Lyn’s love call for Taeyang!

Since Tofu posted news about the adorably talented IU and her fangirl crush on Taeyang, I thought I’d post this to add to the fangirl craze. Thanks myokoon for the tip =)

Apparently, Taeyang has quite the noona fan….so much so that she’s included him in her new song!

Check out the whole list of fans under the cut!

Lyn, a comeback singer R&B singer recently released her new album “6½ New Celebration” which included a song called “Noona’s Song“. In it, she had various play on words using other songs and of course, mentioning her fav singers Taeyang & Junsu (from DBSK).

Here is the song

The part where she talks about Taeyang is at 1:35

The lyrics –

어디서 무얼 하다 이제 내게 왔니 준수야
why did you come to me at this time, Junsu
이미 수식어 Red Ocean
alrealy it’s the modifier red ocean
조금 다쳐도 난 괜찮아
even if I hurt I don’t care
가끔 니가 연락 없이 술을 마셔도 난 너만 봐
sometimes even if you don’t call and drink I look only at you
영배야 넌 어떠니
Youngbae-ya how do you feel?
소원을 말해봐
tell me your wish
사실 누난 너희들을 좋아해 멋있잖아
actually I like you all because nice
나이가 뭐 중요한 건 아니야
the age is not a important thing
내게로 와줄래
can you come to me

Lyn has also talked about Taeyang before…

“I saw Youngbae-ssi since he was young.
He has been singing very well from childhood and he was so cute.
He is polite very much and… that attraction! naive and pure attraction.
But when he sings or dances. Oh my god! Such abdominal muscles!
The shape of the head is so pretty!
Really I will look only at you.”

Awwww how cute! Taeyang really is a celeb for celebs and he’s quite the list:

Tablo (of Epik High)
Son Dambi
Whale (of Whale & W)
AJ (from BEAST)
Lee Jun Ki (actor… see proof!)
Kuch Chae Yi (inline speed skater for Korea)
Seungri (We all know he’s a Taeyang fanboy)
Beige (ballad singer)
Choi Hyun Joon (of VOS)
Sung Si Kyung (ballad singer)
Yoo HeeYeol (singer/song writer, show host)
Alex (from Clazziquai and We Got Married show)

Have I missed anyone? I think I have…well people are slowly coming out with their love for him!

20 thoughts on “Lyn’s love call for Taeyang!”

    Lyn is an amazing artist too! Great vocalist.
    I need to start making a list of all the artist/celebrities who like him. Gonna be back to do a full on spazz attack.

  2. I like this song! Wow, I need to look up more information on her and listen to her album..It has a nice beat..Oh, yeah about being a YB fan girl, cute! I can’t blame her and IU for being attracted to him, who can resist? Wonder if TY knows about this and the others? Would love to see him interact w/ them or leave a message lol it would be sweet!
    @Tofu: please make a list! I’m starting to lose count on how many celebrities admire TY.

  3. Wow…YB’s getting very populat among the ladies……that list is going to be at least 10 pages long when you add the amount of YB fan-girls on here as well as celebrities. I mean who can resist YB, he’s H-O-T, addictive and charming….YB XXXXXX

  4. I must be deaf cause I dont hear her say youngbae lol.. I listened fo like 20 times the part at 1:35.. x.x
    I’m glad thought YB is getting more n more celeb fans :).

  5. aww the songs so cute and not subtle at all haha ^_^
    makes me want 2 write a song 4 him 2 … maybe i will and who knows maybe he’ll listen to it one day heh heh

    go yb fans yb power ^_^
    i too will only look at you

  6. i’m actually feeling this song. hehehehehe ^_^ lol @ the play on his song “look at only me” n the shape of the head is so pretty! get it ty, you got noonas singings song about you 🙂

  7. yea, this song is real nice. very catchy.
    and lol at “the shape of the head is so pretty” and “Oh my god! Such abdominal muscles!”
    she has a weird way of expressing herself, but she has some damn good taste.. mmm junsu and yb…:D…mm….yb…..:P

  8. Would Wally count the MC from MNet count? XDDD

    But I read somewhere that he’s more a BB fanboy… He was the manager for YB for a day though…XD

    So many fans!!!! And yes, I agree, GD should be on there, LOL

    Seungri’s a fanboy too? I never knew that… haha~

    So happy to see all these fanboys and fangirls of YB, our sun is just irresistible~ Muahahaha~

  9. lol Kay, thanks for the list!
    I’m sure there’s more like Rhymer and entire staff at GQ Korea (they did name YB “Man of the year” after all!) There’s also Teddy, but he doesn’t count…they’re like family.

    I’m loving Lyn so much right now. Her new album is fantastic. I love every track on it. So glad she likes youngbae too!

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