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Trending Topic = TT = #taeyang takeover

[UPDATE] Taeyang making Twitter on Bestiz.net ~ (the site that Big Bang/Taeyang read!)
Due to the great success of the Tweets for Taeyang campaign (lol I just gave it a name), my awesome kYBfan friend Myokoon
posted it up on Bestiz.net, a huge communication network in Korea where alot of fans go to find news. Well, thanks to Aimee Lucas’s recently Tweet, you can bet Taeyang “most probably” saw the twitter post (YES!!)~~

The link to the BESTIZ post is HERE
And Aimee’s recent tweet!~

Thank you to those who joined us in our massive effort to put Tae Yang (#taeyang) on Twitter’s Trending Topic chart in celebration of his upcoming digital single, and his official comeback to the music scene.  We attempted last time when “Where U At” came out, but actually made it happen this time!  Trend Topics, based on the frequency of a certain tag/word gets Tweeted during a certain amount of time, is Twitter’s version of the  “Top 10.”   At around 5pmPST/8pmEST, Twitter was flooded with Tweets tagged with “#taeyang.”

Not only did #taeyang make into the TT charts, but peaked at #6!

Hell yes!

For those who think we’re crazy and pathetic for doing this, you could be right, but I don’t care!  #6 Baebay!

Thank you for those who participated.  It was one hell of a night!  The best part was when I realized that so many people from all over the world was doing this at the same time.  It’s quite amazing, really!  Thank you to those who participated.  Even if it was ultimately pointless, it was blast reading Tweets from other fans and meeting some new ones.  I hope you had a great time too.  (And your fingers didn’t cramp up too badly lol!)

Special shout out my boo Judy (@ybfosho143) for having the initial idea and several others for spreading the word! (@koreanpopaddict, @BBVIPZ, @mizz_julie, @iBigBang, @laydeehvip, and many others!) (If I forgot anyone, I didn’t mean to!)

Tae Yang fans are official, in my book, crazily awesome beyond imaginable.

Twitter people, show yourself!

Aimee Lucas Twitters, and I’m curious!

Alright, so as some of you might know, Sandara Park was speculated to be the girl in the “Wedding Dress” for Taeyang MV. Turns out this is NOT true. As per Aimee Lucas’s tweets recently, YG has hand picked a “very pretty” actress for Taeyang’s music video, but for all those who were disheartened at not seeing Aimee, fear not, because she’s going to be in it!

Her tweets~ I’m curious about this girl and the M/V!