Taeyang for Elle Korea: “Solar Storm” (November 2013) – HQ Scans

YB Elle 1

Whew!  Who is this guy and what have they done with the Taeyang we all know?  If anyone still had any doubts that this is a completely different guy from the person who came out with “Solar” 3 years ago, this is the confirmation that he is definitely on a new track. (We’ll be posting the translated interview when we’re done and boy, is it a doozy…) This photoshoot makes me proud for him trying new things and even more anxious (almost terrified) to hear his new music. What has he got underneath all the loud and edgy, and seemingly rebellious new wrapping?  How is this a reflection of where he is now in his life as a person and as an artist and where he wants to go?  And how long will this phase last before he changes again? One thing is for sure… he’s out to do the unexpected.

Thanks to 518% for the HQ scans!

YB Elle 1

YB Elle 2

YB Elle 3

YB Elle 4

YB Elle 5

YB Elle 8

YB Elle 9

YB Elle 10

YB Elle 11

YB Elle 12

YB Elle 13

YB Elle 14

YB Elle 15

28 thoughts on “Taeyang for Elle Korea: “Solar Storm” (November 2013) – HQ Scans”

  1. Hmmm, it looks like he’s been heavily “influenced” by someone. I just want the music already, please and thanks.

    1. Well since this is the concept of the photo shoot, the only thing he was ‘influenced’ by was the photographer’s vision lol. As for him going blonde, well I personally think why not. I like that he is pulling in inspiration and exploring tbh. Sticking with the same image for years on end can eventually lackluster visually, and perhaps appeal too.

      but yeah i think we are all just waiting for the album. Looking forward to the music mostly and I really think it’s going to be awesome ^.^

  2. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait!

    I don’t care what he looks like or how he’s styled, I just want my music! I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

    The photoshoot it so non-YB but I love it nonetheless. YB definitely stepped out of his comfort zone, but he still managed to make it work. Makeup aside, the clothes weren’t something that YB wouldn’t necessarily wear himself anyway.

    The only things I hate were the atrocious lack of eyebrows and that some of the shots reminded me too much of GD. But aside from that, I LOVED the shoot!

    Now I can’t wait for the interview! YB always gives the best interviews.

    1. Can’t wait for the music too!!! 😀 everyone be talking like :”new,fresh, never seen…!” Ohhh c’moooon already!!!! sheeeesh -.-‘

  3. I’m not the biggest fan of the look, but at the same time, I understand this is a photoshoot, so what he wears, the make up, the hair, it’s out of his control.

    I’m all for change though, our boy YB can’t be rocking the jeans and wife beater ALL the time.

    I for one think that the change of fashion and overall look won’t affect his style of music all that much. Sure there’ll be a change, I mean, whose tastes don’t differ a little after 3 years, but from reading comments on other websites and twitter and what not, people seem to be thinking he’s making a GD type drastic change, which I don’t think is the case.

    I’m looking to see something along the lines of a brighter YB compared to what we saw from Solar, he did say he was going through depression during the making of the Solar album, but it seems like this time around he’s in a much better place, so I expect to see something brighter as far as change goes.

  4. LOL. I’m so confused. I can’t figure out if he’s rebelling against his old self or conforming to YG/Kpop style. Or is it a bit of both? While he looks ok as far as fashion editorials go, this whole new look leaves me thoughtful more than anything else. What does all of this mean? Is it just to look cool or is he really making a statement? (I mean he already established a while back that he wants to be free….)

    In any case, it seems that I’ve been getting constant updates about his various fashion overhauls and none whatsoever about his new sound. While I’m as interested in his looks as any fan, I’m here for the music… and it certainly is taking a while to get here.

    1. I read a translation of part of the interview and he said he tried a few different genres which I’m pretty excited about!

  5. Wait…who the hell is this?! I’m so shocked right now, I could have sworn the tongue picture was GD. Whenever I see him like this I think that his personality has changed, but people who have worked with him still say he is sweet, humble, etc. If he can keep an amazing personality, hopefully, he can keep his amazing taste in music. I trust him.
    I’m actually proud of this shoot, very editorial.
    Btw he still looks sexy, eyebrows or no eyebrows!

