Meet the winner of ATY’s Album Giveaway!

Last night I secretly emailed the winner an email so if you haven’t gotten an email from me, I’m sorry!  But thank you for participating in the giveaway. I hope you all had fun while you waited for Taeyang’s album to drop.  We had a total of 4000 entries from all the 6 rounds!  You international fans know how to win a free album.  Speaking of international, thank you for making me proud.  We had entries from all over!  Asia and the USA, as expected, but there were also entries from New Zealand, Hungary, the U.A.E., the United Kingdom, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, and more!  Taeyang fans representing the world.

This was the steps I took in determining the winner:

  • For each round, I went through the list of entires and deleted all the ones with the wrong answer or duplicate entries from the same person or entries that were submitted after the deadline.
  • I then compiled all the entires onto one big spreadsheet (Excel) and assigned numbers to them.
  • Next, I picked a random number using RANDOM.ORG and matched that up with the entry with the same number associated with it. 

I’m pleased to announce the winner of the giveaway: Annie!  A 16-year old from California where she gets all the sun she wants!  Here is what she has to say about Taeyang: “I love everything about Taeyang, what’s not to love? He has that amazing voice that gives me chills and the personality that makes me fall for him. Everytime Taeyang smiles, it’s like the sun shining at you, it gives you a happy spring feeling. He is very well mannered and kind plus gentle, he deserves the best of this world. He always gives out different auras, when he’s on stage, he appears sexy, strong and intense. But in life, he’s always shy, quiet and very nice but also charming! and always dancing with energy. What can I say? he’s the SOL of my life ;D”

Again thank you for participating in ATY’s first giveaway.  If you didn’t get the album, I still hope you go out and buy it to support Taeyang.  Thank you for all your love and support towards the blog.  This was our gift to you!


56 thoughts on “Meet the winner of ATY’s Album Giveaway!”

  1. congratulations!!! XD I love what you said about taeyang. 🙂

    Right now i’m having a hard time with buying the album. I’m really pissed. sigh.

  2. *books a ticket for Cali to go get my CD back* jkjkjk. Congrats to the fellow YBias Annie for the win!!! And thanks to staff for this contest, glad to know that it went as well as it did and I love you guys for always having a place for me to go for YB news.

    Now I shall be in my emo corner until the end of the month when I can hopefully afford to get the Normal Edition of Solar along with JASMINE’s album from yesasia…

  3. Congratulations Annie! 😀 and thanks ATY for having this contest it was fun!

    *sigh* i knew i’d never win but why do i feel so sorry for myself…? i guess there was a tiny part of me that wished i would win LOL haha wat a sado i am,oh well i’ll get the normal version of the album when i can afford it…:)

  4. ♥♥♥well, what can i say?…congrats Annie…lol…
    i would sure be sulking for months because of this one…☺
    will this one be the end of such an exciting game?…i hope the ATY staff would create another game…hehhehe…
    i really enjoyed it…tnx to all of you….and to annie…enjoy the CD girl…rock on!♥♥♥

  5. Congratulations Annie! 🙂

    I guess this is a sign for me to finally open a bank account that can connect to Paypal. 😀 Yesasia here I come! 😛

  6. WOW! you’re really lucky! .. congratulations Annie :))
    well, honestly, i cried. woho. i don’t know why cause i really don’t expect to win but .. ;( okey, i think you’re meant to win the precious album of YB cause the chance is 1/ 4000!

      1. i think we’re something like a family so it was my duty to say something haha xD

        hope some can get now an album^^

    1. thanks because of you i was able to purchase it!! I had check yesterday and it was out of stock but you gave me hope! 🙂

    2. I just ordered mine from there, thanks for letting us know ^__^. Hmmm, I thought it sold out, what happen?

  7. Congrats!!!

    I placed my order for the deluxe on dvdheaven!!! just have to wait for it. I’m so happy!! 🙂

  8. The deluxe version was out on ebay now!!! and oh, I have more than 1 copy now (from ebay and friend in Korea, will sell it on ebay later 😉 )

  9. Congratulations … you must be still under shock 😛
    i don’t have to say enjoy it because i know you will 😀

  10. congratulations^^ wow…she’s only 16 and she got to defeat me snd i’m 2 years older than her…LOL^^ anyway congrats^^

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