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Jinbo reinterprets Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” on KRNB

R&B artist Jinbo has been releasing reinterpretations of popular kpop hits for his upcoming mixtape “KRNB” one by one. The latest  is his version of Taeyang’s I Need A Girl, more directly named “I Need You Girl

Check out the other songs Damn (based on SNSD’s “Gee”)  and Love Game (based on BoA’s “Game”.) KRNB will be released for free on August 29. (Update: Get it for free here at http://jinbothesuperfreak.bandcamp.com/)

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[Feature] SUPERMAN – Taeyang’s Solar Concert (Review)

In celebration (or is it anticipation?) of the release of the Solar Concert DVD, we are posting this excellent review of the Solar Concert that was published some months back.  Not being one of those lucky enough to watch it in the live, I can’t wait to see if the DVD bears out the reviewer’s take on the whole event. Enjoy!


By Kang Myoung-Seok
Pop Culture Writer and Critic. You might remember him from this 10Asia interview with Taeyang (here and here)

One of the interesting points during my recent interview with Taeyang was when he had said that he planned to fill his concert with the sound of a live band. Of course, the majority of singers use bands in their concerts. But Taeyang’s case is different. As confirmed in “Look Only At Me,” his songs feature layers and layers of sounds created by the producers. This makes them much harder to recreate accurately in live performances.

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Taeyang Talks about His Friendship with G-Dragon

Taeyang of Big Bang, who recently started his solo activities, has expressed freely on his feelings towards G-Dragon.

Through his interview with Newsen on the 7th, he thanked G-Dragon for featuring on his solo album.

“I’m greatful that Jiyong (G-Dragon’s real name) participated in this album. There is a lot to say about ‘I Need A Girl’, but it’s one of those songs that only G-Dragon can be featured in. Jiyong is my best friend and we talk about private matters a lot. ‘I Need A Girl’ is a song which is about a guy talking about love to his friend, so G-Dragon would naturally be the best option to collaborate with. He knows me more than anyone else and I felt that he was the best featuring rapper. So I asked him, and he did the best rap possible.”
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Sandara Park transforms into dancer for ‘I Need a Girl’ MV

Sandara Park has suddenly transformed into a dancer for Taeyang.

Sandara Park had been filming Taeyang’s music video for his first title song ‘I Need A Girl’ from the July 5th to the wee hours of the morning on 6th. Sandara Park and Taeyang had already filmed the video for ‘I Need A Girl’ at the end of last month. The fan response for the limited edition album released on the first of this month was so great that to commemorate the release of the regular edition, they are filming a new music video.
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‘I Need a Girl’ choreography practice + ‘Just a Feeling’ M!Countdown Shoot

I think his nerves are getting the better of him during his stage performances. His vocals are so much better during the practice! I love him in loose jeans and a Tee; so much more chill~ (ahem, YG, my offer still stands to direct your MV!)
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07.04.10 – Taeyang on SBS Inkigayo!

Look at the extra hyper Taeyang during his interview before his comeback on Inkigayo.  I guess the “I’m Mr. Serious” Taeyang is gone.

He sang “You’re My” and of course “I Need A Girl.”  I’ve found a new appreciation for the choreography of “I Need a Girl” for its details and intricate movement.  I’m a big fan of Shaun’s work because it always tells a story and expresses this push-and-pull in the music and the electricity between the dancers.

More videos under the cut!

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