“I Need A Girl” Rehearsal Cam

There are no words to describe this little gem. When I saw this footage I knew I had to share it with you guys. Up close fancam of our Taeyang doing his thing. This is the rehearsal of Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” comeback performance at M!Countdown which aired yesterday. So sit back and enjoy the view. I know I am…..

Credit: Horangmalkovny

Source: Mnet.com

49 thoughts on ““I Need A Girl” Rehearsal Cam”

    1. some quick translations from TeamBigBang posted in their Twitter account:

      TeamBIGBANG Twitter Account:

      TaeYang said on Mnet ‘WIDE’ that GD posed w/ “I Need A Girl” tee on his me2DAY is to help YB PR the album.GD isnt recruiting a gf atm.LMAO

      “& GD’s featured for the rap flow in the PV,DS always came to visit the shoot,while SR’s nowhere to be seen (laugh)” — YB on Mnet ‘WIDE’

      and its the 1st time that YB mentioned bout his #SOLAR SOLO CONCERT!!aggggrrrhhhh getting exited already 😀

      1. A concert 0.0 Really !!!
        Oh man >< Hope it's true though. After HOT, it would great to see how SOLAR would be like. Excited !
        Plus thanks for the fancam ^^

    1. Thanks Yun. Yesterday was pretty emotional for me, but with a few hours sleep and watching the MV with fresh eyes I don’t feel so bad. I’m so glad YB is coming out of his shell. He was so sad last year. I just want him to be happy. With the success of SOLAR I know he is. And if YB’s happy so am I.

      1. YAY!!!!! i was worried when i read your previous comments. and now i’d like to say. welcome back? 😀 he looks so happy, i seriously cannot stop smiling. thanks for uploading!!

      2. I’m glad you feel better Janelle (we are here for you) ^__^.I thought it was an actual performance when I saw it on Soompi yesterday lol, he looks so happy and confidence, me likey. He and his dance partner have some major chemistry, they looks very comfortable, which is a good thing since they always partner up.

    1. yeah and it seems like she took YB by shock like she wasn’t actually supposed to make skin contact. Evidence is that she didn’t kiss him in the live performance. is a new scandal brewing?

    2. lol yeah she did here, at the rehearsal, but not on the actual performance there she kissed her hand,which was on YB’s face hehe

        1. maybe YB told her not kiss at LIVE performance…

          at 3.32 – 3.36 you can see Ji Hye head in YB shoulder

  1. watched this and hehehe i love how the rehearsal is close to the original performance. the crews seem to be talking a lot. 0.o

  2. hey girls, can you give me the name each personel of CRAZY DANCE team ? ( i mean tae yang dancer )

    coz i really love their dance : )

  3. Shaun was there…that’s so cool! i thought he went back already.
    YG was there, another dude was there..
    what is GD saying… he mentioned ‘yeah yeah yeah’
    Taeyang is so excited and happy… hahaha i feel glad.

    1. oh yeah … you know, he has this charm, that when he laughs you want to laugh too?? or is it just me? XD he mention about dara right?

      1. oh another thing, i think he said, Dara, if my album does well, i’m gonna meet you? am i correct?

        1. yep I saw TY, G-D, Shaun, and Qui way in the back looking kinda…ya…
          in the interview video, which is not there anymore

        2. yeah he was! wearing a white shirt with a grey L kinda shape on it,lol he kinda looked confused or something hehe

          at 7:30 😀

  4. Yeah I also saw Qui and if im not wrong Richard directly behind Shaun.

    I think Qui was quite tired… that time was ard 3am plus -_-” that’s probably why he was hanging ard at the back, looking aherm. stoned? haha 🙂

    1. Well according to Aimee (Shaun’s gf) tweet from the 30th Richard and Qui are there. I don’t know if they still are there tho

      Here is aimee’s tweet

      “I want to go to Tae Yang’s concert this year!!! ;p Shaun, Mari, and Keone, Richard, and Qui are all in Korea now. Man I miss curry and BBQ
      6:52 PM Jun 30th via Echofon “

  5. Hmmm are those new dancers! I don’t recognize them. Some of the guy dancers look cute 🙂 but no one can be hotter than Taeyang of course!

  6. His dance partner is really good .. 🙂
    Thanks for uploading this vid…
    Taeyang’s smile is amazing….

  7. I was looking more at his dance partner more this time..and I must say she is really pretty. 🙂 They look so comfortable..he’s always smiling..this is good. I love seeing his smiling and laughing more!! Go Tae Yang!

  8. i’m watching this for the millionth time haha i need to see more of his performances! especially now that the m countdown one has been taken down due to copyright issues…man, at least theres this lol

      1. oh haha thanks Janelle! btw i trust your ok now? i read what u wrote about YB and how much he means to u and your son and believe me i understand 🙂

        1. Yeah. I had a bit of a melt down back there. I had another good cry today then watched this rehearsal cam and instantly felt better. YB has that sort of affect on me. I can’t stay sad when I’m watching him perform. Especially now since he’s found his inner peace.

        2. @Janelle yeah of course,its so nice to see YB happy especially that interview with m-net,he’s still his old self!

  9. Thanks so much for posting this!! Taeyang is sensational! How can a man be so sinfully sexy & cute @ the same time??!! ^^

      1. he certainly is and i just don’t know how i can explain what we find so special about him to others,they just don’t get it…>_<

  10. I loved this! He looks at ease and yep… that dancer was there since LOAM… She is so lucky!

    No wonder she is chosen yet again to be YB’s duo, they really have great chemistry together, and I believe YB will feel more comfortable dancing with her too. =)

    1. YB and Ji Hye have a smoking hot chemistry. I love watching them dance. The give and take, ebb and flow of their working relationship is really nice to see. They really get each other.

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