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Shaun Evaristo talks about working with Taeyang

Amanda Suk interviews Shaun Evaristo for Pacific Rim Videos after the recent Kpop Convention participated in by Movement Lifestyle. Shaun mentions what it’s like working with Taeyang.

From PacificRimVideoPress

Shaun also hints in a separate video that he may be heading back to Korea soon to work with Taeyang and some other YG artists.  Looking forward to whatever’s next…

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[Interview] Shaun Evaristo : “Try Dancing Like Me, Like This”

Shaun Evaristo, one of our favorite people here on ATY, was interviewed along with two other choreographers in the December issue of GQ Korea. (The very same issue where a certain someone was featured as one of the Men of the Year.)

Choreography receives as much attention as music. Just as a song has a title, choreography gets a name attached to it, too. Three choreographers reveal the secrets behind choreography.

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Movement Lifestyle – Adventures with YG Ent. Episode 1

A while back we had posted up two awesome accounts of trips taken by Richard and Qui to YG Entertainment, where they got to meet Taeyang and the rest of the YG family and also filmed for Movement Lifestyle. Well, they’ve finally cut the wait short and release the first episode of their trip to Korea. Featured in this video is the beginning of their trip, interview with Keone Madrid and some other fun footage inside YG building!

Cr: MovementLifestyle
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Inside juice from Kanauru

Our favorite dancing fanboy, Qui and talented director, Richard from Kanauru Productions are literally kicking it with Shaun Evaristo and Taeyang in Seoul right now. I mean KICKING IT…like they’re eating lunch and dinner with the one and only.  They’re documenting their adventure with Taeyang with twitter and Facebook and they’re leaving a whole bunch of enticing bits of information that makes this fangirl can’t help but be all worked up.  Richard tweeted a few hours ago:

What do you think is this “epicness” that is in store?  My first thought: they’re shooting another music video for another song?  Can I freak out and hope that it’s ‘Superstar?’  I love this track and the energy comes with it.  And Shaun a week ago did express how much he liked this song.  Whatever it is, I can’t wait for it to come out.

Thanks Kanauru for the updates especially thanks to Qui who’s been awesome enough to visit ATY once in a while to update us on what’s going on.  Thanks for being so sweet and remembering us!

More information on Kanauru Productions:

Shaun posts about rehersals, ATY added on YBmania~

I’m really excited to get my hands on any information related to YB’s comeback and here’s something Shaun posted this morning regarding the rehearsals for it. Looks like it’s going to be a lot of work for Shaun, but I’m sure the result is going to be fantastic! Thanks Jon for the tip!

Korea. It’s been a while, long time no see. After a good day of reh, Im now at a nice restaurant. Here with the artist and the dancers, I’m having a nice dinner and happy to be in here. For the past days i’ve had a headache and only now is it going away. So I’m glad I can enjoy myself finally. Reh in the new building is great! Everything is designed and decorated. The room where we practice is huge too. I’m definitely jealous an wish I had a place to work like this at home. Excited for what’s to come, but for now I’m going to enjoy dinner.

Also check out ATY on YBmania’s website as an official international fan site =) Thanks YBmania! (It’s on the right, and down)

“Where U At” demo was originally in English?

And this is why you should visit ATY more often if you’re not a frequent blogger (lol) because only here you’ll get such juicy information as this~

Back in March, one of the ATY visitors attended the Korean Night event hosted by Shaun and Lyle where they taught both “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress”. Anyway, here is the interesting part, according the Shaun and Lyle, the track that had been sent to them for choreography was a demo version where Taeyang was singing in English. A specific example our blogger remembers Shaun and Lyle speaking of, is the part where Taeyang says “day and night, high and low”, in the English version he says “pick up the fight” – hence the sort of “punch” like steps in the choreography.

Thanks to Teresa for emailing in this interesting bit of information!

It’s exciting to know that there is possibly an English version sitting there recorded by Taeyang originally… Where did it go? Why’d they record it? Maybe it was for fun? Or maybe YG has more grander plans in store (as Tofu would say “World Domination”)?

Shaun & Lyle to teach WD & WUA Choreo

All you lucky Taeyang fans in Cali, you have the chance to meet Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo at TM Dance Studio where they’ll be teaching “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” !
Makes me wanna hop on a plane and fly down there, not for the dance because I’ve got two left feet, but because I’ve got a little crush on Lyle *blush* and I bow down to Shaun *bows* haha. I’d just wanna stare at them for being so close to Taeyang. Anyway, check em out!

Website: http://tmdance.org/Korean_Night_Event.html

Thank you jeannuxu for the tip~

WHAT, WHAT?!? Tae Yang/SOL the Choreographer?

As some of you may know Big  Bang just recently won the best Choreography Award at the Space Shower Music Video Awards.  This is old news, but it just came to my attention that besides the great Shaun Evaristo, our lovely Tae Yang or SOL was also credited as a choreographer.  WHAAAAATTTTTT?  When did Tae Yang choreograph?  I was pleasantly surprised myself.  Take a look yourself!

It’s also posted on Big Bang’s Japanese fansite as well:

「BIG BANG/ガラガラGO!!
Dir: Hyun-Seung Seo Choreographer: Shaun Evaristo/SOL
This isn’t “news” but I thought you YB-fans would appreciate a reminder of how awesome Tae Yang is.  I hope we get to see his own personal touch in his upcoming works.  Sooooonnnn!
Thanks hikarime for the tip!