Taeyang’s Coming Soon: Teaser Pic 1

YB Teaser Pic 1

From YG- Life

Is it it redundant to say he looks smoking hot? Ugh – CANNOT WAIT!


11 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Coming Soon: Teaser Pic 1”

  1. Seriously! I’m dying right now!!!

    It’s all finally happening! After being on edge for so long, I don’t know if I can take all of this excitement!!

    And damn…..he looks good! But it makes me miss the eyebrows so much more now!

    I wonder if he’ll have like a “dark” theme and then a resurrection/rising theme.

    1. Ohhh. Interesting theory — that’s one way to approach the whole black and white theme. And the runes are interesting too… do they mean anything in particular?

        1. The 1st letter looks like an ‘R’ backwards, and the second letter kind of looks like an ‘I’ ?? lol could be.

          I love the whole symbolic code thingy going on. This is looking awesome.

  2. I need a date like right now. I also need to see what he’s hiding beneath that mask, he’s been hiding his face for the past couple photo’s we’ve seen him in. Damn it, I need more lol.

  3. finally my little brother and my idol is back… TAEYANG 🙂

    seriously i’m so excited… this poster looks like THE DARK KNIGHT (BATMAN)

  4. Omg this teaser pic is so awesome! That just flew out of nowhere. Like my heart… seriously lol I was so stunned. Super excited! We finally got the first teaser! ^.^ ♥

  5. OMG I went onto instagram and this was the first first thing I saw! I may have squealed a little….

    I’m so glad things seem to be in motion with official teasers finally rolling out. I quite like the black and white theme and the resurrection theory makes sense with the ‘rise’. This is going to be an amazing comeback!

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