Korean Pop, with Online Help, Goes Global (TIME.com)

It’s exciting to see Taeyang feature in a TIME.com article, I thought the article was pretty interesting!~ And, upcoming concert streamed LIVE ON YOUTUBE!?

Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010

Korean Pop, with Online Help, Goes Global

By Lina Yoon / Seoul

As a child who used to hide from his parents to dance to cassettes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, Dong Young-bae says he was too shy to tell anyone he wanted to become a famous dancer and singer. Not anymore. Today, the 22-year-old South Korean singer and dancer known Taeyang is facing the spotlight as an international pop star. Thanks in no small part to a long-standing trend in Asia that renders all things Korean cool, Taeyang is going global, riding the so-called Korean Wave all the way out west.

Better known in South Korea as the voice of the Korean boy band Big Bang, Taeyang’s first solo album, “Solar,” released online internationally last month, hit No. 2 on iTunes R&B sales charts in the U.S. and No. 1 in Canada — a first for an Asian artist. “In the beginning, it was hard to believe I had fans buying my album so far away,” says Taeyang, which means “sun” in Korean. He says he didn’t do any promotion in North America for the album, which was recorded in Korean and targeted fans in South Korea and Japan. “The world is smaller now.” (See TIME’s special report “The Best of Asia 2010.”)

For many artists in Korea’s booming music industry, social media like YouTube and Twitter have become crucial tools to reach audiences in formerly hard-to-access markets like the U.S. and Europe. Korean artists are bypassing traditional outlets like radio and television, “aggressively steering their efforts to go international via the Internet,” says Bernied Cho, president of DFSB Kollective, a Seoul-based agency specializing in international marketing of Korean pop acts. “Social-media-savvy K-pop stars are now tweeting, YouTubing and Facebooking their way up music charts across and beyond Asia.” (Watch TIME’s video “TIME 100 Poll: Moot vs. Rain.”)

It’s working: allkpop.com, an English-language, U.S.-based Korean pop blog that caters to international fans, now generates more web traffic than any Korean music portals in South Korea. “Korean artists are now out there,” says Johnny Noh, who runs the site. “People like [Korean artists] and want to know more about them.” The blog’s monthly readers more than doubled in the past year, from one million in 2009 to 2.2 million today. (See 10 things to do in Seoul.)

DFSB Kollective was the first company to begin direct distribution of Korean music acts on iTunes in 2009. It began with more than 50 Korean artists in alternative, hip-hop and electronica music genres; now, there are hundreds of Korean artists available in the online music store. Within a few hours of the Aug. 25 iTunes release of Solar International, an extended version of Taeyang’s album that includes English versions of his singles, the album was at No. 3 in Japan, No. 5 in Canada, No. 11 in the U.S. and No. 15 in Australia on iTunes’ R&B/Soul album chart. It will only hit on-the-ground music stores in the U.S. and Canada later, and no release date has even been set for Asian markets. It’s the first time a South Korean album has been promoted offshore and online exclusively through social media groups, according to YG Entertainment, Taeyang’s Korean R&B and hip hop label. (Comment on this story.)

People in the Korean music industry are watching and learning. YG Entertainment also plans to release the first album of girl group 2NE1 internationally and offshore. The group became famous after releasing the single “Lollipop,” with Big Bang, which was featured in an LG cell-phone ad campaign last year. Since then, 2NE1’s international exposure — particularly in the U.S. — has been growing. Black Eyed Peas producer Will.i.am saw one of their videos on YouTube and immediately wanted to work with them, says Choi Sung-jun, chief operations officer at YG Entertainment. They have been collaborating for the past couple months in Los Angeles and London. (See TIME’s 2006 profile about Korean pop star Rain.”)

