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Taeyang co-wrote Se7en’s “Somebody Else”

Se7en released recently his Japan EP “Somebody Else” and seems like Taeyang was a co-writer and co-composer on the title song (along with Teddy, and Kanata Nakamura for the lyrics.)

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[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 1 Wheesung and Se7en

When things are slow here at ATY (i.e. when Taeyang is missing in action) we tend to become nostalgic and start digging through old files for ways to fill our Taeyang fix. Hence this series of features on Taeyang’s old collaborations, starting with some celebrated sunbaes.

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Taeyang to be a guest at Seoul Soul Festival

I’ve been waiting for this to be officially announced.  It’s been circulating around the Taeyang fandom that he would be a guest at the Seoul’s 1st Soul Festival for a long time now.  Normally there won’t be a whole post dedicated to a news bit, but because Taeyang’s gonna be sharing the stage with the likes of Musiq Soulchild and Sean Kingston, both really big artists in the USA,  I’m more excited than usual.  More international exposure!  Taeyang will be performing on Saturday October 9th at the War Memorial of Korea. The exact schedule has yet to be announced.

The rest of the line up includes Supreme Team (personal favorite), Se7en, Jay Park, UV, DJ DOC (!!!), and Mad Soul Child.  I hope more gets added because this is hardly looking like a ‘Soul’ festival.  How about some Lyn? Ra.D? Wheesung? Boni? Soulman?  That would be so legit.

More info at: Seoul Soul Festival Website
English Ticketing Info at: Interpark

Gummy ranks Taeyang #4 on her list of Charming men

We all know Taeyang is #1 in our hearts but recently Gummy ranked the YG men based on their charms and our little sunshine was #4. Check out the video and translations below!

What she said about Taeyang:
“4th place is.. Taeyang. Taeyang only likes music too much! He’s actually really fun, to tell the truth. You would think that he’s not as fun, because all the other members are so outgoing, but actually if you get to know him, he’s really hilarious.”

Se7en, Gummy, Big Bang & 2NE1 come back this year – it’s a “YG Blitz!”

YG’s recent announcement on various news portals indicates the man has YET AGAIN revealed new plans for his artist. Yeah, yeah, I know. How many times have we rolled our eyes at yet again ANOTHER announcement, only to find out months later they’d be changed~ lol seriously YG, you just set yourself up for mockery. Okay, enough of my ranting, I am stoked he spoke about Taeyang’s solo album though – FINALLY!

As YG said ” Big Bang did not release any albums this year, they will be releasing two mini albums – one in the summer and then at the end of the year” he also said, “before though, Big Bang’s Taeyang will release his solo album”

Original article here
Translations by ATY

We all know that YG is a master at changing plans, before TOP and Daesung were suppose to release solo albums this year, however I guess things have changed because now the plans look like Gummy will be releasing in May, followed by Se7en in June, 2NE1 will be coming back in the summer, somewhere in there we’ve got our boy Taeyang, then Big Bang all through the rest of the year – THAT is one crazy YG year. My only worry is, will Taeyang get the time he needs to do PROPER promotions for his album?