07.13.10 ~ Sketchbook Recording Fancams + Pictures

Tofu had to add this because it was too epic not to share.

Just watching these fancams makes me so excited to see the full show.

Update: Sketchbook ep. featuring Taeyang will air on July 16th at 12:35PM (KST)

Look Only At Me (updated with a really good one!)

Where U At

I Need A Girl

Just A Feeling

Another LOAM

Source: miseremeiYT04 via DCYB + urthesun + 518% DYB-LGE+YBeffect

Some pics:

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84 thoughts on “07.13.10 ~ Sketchbook Recording Fancams + Pictures”

  1. It’s been so long since we’ve seen YB perform like this….it’s about time!!! I’m living that he’s performing LOAM and in a different way from how he normally does it. Can’t wait!

    1. Guess i should have watched all the videos before I commented….did he just let that girl in the audience kiss him?!?!!?!! OMG what happened to the shy and innocent YB!?

      1. where’s our innocent and shy YB?? he’s a grown up now.. like the article said, we must “let our child (YB) go”.. T_T

  2. WOW! just WOW! This is like a mini concert.
    YB was so energetic. Oh and that fan was so lucky, she got to kiss YB’s cheek. So jealous!

  3. lucky girl!!!!!!!!!! she jumped up right away too. i’m surprised she didn’t do anything more, lol.

    damn. he’s had soo many girls kiss him on the cheek already.

  4. Oh man, I am so loving and enjoying this new playful and confident side of Bae.
    He is totally shining. I don’t know which performance I loved the most.
    The live band+stable vocals+sharp moves=perfection.
    I seriously cannot wait to watch this. Is it airing this Friday or the next one?

  5. Whoa this is the hottest out of the hottest!! He look so comfortable and relaxed!! OMG!! I would die if he was to ask me to kiss him!! Such a lucky girl!!

  6. she better take a lot of care! i’ll look for her and i’ll surely kill her!! kekeke.. wow! lucky girl indeed! if i were her, i’d die and go straight to heaven.. *sigh*

    nice show YB! FIGHTING!!

  7. Wow I can’t wait, that kiss is very unexpected. Our Bae is growing up, girls are kissing left and right, I love it ^__^.

    YB ❤

  8. Omg The two pics in the middle, his eyes are GONE! Fuckin’ love it. xD So cute. lol And what was up with the ending of WUA? Kinda gay with the whole outstretched arms thing. xD

  9. I don’t know about you guys but the jeans seemed too tight for YB during WUA…. Still prefer him in baggy jeans… He would feel a lot more comfortable dancing with that….

    But he was definitely happy and relaxed throughout!!!! A mini concert indeed!! XD

    That girl is so lucky~~~ Kissed YB on the cheek! LOL~

    Our shy boy is finally coming out of his shell! I’m loving this confident side of him. ❤

  10. This may be stalkerish of me but I’ve noticed that Bae has been rocking a different ring from his usual. He also has worn a black one (but that was only for like 2 performances). I’ve been noticing that new ring a lot. Sorry for the stalkerish moment.

    1. Lol. I always find myself starting at his pinky ring as well, but I hadn’t actually noticed that he had been wearing different ones.
      The one he has on these pictures looks pretty cool though.

      1. I only noticed cause for like the last 4 years he only wore the same ones (or the same types of one) – a silver band – now he’s wearing different ones. lol, guess he’s changing everything up.

        1. You’re definitely very observant.
          All this while, I thought it was the same old silver ring lol.
          It looks like his hats and ring were the first victims of his sudden revolution.

    2. YB is really changing up his style. I noticed he’s not wearing his Chrome Hearts pinky ring anymore. His pants are getting tighter and he’s wearing dress shirts now. Our boy is growing up……

  11. Just finished watching the Where U At performance, and no joke, but my mouth was hanging open the entire time. His dancing is SPOT ON! Dont think I’ve ever seen him so energetic before. His moves are absolutely flawless!

    Can’t wait for the full show. YB always gives it his all. 😉

  12. i don’t know about you guys, but these performances basically answer why doesn’t yb interact with the crowd a bit more … he can, he just needs the right format such as this to do so.

      1. YB really enjoys performing in these intimate settings. He loves doing concerts with a live band; like he did for his first solo concert HOT. It’s his ultimate performing experience. Smaller audiences give him the opportunity to interact more.

        1. Agreed! I love seeing Taeyang in a smaller intimate stage as well. He’s more confident. His music doesn’t allow itself for a screaming mob of people. It’s relaxing and very calm.

          And I love the fact that he used a live band. He’s so much more comfortable…and he’s best seen live too so a live band just makes sense.

        2. Right! I remember when Big Bang was on Madame Salon B, he went on and on about how awesome it was to perform with a live band. XD

    1. any news as to when this will air ? i know sketchbook airs on fridays at midnight, but i doubt he’d be on the episode this week.

        1. Yup, the sketchbook will be air on friday.

          # July 16 : The sun , GD ★ sketchbook (KBS2/PM12: 35)

          TY’s upcoming schedules have been updated in bestiz.