K-pop’s online buzz has also become a way for artists to make a name for themselves at home. Kim Yeo-hee, 22, became a YouTube star last March when she posted three videos under the name Apple Girl. In her first video, Kim played music with the applications of four Apple iphones and sang Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” Two days later she became the most searched word in all major Korean web search engines. In May, Kim released her debut digital mini-album and is preparing a new single for release in September; she went from making music on iPhones to selling her own music on iTunes in less than six months. “I wanted to become the Korean version of Justin Bieber,” says Kim. “But I never imagined so many people could be interested in what I do.”

Of course, once you get your face known overseas, you still have to control your image. On a day in late August, Taeyang was working nonstop at the YG studio in Seoul to get ready for his upcoming concert that will be streamed live on YouTube. The young celebrity massaged his shoulder, yawned and, with bags under his eyes, looked through the photos that will appear on his new album. He frowned at an image of himself in which his well-groomed goatee had been photoshopped out. “Call the printer and tell them to change the picture,” he told the designer. He gestured to the photo of his digitally clean-shaven face. “I want to look a bit tough,” he said. “In the U.S., like this, they’ll think I’m too nice.”


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  1. He frowned at an image of himself in which his well-groomed goatee had been photoshopped out. “Call the printer and tell them to change the picture,” he told the designer. He gestured to the photo of his digitally clean-shaven face. “I want to look a bit tough,” he said. “In the U.S., like this, they’ll think I’m too nice.”

    Hm, YB, i prefer it when u shave. I like it smooth, no goatee.

    Will.I.Am- So he offered to work with 2ne1. not the other way around. okay so this is cool… Now i’m really hyped.

    “It will only hit on-the-ground music stores in the U.S. and Canada later, and no release date has even been set for Asian markets. It’s the first time a South Korean album has been promoted offshore and online exclusively through social media groups, according to YG Entertainment, Taeyang’s Korean R&B and hip hop label”

    can someone please explain that statement?

    1. I think the writer may have meant “undergroud music stores”. That’s the only thing that I can think of.

      And the rest, it’s the first time a south korean album has been promoted outside of asia through things like twitter, facebook, and youtube.

      Does that help?

    2. On-the-ground probably meaning music stores selling physical copies of the album. That’s what I’m thinking.

      But wait…does that mean they haven’t decided when to release it to Asian markets in its physical form?!? Now I’m confused.

      1. yeah, i think they mean that they’ll have the cd available in stores only in the US and Canada later but not yet available in store like the phillipines and singapore and such.

  2. oh wow Taeyang was already charting on itunes just a few hours after releasing his international album. now this is so cool.

  3. finally u put it up!!! saw it first on BBU and nobody seemed to have picked up on the youtube live stream bit…and am like r u kiddin me?? people r u seeing what am seeing?!!! new date to look forward to now, sept 25th cant come soon enough!!!
    Young Bae U R THE MAN!!!

  4. haha the goatee is everything

    the more i listen to i’ll be there, connection, take it slow, the more i want to go to his concert. It’s killing me that i cant go. I guess a live you tube stream will have to do…nothing like the real thing though =/

  5. The only thing I can say is that i’m so proud! I’m so happy that his music is that popular and that he’s aware he’s becoming an international phenom.

    AND LIVE STREAM! Woah! Thank you for servicing your overseas fans!!

      1. Same here. I wanna see take it slow!! Yum (: I’m excited for it to be streaming live!!

        and the goatee … I actually like him with and without. It’s true thou.. Without it, he’s manlier (:

        he’s adorable!

  6. woaww..what? youtube? live?!
    and what does this mean?! “It will only hit on-the-ground music stores in the U.S. and Canada later”

    so the album will actually be available in stores in North America??

  7. Taeyang is reaching higher levels for sure!!!
    I’m too overwhelmed & overjoyed for him. His concert is going to be aired on youtube too!!! Oh lawd *.* YG does THINK of us INTERNATIONOAL fans XD

  8. I’m dying here. So dying here. Though I’m also very nervous.

    “People in the Korean music industry are watching and learning”

    This makes me nervous. There has been some missteps with YG lately and there is an insane amount of pressure on our boy. However, I’m a proud momma so I’ll be hwaiting!!.


