Taeyang’s Real Life Exposed?

The Legend of Taeyang DOWNLOAD. (Pretty much a comptiplation of Taeyang’s performance on Mnet.  Must have for fangirls/boys.)

Like a substitute for Taeyang TV?

Big Bang’s Taeyang has captured the hearts of women with his cute eye smiles and powerful performances. But what is his real life like?

OnMedia’s affiliate style channel, OnStyle, will be broadcasting a special revealing Big Bang member Taeyang’s daily life called ‘Real Sound by Taeyang‘. Along with the Taeyang working on his first full-length solo album, it will show a natural and mischievous Taeyang, just like any other male in his 20s. It will also contain his honest thoughts that will be expressed vividly.

More than anything, the point of this broadcast will be to see a side of Taeyang, other than the charismatic performer that is seen on stage. The production crew hinted parts of this special, such as Taeyang freely roaming the streets of Shinsa-dong when he doesn’t have any schedules and a nervous Taeyang standing behind the stage, showing his humane charms.

There will also be interviews about his troubles on work and love, and friendship amongst others. Viewers will also be able to learn of what 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s thoughts on Taeyang.

After it was revealed that footage of Taeyang working on his newly released album ‘Solar‘ will be shown, it has been garnering even more attention.

Taeyang stated, “I think this program is my chance to show people myself off stage, in my real, natural appearance. I’m excited and will be looking forward to it.”

The first episode is scheduled to air on the 16th, and will air every Friday night at 12 (KST).

Source: Newsen
Translation: ch0sshi@kpoplive
Additional Credit: YGLadies

34 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Real Life Exposed?”

  1. omg!!! I will be watching this show fatefully!! I can’t wait!!! It is just a pleasure just to watch Taeyang do very human ordinary things! Oh Joy!!!

  2. omg! 0____0 Yes!! Just want we wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Now I just need to find out where I can watch!

  3. You know their show won’t be like our reality shows though.LOL!! Could you imagine?Hahahaha!!!! LIke the Big Bang members literally fighting over like ” Who drunk all my damn soju?!!!!!! No just kidding. LOL!!

  4. seriously~~!! i have to watch this~ ! im so exiteed . and someone really does need to upload this asap wen it comes out. aaah~!

    1. i wonder how many episodes there will be. i hope for soo many~!

      also. i must add this month of july has got to be my favorite month of the summer because of taeyang news everyday ^^

      1. I hope that there would be a lot of episodes jen!! This has been a great month!! ^_^ I hope that they will capture some funny moments. I can’t imagine Taeyang being funny. I am so used to him being serious.

  5. yes yes yes! so many things to look forward to.
    his music show performances, his guestings: strong heart, heroes, sketchbook, and now this.

    this is so great! the only thing missing is radio guesting.
    thank you YG for these overload appearances.

  6. Please someone post it when it aired Coz i can`t watched in my hometown thats so far away from korea… . And hope there is a eng sub too….
    So it`s will aired tomorrow? So excited… ^^
    anybody know where to find Taeyang and Seungri on Stong Heart full version? Thx…

    1. of course we’ll post it!
      We’re not the best fansite for no reason ya know? lol.

      We’ll post it. No worries. ^^

  7. wow lots to watch on july 16
    strong heart i think will be on 16th
    skecthbook is in 16th also and some other related taeyang things.

    1. last i checked, strong heart airs on tuesdays, so the episode with yb will most likely be on the 20th.
      if yb is on this weeks episode of sketchbook it’ll be tomorrow and yeah, i heard the same rumor about yb not being on the first episode of heroes. heard he’ll be on either the 2nd or 3rd episode (on the 25th), but i haven’t heard of a confirm, so we’ll just have to wait and see i guess.

  8. looking forward for Taeyang shows…

    just saw a pic of Taeyang posted by Trainer Hwang on his me2DAY, Taeyang was sleeping in the cute, really sexy…

  9. yee!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXDXD

    talk about his love? the making of the album? behind the stage scenes?? YES!!!!

    this+teddy tv=will make it hard for me to study for my exam.
    but whateva… ^^

  10. I read at allkpop that Gummy, Seve, Teddy and YG himself will all get their own shows on Mnet. And 2NE1 TV is also coming back for a second season. So in essence Tofu you’re right. It’s a substitute but I’ll take it. This is going to be fun!

    1. Yeah…I don’t get why there’s no TAEYANG TV either. It seems like it would make sense since Taeyang is so active. Maybe it was his choice…YB is a very private person…maybe he didn’t want two shows following him around. lol.

      1. It’s possible that TAEYANG TV via Mnet would be more intrusive to YB. So I think you’re right. Maybe he can call the shots more for this show. In any case I’m really looking forward to this. I love programs that delve deep into the BTS. I’m curious to know more about YB away from his performing life.

  11. Yay!!! Finally YBtv…sorta. I want to see the mischievous YB that all the YG members talk about!

  12. anybody know when Taeyang’s episode on Sketchbook will be aired on KBS world? I have KBS world channel here. 🙂

  13. I was watching MTV live stage, the one where BB performed Gara Gara Go and Number 1.. Bae’s live has been getting really good lately. 🙂

  14. YB won #1 @ Mnet Countdown for da 2nd time in a row!! feel so happy for him!! he was up against Miss A.. 🙂

  15. awsome^^ cant wait to see it…what channel is it on???does it available in KBS2???now i can see the real him behind stage..wait a second….did you all remembered the picture taken of YB at seoul street???maybe thats why there’s camera all over him^^

  16. OMFG!!! I’ve been taeyang/bigbang/2ne1 deprive for that last 2 weeks cuz my internet died!! and now I’m back!!! omg!!! yay!!! a tv program fully focus on TAEYANG!!! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!

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