  6. When I saw this at first I was in shock, almost disbelief that this was our YB. But strangely it’s growing on me lol. The more I look, the more endearing I’m finding it. I think that is an indication that I just found the change difficult to digest and not necessarily that I didn’t like the change. He actually suits blond very well imo, but I still think the eyebrows can be a shade or two darker >.<. Well, lets see what YB has in store for us. I for one am very excited!

  7. Yeah, def not my cup of tea. Taeyang man, my bias in Big Bang.. Whats happening in your life bro.. Hope the music is dope tho..

  8. I was so confused when I first saw this shoot (although I had just woken up LOL) but I really like it! I was pretty worried the first time I saw white hair popping out of his hat at the LTAL performance but it looks amazing on him!

    The styling isn’t what I expected but he pulls it off pretty well imo. I’m glad he’s branching out, experimenting and exploring new styles. I don’t mind the crazy makeup because it is just a photoshoot but I can’t stand the eyebrows. YB, you have beautiful eyebrows…why?!

    I just need the album now….

  9. Actually the clothes are pretty normal all things considered (I can see him wearing almost everything in real life except the rather extravagant jacket in the 2nd to last photo) It’s really the weird makeup and brows that are a bit disconcerting. Considering that Top has done his eyebrows in green and pink and a bunch of other colors in the past (see Arena 2010 and the Fantastic Baby promos), I’m gonna write this off as a Bigbang thing and look forward to the rest of the promo… (I love that eyeliner though, and that black tongue is certainly different…)


      1. Hmm. Considering that the responses to the photoshoot by fans have been largely supportive (see the comments here) I’m not sure where you get the idea that people have been “bitching” about it. The photoshoot itself is pretty normal as far as fashion shoots go and is just unusual BECAUSE its Taeyang doing it. As far as fans are concerned, this is just making more people curious about how far his willingness to do different things extend to his new music. You have to admit, the timing of the publication makes it one heck of a teaser…

        Oh by the way, while I understand that reading kpop comments elsewhere on the internet can be frustrating, rage-inducing and can bring on major headaches, no need to “shout” here. Leave the all-caps off and talk with us nicely. We’re friendly and while we thankfully share different opinions, we like to keep things both interesting and mellow.

  10. Although I understand the concern with the new look, I don’t have a problem with it. I think it is kind of cool that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone to do this type photo shoot. I don’t think he would have been willing to do it in the past.

    It is different and I like that. It would have been easy for him to do a photo shoot in jeans and t-shirt like always, but I like that he was willing to give this a try.

    It is similar to a GD shoot, but I am glad Taeyang did it instead of Gd. You kind of expect the unexpected with Gd and that becomes expected, so, to me, its nice that Taeyang did this.

    1. Haha. I didn’t get a GD vibe at all – if anything I keep thinking of several past shoots Shinee has done.

      Has anyone noticed that he’s kept his shirt on for this one? Does this mean this promo is going to be ab-free unlike in the past? Ummm… I’d certainly have mixed feelings if that were to happen, lol.

  11. The photo shoot is very different – considering it’s Elle and a fashion shoot I’m actually quite happy that YB decided to give it a try. He pulled it off quite well too! 🙂

    Of course I was a bit shocked (who are you and what have you done to YB!?) at first I’m glad he’s stepping out of the usual jeans and t-shirt (though I love him in casual style). He’s already in a state of rebellion, but I’m not sure how all these changes on the outside has changed his music…. We’ve “heard” nothing yet (as BM already said).

    I’m both excited and a little hesitant as to how YB’s new album would sound like. I can’t judge from all the changes physically but it leaves me wondering whether he’ll be experimental or stay true to his own sounds….

  12. I must admit I was shocked by the photos, but considering that it’s Elle and if Elle Korea is anything like Elle in America then they don’t do “normal” photo shoots.

    For me it was a shock because when I think of YB I still think of the faux hawk and jeans and t shirt. But I like that he’s doing something that maybe most people wouldn’t expect him to do. 🙂

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