  9. Honestly, I am excited for YB, but I think I fear for him even more now. With getting more international recognition comes a lot more scrutiny, and I am not sure he is ready for that. I know he is an adult but it can be overwhelming.

    I also kinda feel that yg may be jumping the gun with this too. The article stated, if I read it correctly, that physical albums will be sold in the US and Canada. Unless it is a new album with new music, I am not sure it will sell well. I mean people have already bought the album on itunes and the physical album from online stores as well. I also kinda get the feeling that yg is using YB, for 2nE1’s venture into the states…hence the picture of 2ne1 and not YB in the article…and I am not sure how I feel about that….I know you have to strike while the iron is still hot, but I kinda feel it is too soon.

    None the less I am excited for YB and will support him. I hope that the live stream of the concert comes through!! Go YB!!!

    1. I understand your concerns because those were mine too. I like the fact that YG is pulling out new things for YB but hate the fact that YB is always the guinea pig for his experimentations because as we all know, experiments can be bad and good. So far, they’ve been good, however YG has had its fair share of crap from fans about this promotional period that Yb has had.

      And yea, I do agree. I hope this is not THE FIRST physical album we can buy of Taeyang’s in the US and Canada because I own like 4 copies now lol and not only that, sales will be affected by all this repackaging. YB needs some new, fresh music on a new album with some great NEW promos but also using what they learned from this experiment (ie. Itunes, Twitter and Youtube) and incorporate that into a new overseas marketing plan for YB.

      But I hope that’s a bit into the future, once YB is finished with majority of his Big Bang promotions and can devote time to his overseas debut. I don’t want haphazardness all over again. He needs to stay in one market for a period of time to be successful, not spread himself thin over 3 or 4 markets.

    2. i think, if YG wants to start selling the physical albums on stores, taeyang should release a completely new album by then. truthfully, even if i’m a huge fan i won’t buy it. i don’t mind if we wait for another 2 years but so many releases at one time is gonna tire the man out and burn the holes our our pockets and some might just lose interest without new materials in the album. As an international fan, i’m happy enough with the current situation. YB shouldn’t push it too far.

    3. Great minds think alike because I’m thinking the same thing.

      I’ve mentioned before that I’m not sure how I feel about YB being used as YG’s testing ground. Part of me understands why YB, cause better him than a group, but I’m think too much too soon.

      YB is doing well know, let the man worry about his concert and nothing else (except BB’s comeback). I don’t mind waiting another year or 1.5 years for some new music. I’ll Be There for YB.

    4. I highly doubt YG is forcing him to do this. It’s something that Youngbae has said he wants and has wanted for a long time. He just never thought it would be possible and now it seems like it actually can be. Yes, there are risks but are they worth taking? Apparently he thinks so.

    5. Yes. Like all I’m a little nervous for all this. But when you think of it…youtube is a platform in which so many artists get themselves out there. People who watch the videos are those who choose to watch it. I think there’s less risk than going on actual TV. We shouldn’t expect Taeyang to take youtube by storm. He’s jsut making himself more available. I find there’s really little to lose…lol but I’m still nervous for him!

      And the experimenting…yes. It’s frustrating, but I guess you can say, YG trusts Youngbae’s music/talent enough to use him? LOL. If anything, we should all feel bad for Se7en. He was the actual first experiment…that failed. YGE is more cautious with Youngbae.

      For the record, Taeyang isn’t making a “DEBUT” yet..he’s just making himself more available; accessible.

  10. *screams and dose a happy dance* omg his concert is gonna be streaned live on youtube no one better go near my computer a full half hour be for it starts, they all will be warned. AAAAAAAAA i’m so excited te he te he =D YB love 4-ever

  11. I just read this article a while ago.
    It was very interesting indeed.
    And btw, I found it so ironic that I know Taeyang as the cool Korean dude who makes R&B while in his country he is “Better known as the voice of the Korean boy band Big Bang.”
    So I guess it’s true that idols are the real deal artists over there. How shameful.
    Anyways, I’m so excited about the concert being streamed live.
    I wonder how it will work. If it weren’t for my job, I would have gone to his 18+ one but even if they just broadcast the regular one I will be contented.
    This post needs the dancing banana Kay.

