wow… Is this for the print edition, too, or just a web article?? Either way, that’s awesome.

      A couple of quotes stood out to me:

      “It will only hit on-the-ground music stores in the U.S. and Canada later, and no release date has even been set for Asian markets.” <– but it Will be sold offline eventually?

      "On a day in late August, Taeyang was working nonstop at the YG studio in Seoul to get ready for his upcoming concert that will be streamed live on YouTube." <— heck, yeah!

      1. Oh Gosh, my boyfriend just texted me about YB’s concert being streamed live on YT and I didn’t believe him. So it’s true? I really hope it is coz it would be so freaking awesome!

        And btw, I love that article. I really am truly happy to know that both Korea and YB are finally aware of how much buzz he has created overseas. 🙂

      2. Streaming his concert live on YT? I can’t wait! Hopefully it’s true! I guess that’ll be time for anther chat party! 🙂

    2. omg,i LOL so hard at the last sentence.<3
      you're nice, matter what you do,your true personality will come out no matter how you look and act tough.

    3. ->”I want to look a bit tough,” he said. “In the U.S., like this, they’ll think I’m too nice.”

      Lol Taeyang. He did look more mature when he still had his beard.
      And this is cool, too cool in fact, but they should have put a picture of Taeyang rather than that of those girls. I just thought it was a bit random since the article was about him.

    4. Taeyang sure makes me laugh! cute article I just hope that he soon fly over and make a concert. but for some reason i fear its going to be california 😦

    5. Just hold it… STREAMED LIVE ON YOUTUBE!?!?!?! OMG!!!!

      Is this for reals???/

      DAMN~~~~ ><

      I. AM. STOKED.

      LOL, you don't have to look tough for us YB, us girls love sweethearts like you, so just be yourself. =)


  25. I am so happy for YB. He’s worked so hard and for so long to reach this point in his career. The success that he’s had with Solar this summer is more than I could wish for, so this news about his concert is the icing on the cake. It was his presence on YouTube that made all this possible so a concert streamed live where it all began couldn’t be more perfect. I hope all international fans can watch it. 🙂

    1. “It was his presence on YouTube that made all this possible so a concert streamed live where it all began couldn’t be more perfect. ”

      I loved this comment of yours.
      Right now I feel as if my country had won the World Cup lol. It’s just so surreal to see YB getting all this spotlight.
      Like you said, hopefully all international fans will be able to watch the concert online. 🙂

  26. Thought I’d share these two videos!!! I love the adorable YB singing IBT acapella! SO CUTE!!!!!!!

    Some bro-mance with Lyle and Shaun!

    Love YB’s English, it’s just so cute! XD

    What with the news that he’s topping charts everywhere in the world, these two videos made my epic day even better!!!

    1. forgot to say that it’s from iBigBang, and darkaz6190@YT for the WUA Behind the scenes

      and YGLFizzy@YT for the IBT karaoke…

  27. Saw this from CLBADDESTFEMALE fanblog of White Star… you might want to read this as tis focuses on YB…

    my comment is, YB, you’re a nice guy, that’s why people like you…

    1. well he did beat 1 of Usher new album Raymond vs Raymond deluxe
      Cananda chart

      and he did beat him before with Solar album

      but so far so good
      some day he will be on top of the world

      1. LOL when i read the words Top of the World I had TY’s voice singing it to me in my head just like in the song.

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