      1. No he didn’t. He was saying about how he thinks of Yoo Heeyeol, the MC, as his role model. Then the MC jokes that they’re just empty words, but still, it makes him feel good. =)

  13. ahh, DAMN! what’d i’d give to be that fan (: luckkyyy ! he is so sexaiiiii ❤ i loved the moves in where u at (:

  14. I wonder which clips they’ll choose to air. Would love it if they aired all 4 songs, but maybe not likely?

  15. The gal actually kissed him….better view lmao
    If I were the gal, I don’t think I can kiss my favourite idol
    I spot a lot of couples and matured fans.
    He chose the one who was sitting with female friends haha smart YB. Up till now LOAM is my most favourite from YB. I never get bored listening to it

    1. It’s not his concert but a music program that YB will be appearing on. It’s a more intimate setting than the concerts he normally does, that’s why he loves doing them. Plus he gets to perform with a live band.

  16. The only thing that could have made this more perfect if he did a WD version like he did for Dejun Gayo (best WD performance ever) or if he performed one of his more mature songs like Take it Slow.

    1. That is my favorite performance ever! I loved his new solo with Ji Hye. ‘Take It Slow’ is such a beautiful song that I would love to hear live. Hopefully he’ll consider singing it during his solo concert.(Adults only show) 🙂

  17. Taeyang can never run away from “Look Only At Me.”
    That song is his. He is that song.

    So happy he sang Look Only At Me again. Yoo Hee Yeol loves that song too. Aiiigggoo. I cannot wait to see this.

    1. OMG! Words cannot describe this performance right here. He killed it! It’s even better than his HOT, Big Show ’09 and Gayo Daejun performances combined. And the look he gives the audience at the end…….I was squealing like a crazy woman. 🙂

  18. gosh!! YB is such a lady-killer with all of his smile, dance moves, etc.. how i wish i was there, watching him perform.. 😦
    plus; he’s getting cheekier each day.. haha.. it’s a gd ting cuz he’s learning to open up to ladies!! but i wish he would give some kisses to his international fans too!! 😦
    i gotta admit that his performances are getting better!! his dance moves for WUA was SUPERB!! this was da first time i see him performing that song to perfection.. it’ll be good of he performed WD as well cuz that was my favorite all-time song from him!!

  19. i wanna watch the whole thing. i want to see.. wait.. no wedding dress??? 😥 anyway… i just want see if he did improve his vocals for WUA since last year.

  20. OMG. Seeing him on normal music shows does not do justice at all! LOVE all his performances on sketchbook!!! He’s sound so good live with a band esp with INAG! ❤ Gotto say he was so in his element! Can't wait for YHY Sketchbook already!!

  21. his shades flew off again. LOL he can never keep them on if he dance like that. wish he could sang more for LOAT but damn it, he’s so hot on stage!!! he looked comfortable too! i miss that… 🙂

    so watching this on TV even if i have to stay wide awake till 1-2am.

  22. ha ha…YB your such a tease..Good performance…I don’t know for some unknown reason I was excited and giddy to see GD with YB on this stage…but I definitely envy the gurl…

  23. I’m excited for the airing. I kind of wished he had performed Take It Slow instead of Look Only At Me xD
    I really want to hear that song live.

    That was the best Where U At performance I’ve seen. It would have been extra perfect if Lyle and Shaun were there but still it was great. He sang really well and switched up the routine a bit. I haven’t seen him this active on stage in a long while, I’m glad he’s happier than last year.

    I wish he goes on KJE’s chocolate sometime during his promo. I really like that show.

  24. that girl is sooo lucky!!!!!! i’m feeling jealous now…huh…*calming down3x…ok i’m calm again…LOL…i surely didnt notice bout the ring but what i really notice that he nver wears a cap already…he has change to a more mature adult^^ and thats great^^ but i’m surely going to miss his old self^^ but as what Thyrazine8 said “let our child (YB) go”….he is more open now and that makes me a lil bit worry but still, i love that he has change to be more mature adult and that he is more open now^^ i wish he will continue to success in the future…YB HWAITING….P/s: the BB are going to performed at japan later this month..lets just hope YB get a good rest before that…poor YB..take care^^

  25. Agree, he’s more comfortable with intimate settings. I like how he sang here, so loose and free, really putting his soul out there. Wohoo, way to go YB…

    1. YB will be performing on M!Countdown on the 15th. It will be their 200th episode and will feature special stages. C.N Blue will be performing G-Dragon’s ‘Heartbreaker’ and YB’s ‘Look Only At Me’. MBLAQ will be performing Big Bang’s ‘Lies’ So it should be an exciting show. I’ll go find out about the others.

  26. hands up if u replayed the ‘girl like u gotta make u mine imma treat u right beiby’ bit more times than u should have whilst grinning like an idiot ; ) (mine’s very much up!!!)

  27. In “look at me only” video, iono how many times he tugs the belt but he sure knows how to make that shit look hella sexy…yah kno what i mean….hah…

  28. a pic of YB .. posted by yg trainer .. the colored version of what he posted before… so lovin it..


    I’m loving this charming side so much!!!!!!!

  30. these fancams are so good!!! thanks for sharing!

    i’m super excited for the show! he’s so good in all of his performances! very charming and so hot!

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