  12. I am so happy for YB. He’s worked so hard and for so long to reach this point in his career. The success that he’s had with Solar this summer is more than I could wish for, so this news about his concert is the icing on the cake. It was his presence on YouTube that made all this possible so a concert streamed live where it all began couldn’t be more perfect. I hope all international fans can watch it. 🙂

  13. Wow…so much love for YGE from Times. First they mentioned Big Bang in a previous article and now YB and 2ne1!!! I’m glad to see that YB’s hardwork is being recognized and appreciated. He truly is one his way to being a top int’l star like he’s always wanted.

    While YB is YG’s guinea pig regarding int’l promotions. What do we expect? They tried with Se7en and realized what they did wrong. So the next suitable person is YB. So far they’ve done a pretty good job, especially since they’ve embraced the Internet. First iTunes success and now maybe streaming YB’s concert live?!!!??!!?? YG definitely has his head on straight. Of course there might be many more mistakes being made later on, but as long as they learn from them then I think it’s okay. I’m just glad that YG is finally embracing us int’l fans so I can’t really complain.

    Although, if YG does plan on releasing YB’s physical albums in the US, I hope he releases a different version under another album title. I want to see YB redoing his songs in English. As in, re-recording the again since the English version of WD seems to be from when he first recorded it. The Engrish he did in that version just isn’t going to cut it if YG and YB really want to become successful internationally. YB’s English in Connection and even IBT is so much more understandable. I hope YB would redo WD and WUA again in English because we all know his English right now pretty much rocks.

      1. I feel like it was recorded when he first recorded the Korean version. Like how he had WUA English version to send to Shaun to choreo. I think they did WD English version at the same time. That’s the only reason I could think of for his English to be as bad as it was in it.

  14. If they are gonna start selling the physical album on stores LATER, wouldn’t it already lose it’s momentum/sparks… i mean the hype..

  15. Yay, really happy about the concert being streamed on YT. However, knowing YG…. -___-

    Hopefully YG will give us more details about it later *hint, hint*
    Plus they better be prepared for the amount of fans tuning in to the stream. I’m going to be reallly frustrated at YG if I tune in to watch the concert only to have YT crash/continuously buffer on me.

    It’ll also make my day if YB says hello to the ifans watching as well 😀

    1. t’ll also make my day if YB says hello to the ifans watching as well 😀

      Sure darkasnight! that’s gonna help me during exam XD

    2. Youtube will NEVER crash…Youtube gets so many viewers every second…they’re the biggest video site EVER. The number of fans out there will never be enough to crash toe servers. So rest assured. This is not the first time KPOP has done a Youtube live stream. YGE is late.

    3. It won’t crash, but it can lag a bit. Or at least that’s what happened to me when I tried watching Obama’s State of the Union Address on YT.
      But still, it will be mad cool to be able to watch the concert along with the Korean fans. Like someone else said, maybe TY can look at the camera and wave at us. xD
      I’ll be waiting for more news and thanks to ATY staff for keeping us updated.

  16. What the shizzles. I dunno if I should be happy or nervous for Taeyang. (Both!) LIVE STREAM!!! WOW. This will be interesting! WOW.

    Yeah —>WOW.

