Taeyang Collection for StampdLA

Taeyang debuts his exclusive collection for StampdLA. Big Bang’s Taeyang and G-Dragon have teamed up with StampdLA to release exclusive collections for the brand. Taeyang has met founder Chris Stamp multiple times, with the most recent meeting during his latest trip to Los Angeles.

The line was first hinted at last month when Chris Stamp,  posted previews of the line.

The line has been finalized and is set to be released on October 19, 2013. They can be bought online here.  The TY version of the line seems to be the black collection.

TY Stampd Collection

Photos courtesy of StampdLA and @solysombra0518

15 thoughts on “Taeyang Collection for StampdLA”

      1. well parris uploaded a picture of some of them lookin like they where in similar outfiits as her i ❤ caliboys vid

        1. DCYB were also speculating about that. Really looking forward to that since they are really, really good dancers and would love to see what Parris and YB could do together.

          If anyone is wondering… this is the Cali Boys video Wakka is talking about:

          lol. I’ve been trying to figure out all the dancers based on this photo.

          View this post on Instagram

          Rehearsal with the fellas #kpop #yg #korea

          A post shared by Hollywood (@ayhollywood) on

        2. Yeah I saw that, and YB liked it too. Plus the # ‘kpoppin’ gives a little a way ;). She’s a beast when it comes choreo. Excited to see what they cooked up.

        3. lol. I think the “YG” tag was a bigger giveaway. (And I think YB liked an old vid/photo of the rehearsals of the Cater2U routine – it wasn’t one of this recent shoot.) As far as the YG video was concerned, it seems like it was a 2 day shoot with a lot of really good dancers (some of whom were in the Cali boys video, but not exactly the same group.) It would be really cool if some of the dancers were at the SFO concert too.

        4. All the awesome dancers working with Parris and tagging YG! I really hope these signs are all pointing to YB!!!

          It’d be flawless! I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be!

        5. @ygtybb Pretty sure that YB worked with them since Mykell tweeted that they had met up (and he’s one of the dancers btw.) They did call it a “shoot” and a “rehearsal” so there’s a possibility it is for the video or for a live performance (SFO concert, perhaps.) So many awesome dancers, I can’t wait to see what they come up with…

        6. @bluemaid YG tag? I think Waka was referring to this photo Parris uploaded (which was tagged as ‘kpoppin’): http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/detail/568947595130004966_9500600
          That’s the one YB liked on IG first (before liking a couple of her other throwback videos). I think she uploaded it the day he flew back to Korea, so it’s very recent. Also she tagged the dancers from her IG pic, and Mykell was one of them (so yeah i think he’s definitely one of the dancers). Hmm too many clues lol

  1. I want the hoodie and the leopard print & 88 snap backs. I’m going to check out prices and see what I can afford. Since it’s limited editions I’m going to try and get at least one item >.<

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