NOVEMBER 1, 2013! Mark your calendars… Taeyang is back!

YB Teaser Pic 2

From YG-Life


Update from Yang Hyun Suk below the cut:

The YG Entertainment CEO shared, “First off, we only revealed the fact that Taeyang, who has been preparing for his comeback album for a long time, will return on November 1 through a teaser image… If I were to reveal one more thing, it is that Taeyang’s concept for this album will be ‘new world’.”

He explained, “‘New world’ means a different world never seen before, and in Taeyang’s case, he will show a 180 degree transformation from his solo hit songs ‘Wedding Dress‘ and ‘I Need a Girl‘ for this comeback… For the drastic transformation, Taeyang has put in a lot of effort, so it would be good to anticipate it.”

Source: allkpop

29 thoughts on “NOVEMBER 1, 2013! Mark your calendars… Taeyang is back!”

      1. If I could dance this is exactly how I would be dancing right now. 🙂

        I’m just so happy to have a date that whatever other teasers they release after this will just be icing on the cake.

  1. That’s what’s up!! About time! haha A day after the “expected” October release XP Nontheless, at least the sun will be upon us again soon! SoOooo ready for this!!!

    Also, kinda wish they teased us with another image to get us more hyped for the concept he’s going for, not that there is anything wrong with this one (because I abso-freakin-lutely love this pic, it’s so sick ;D).

    I WANT YOUR MUSIC NOW TAEYANG. One more week is too long!! (even though we’ve been waiting for 3 years lol) o(^o^)O

    1. lol. I think we got major teaser images with that Elle editorial so I’m glad for a little break from the fashion explosion.

      Though I would love for an audio teaser…

      1. haha That’s true =P It’s thrilling and different like I’m sure the album will be (but keeping in line with his style).

        I want an audio teaser too! Just a snippet would be awesome. My ears scream for new music right about now =D

  2. Ahhhhhh!!!!! OMG YES YES YES, FINALLY!!! Like @ygtaeyangbb the first GIF I think is pretty much me on the inside right now (I can’t literally since I’m at the library and I’ll probably get weird stares :P)

    Now a dancing banana too, since it was on ATY that I first encountered this lovely GIF, lol XP

  3. Yeaaaah!! We have a date! We have a date!! Omg finally!! It’s finally happening! *Tears of joy!!* :’)

    *joins everyone in their happy dance!*

  4. hello Sol-mates!!
    7 days more!!! XD
    so happy about this omg!!
    and my mid sem break starts on the 2nd of November so isn’t this a perfect way to celebrate my holiday?? XD
    can’t wait to spazz with you guys ^^ it’s been a long time 🙂

    and btw can i complain about the font for ‘he is back’…? i thought it was a meme and people was just doing it for fun><

  5. awwwww yeeeeeeeaaaah!!!!
    Finally!! WOOOO! 😀 …get me some of taydaddy!!!…-.-‘ need to control myself…oh well, can’t wait!

  6. I’m curious, with just a week to go before the album is supposed to drop, is it available for pre-order yet ? Or is YG just planning to drop the album and let the sales take care of themselves ?

    1. It’s supposed to be available for pre-order in Korea on certain online (like Synnara) but I don’t know what options are already available for international fans. We’ll post it up as soon as we have more information.

      And as to whether YG plans to do any special marketing for this… its anyone’s guess…

      1. I’m starting to get the feeling that November 1st marks the day of an MV drop moreso than the album. There’s just too much info missing and too little prep happening less than a week till launch date.

        They’ve released two teaser images, which can be counted as one lol, the album should be available for pre-order by now from all major retailers, a track-list should have been released, more concept images, audio teasers and I’m not sure if ‘New World’ is the title of the album or just a concept too.

        So unless they’re just going to rush all that between now and the 1st, or they’re just going to drop the album skipping all of that, then I think we’ll be getting an MV on the 1st and the album later on.

        That’s just my take on things.

        1. Sigh. Anything can happen, especially in light of the Infinity Challenge music festival that is now supposed to air on Nov 2 (and the inevitable takeover of the charts for a while.) Nothing we can do except wait and hope this atypical promo works out for the best (and support like crazy whenever it does start…)

  7. So half of me is hesitant about the new sound and half of me is excited. But I’m planning on keeping an open mind and listening to the part of me that’s excited haha 🙂

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