      1. Same~~ LOL.

        I think I’ve seen the words “live stream” some time during the soccer world cup? and the MTV/VMA? awards thing (taylor swift kayne west fiaso)

        But I could be wrong.. My memory’s failing me a lot these days…XD

  17. its cool to know that YB has already been known around the globe…he is already close to his dreams that he want to acceived for all this years…i’m soo proud of him..K-pop are getting more famous at the west and that is an awsome thing^^ i hope i will get to see the concert at youtube before going to college…^^ YB, i’m soo proud that you have acceived what you had now^^ keep on FIGHTING cuz i’ll will always be there to support you..^^ *blush* LOL and as for 2ne1,NOLJA!!!^^ keep figting too…as well as Bigbang..FIGHTING!!^^

  18. funny last statements from YB. haha..
    YB, you don’t need a goatee to look badass.
    you already are.

    on a serious note, i have the same sentiment that YG should not have a physical release of Solar International Ed. in the U.S and Canada.
    people have already bought their copies in online stores so it will be pointless in forcing them to buy the same thing, no matter how much they support YB.
    i think YG can do that with the upcoming comeback albums of 2NE1 and Big Bang but international fans should better be informed beforehand.

    i’m so happy that YB’s success internationally is being recognized by TIME. it gives him more exposure and hopefully gain him new fans. CONGRATS YB!

    and HOORAY! to YT live streaming of YB’s concert.
    this better happen cause i am so excited to watch it!

  19. OMG, the Solar concert will be streaming live?!
    I’m SHAKING AND CRYING right now!
    I hope it’s the 18+ concert.

  20. uummmmhhh…correct me if am wrong but if we talking guinea pigs wouldnt that be Se7en??? hes the one that they tried to promote overseas first or did i get that little fact wrong??? then this whole business of being nervous for YB blah blah…seriously hes been in the business for like 10 years…i think he can pretty much handle whatever c**p people throw his way, dont u?? or maybe i just have this superman like image of him that whatever he does he’s not gonna possibly fail!!
    whatever…all that isnt even the issue here, the real issue is we gonna watch the concert LIVE…ridiculous!!!
    i demand a dancing banana please….; )

    1. yeap, Se7en was definitely the first guinea pig. but I do see that Taeyang is the next guinea pig here too. I mean, YG is experimenting with him to see and gauge how big is the market, what works and what not (esp the type of music).. then he’ll probably use this tactic for Se7en’s future in US, since they did say that they are gonna try again in the US for him.
      Also, from taeyang’s success, they can roughly estimate how many fans there are, and can expect bigbang to do fairly well internationally if not better too (since there are five of them and with the right song) with the same marketing tactics.

      and yes, where’s the dancing banana?! 😀

    2. I agree with you both.

      They are using YB as a testing ground cause there are plans for both 2NE1 and SE7EN to go to the west. In comparison to those 2, YB is fairly safe. He already seems to have a stable fanbase, and since he isn’t exactly a solo singer but more of a group member of an already successful group there is less risk. SE7EN and 2NE1’s careers will be put at stake is they go overseas (SE7EN already kind of failed), so YB is the safest bet. Business wise I understand. As a fan I worry. However, I’m happy YGE has such faith in YB. YB has such courage. He’s definitely a big boy now.

  21. Im so happy for YB! I’m glad his music’s hitting the charts pretty well but like some said, i wish he had actual new songs for the int’l release because we all have copies of the other songs (and im going broke 😉 ) but hey, i guess its better than nothing and i LOVE connection too.
    -TBH, Se7en actually was the “guinea pig” , it failed and YG’s learning from their mistakes and are being careful with YB. But i agree, it DOES seem like they’re using YB for 2ne1 but then again as a business co, 2ne1’s they’re moneymakers as well as BB so.. yeah i guess i cant really blame them though i am a bit miffed about it. 😛
    -On the other hand… LIVESTREAMING ON YT! omg, im so hyped up about this now, i wish i could go so bad but i cant, so live streaming of his concert is a double plus for me 😀 yayayay! This definately calls for dancing banana

  22. Have to agree with you Mousy, Se7en was the guinea pig and they tried the route that most Korean labels did in marketing their artists offshore. I think now, YG realized how to better strategize and market the valuable product and well to some extent trying it out on YB. The thing is, YB has a captured market outside of SK, meaning the type of fans he has offshore are the long term ones; people who would actually stay with him for the long haul (well, I hope) and the genre he is interested in is really something that stays with you over time, it’s quite evident with the music he’s making and how the fans are reacting, right? I mean in this forum alone we say the music needs a couple of listening before it grows on you.

