Sexy YG men & Taeyang TV snippet

The sexy YG men recently went on a trip to …..oh well who cares, they went somewhere and took pictures of themselves half naked. Ladies (and some Gents)…fan yourself.

Might I say, Taeyang looks super adorable in this picture and I can see a faint outline of his abs (~yess). On the other hand, it’s great to see Se7en in the mix and of course dork Kush. I won’t comment on GD except that the boy needs to eat more rice ~

Check out the rest of the post for a Taeyang TV snippet….
I’m pretty sad that this was the only bit of Taeyang TV we got (I’m hoping this isn’t the last though), but I’m still glad they chose a little dorky moment where Taeyang is making a goofy face at the cam and then doing the 2NE1 sign….oh how i love Taeyang.

C: elavipp2

20 thoughts on “Sexy YG men & Taeyang TV snippet”

  1. i saw this pic a couple hours ago and almost burst!
    ahhh…have thoughts of running my hands down those abs!!
    one day…one day my time will come
    juss wait you guys juss wait

  2. Sure good to see se7en! Thanks, Kay!

    So GD uses me2Day (Korean version of Twitter, I think) to talk to his fans. I hope YB does the same when he comes out with his first full album in a couple months.

    To GD: Yikes! Cover yourself, man!

  3. I saw that pic earlier, too and omg I can’t stop staring at the right side of it! Topless Taeyang AND Se7en β™₯β™₯ *wipes off steam on monitor*
    So excited for Taeyang TV!

  4. tae yang looks so cute. i was like “oh my” when i saw the picture. πŸ˜€ and yeah, tae yang tv was pretty short, so i hope to see more, since he’s working on his new album.
    and seung ri tv was a bit scary haha.
    and gaho tv was adorable. πŸ™‚

  5. yeeah~~ TY and Se7en look good standing together. GD…..urggh…no comment.

    It’s good to see our boy taking a break. Hope he’ll be fully charged for the busy months to come.

  6. how the heck does taeyang manage to combine sweet/adorable/sexy all in one picture !? this is why i love this man !! se7en is looking yum as well !!

    gd no comment … but eh, some gd fans seem to be ‘drooling’ over his *cough* abs *cough*

    glad to see that despite all the solo prep and work that’s going on within YG, they still are able to take a short outing before the summer ends …

  7. *um…need to fan my self*
    OMG!!! TaeYang is so damn fine and yet still can keep his sweet and innocent charm in this pic. se7en looks good in this pic too.
    “Eat more rice” lol. I will admit GD looks kinda wimpy in this pic
    compare to TaeYang.

  8. i can’t wait for taeyang tv!
    and it’s good to see the boys finally relaxing
    and i have the same question as jessica! how does ty pull it off? πŸ˜‰

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