Aimee Lucas Twitters, and I’m curious!

Alright, so as some of you might know, Sandara Park was speculated to be the girl in the “Wedding Dress” for Taeyang MV. Turns out this is NOT true. As per Aimee Lucas’s tweets recently, YG has hand picked a “very pretty” actress for Taeyang’s music video, but for all those who were disheartened at not seeing Aimee, fear not, because she’s going to be in it!

Her tweets~ I’m curious about this girl and the M/V!

12 thoughts on “Aimee Lucas Twitters, and I’m curious!”

  1. weeehhh..everybody’s curious about this going-to-be-bride including me!

    still crossin’ my fingers that it’s not dara though I heart her very much!

    and for aimee, good for her that she’s included! im really expecting her in this mv even if it’s sad that she’s not the bride

    no matter what the outcome is, I’d still be happy for young bae for his success! go team youngbae!

  2. yaay aimee. lol.. i love this girl. im disappointed that she wont be the lead, yet still excited that she has a part in the mv.
    ooooo so the girl’s “very pretty” ehhh?? humph..better not be too i joke 😛
    but seeing how excited she is for the mv, is getting me even more hyped.
    goodness…..can’t nov 11th come any sooner???

  3. sandara is an actress though isn’t she? & everyone seems to think she’s very pretty. I still think it’s going to be her but I’d like to see someone else play the part.

  4. Just got info from my cousin who’s a Kvip seems like the Girl is the same one from Only look at me or looks close to her.. from what she said

  5. OMG….nov 11th needs to come NOW……this is such a tease…..the actress is very pretty…ummm. I can understand why YG would choose an actress to play the leading role…but now i’m curious why it will be both the actress and aimee in the MV. Happy that Aimee is keeping us up to date, I seriously can’t wait…Team YB xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. cuttee. i love Aimee, I cant wait for more from both Bom and YB!
    I wonder how long they are gonna stay in Korea for!

  7. Maybe Aimee’s going to be the maid of honour (alright that’s a wild guess), or YB’s friend?

    Since he’s not going to be the groom, I’m going to take wild and exaggerated assumptions…..

    The pretty actress was a friend or ex of YB in the MV
    She’s getting married, and YB feels sad
    Aimee is a friend of YB OR plays the part of the friend of pretty actress then knew YB through her
    Then… somehow the MV plays around the three?

    Love triangle?

    Alright, that’s the end, and I’m just guessing here!! (My imagination runs out of hand….)

    The actress from Look Only at Me was already pretty, in fact, too pretty! OAO
    Whenever I watch the MV I always feel that YB looks like a boy who had the chance to be in a relationship with her when she’s really popular among other guys. (Thus the concept of that MV? I’m not saying YB isn’t hot or anything, but he looks a lot younger next to her….)

    Anyway… I’ll look forward to Wedding Dress when it’s out! Luckily it will release after all my exams are over…=v=

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