    Experimenting YB for 2ne1? I’d prefer to think it’s not the case. Because for one thing 2ne1 is very new and I am not sure how mature and how strong the fanbase is for 2ne1. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of the girlgroup but you know packaging groups is different from a solo artist. I guess for now you can say, YG is finally getting a grasp of the principle he can use to market his artists outside of Asia; his methods could change over time though.

    All in all, I am happy that YB is getting good feedback overseas and that his fans are actually the mature ones who understands his type of music and is in it for the long haul.

      1. I wouldn’t say careful with 2ne1, it’s just he saw what struggles JYP/WG had and figured its better to not make them jump in to the US so fast after only after rockin for a short time. Let them get more established with the world from their home first then break out.

        1. Isn’t that being careful too? Making sure they make roots first before branching out? 🙂 not arguing here… I adore 2ne1 to pieces…

  23. Lol…I like his face clean. It’s a mixture of sweet and sexy all together. Love the tan! Most Korean singers are too pale.. He looks good both ways tan or pale. Tan is just sexier!

  24. today ranking
    #2 canada
    #7 Japan
    #8 USA
    #9 Australia-WD eng ver is still at #9
    #19 France
    #41 Germany
    #87 UK
    #108 New Zealand
    #146 Denmark

    hope YG will clarify this Youtube streaming thing
    cuz some of us already excited and got our hope very high about this but what if this not even true?
    dont get your hope too high girls
    it’s not good for you lol

    1. Australia and Canada sure love Taeyang.
      I hope boy is happy.

      And you’re right.
      I was already calling friends to celebrate the news but now I’m wondering whether or not this is actually true or not…
      Gosh, I’m really hoping it is coz it would be totally awesome to watch the concert live with friends, nachos, and beer. xD

  25. This article speaks “DA Tru” and I agree with it 100%. YB has been gaining a lot of attention globally and it sucks A$$ if Mr. YG doesn’t promote YB, consider it a mis-oppurtunity.

    YB if you’re reading this, I love it when you don’t shave you look soooo sexy but don’t get me wrong, I will always love you regardless no matter how you look!

  26. I think YB would have to learn and be more fluent in english so his music comes out successfully in the U.S,,,IF that is one of his goals(promote music in U.S) I would love to buy his cd by then LOl…my opinion he will do better in Asia then Canada/U.S

  27. I do have my worries of him venturing into the international market. My worries are the same as those expressed before:

    1) his English
    2) how YG is handling/experimenting with YB on this market
    3) how we (fans) and non-fans feel about this, since the arguments are VERY extreme. (Not going into specifics here, so I’m generalising)

    However, I know his English is improving and I give him a big hand for his efforts because he is the one being put to the spotlight here. The difference in the English of WD Eng. and Connection IS VERY BIG. I really clap my hands and would give him a big hug if I could. XD

    He’s also the first in YG to have gone this far as to get a Twitter, Facebook, Youtube to reach out to his international fans. Yes, Se7en tried an international debut but.. yeah, let’s put it at that. I can see from how they’re marketing YB that they’ve learned from Se7en’s try and is treading carefully with YB’s.

    I’d say YG (not just the man himself but the other people in the business responsible) is doing a fairly good job so far with YB’s international album release.

    An album of totally brand new songs would have been better, but on the plus side THIS ALBUM HAS SHOOTED UP HIGH ON ITUNES. So non-fans could take notice of him too (if they choose? “XD) and maybe buy it…. and love it, and become a fan~ :DDD

    The benefit of this album for a non-fan is that it’s got all the YB classics (LOL, sounds more like a better album title to me) plus new hit songs in there.

    Of course, it’s also a must buy for fans too, who maybe didn’t get SOLAR or missed out on HOT.

    That’s the ideal situation, with the amount of ignorance and hate already shown on Perez (I know bad example? LOL) I can see how this brings out the maternal nature of YB fangirls to worry for our sweet and honest boy (he’s a man I know, but you guys know what I mean).

    It’s obviously saying something if YB thinks he needs to have a goatee as his image to feel accepted by international fans…. =\

    With or without goatee, I love the man.

    Obviously the man himself has to love himself first. (You need to think you’re hot on and offstage YB! It’s not narcissistic, it’s called confidence, just not too much honey :P)

    Secondly, sweet cute guys win girls’ hearts just like strong tough guys do. YB happens to be a combination of both, so it really depends on how you and your company market you and next time you don’t like how everything is going with that YB, man up and have your say in it!!!

    I’m worried for him, but overall I’m happy with everything that’s been going on so far. SOLAR was well received, so was SOLAR INTERNATIONAL (I still want it YB CLASSICS, lol, I kid), and THERE’S GOING TO BE FREAKIN’ LIVE STREAM OF HIS HOT, SEXY, DELICIOUS CONCERT!!!


    and now I’ve just written an essay, anybody who finishes reading this gets milks and cookies! 😀

    1. When it comes to YB I have no worries at all. I have no doubt in my mind that everything is going to work out as it should. I realize alot of fans are questioning the speed at which this success has come to YB but I think it’s smart for YG to reach out like this to international fans and give YB the opportunity to do so as well. What will ultimately come of this is anyone’s guess but I think as fans we should trust in YB and realize that this is what he’s always wanted and be happy for him. Chanting, since I did read your essay of a post I’d like chocolate chip cookies with my milk please. 🙂

      1. I agree wholeheartedly Janelle Marie 🙂 I guess where I stand in the debate is vague… but I’m leaning towards trusting in YB’s abilities and that everything will work out fine. It’s a cautious optimism I guess since YG’s past records isn’t clean…”XD

        What you said about YB that this is what he always wanted, I think that hit the spot. =)

        He wants to stand on a global stage and have music that wins the hearts of people rather than their money.

        That in itself tells me that he is a true artist, and I highly love and respect him for that.

        He’s always been honest and sincere, so I have no doubt in my mind that he is happy with how everything’s going so far, if not then at least more than 50%. “XD

        Some things just don’t stick in my head, and YB’s big dream happens to be one I should be sticking rather than forgetting.

        *gives virtual choco chip cookies and milk*

    2. i agree with what you have to say up there but i can’t help thinking all the negative things that are gonna happen to our boy.

      If you guys are the moms, then I’m his protective sister 😛

      I don’t want the boy to fail, i really don’t. (oh man i’ve been deleting what i want to say again and again)..Anyway, I just hope that whatever the plan is for YB, YG better handle the situation properly.

      Cookies please?

      1. LOL, if we’re going to be specific about age, then I’m the supportive younger sister that’s always there looking up to him rather than a mum (and I think some are the same age as YB too) XDDD

        I worry for him as well, we all are. I think we should just make a “To Be a YB Fan” list:

        1) to be critical and not just believe everything he does is on a silver platter that should be treated like GOD.
        2) worry/overthink things and his future even when he doesn’t
        3) love him to bits


        But yeah, that list aside… I like to find the best out of the worst situation, it’s better that way. 🙂

        We can’t hold on to the past forever (his success in Korea), nor can we worry about the future (his international debut?) since we don’t know how that will go…

        The best is to appreciate the present and what WILL be happening. =) So the possible live stream of his concert on YT and the great international album…

        That’s my take on it…”XD

        Oh and yes virtual cookie for you! ^^

  28. Is this article in an actual issue of the Time magazine or just online? I get the US versions but didn’t see this article in any of the issues I have nor can I find it with him on the cover. Does anyone have this?! I want it!!! 🙂 thanks!

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