Taeyang Adventures in LA (November 2012)

Taeyang had a few days free after Big Bang’s highly successful Alive Tour weekend in Anaheim, and he spent it out in the city with partner in crime GDragon, hitting up the La Brea shops and the Chrome Hearts atelier among other places.  True to form, he  headed straight for the Taeyang style accessories at Stampd and made some friends along the way.

“Now we’re chilling”



“In STAMPD L.A” @Chris_Stamp #DOPE



“Nice meeting you :)”

@IBGDRGN @Chris_Stamp #dope #westcoast

“Today was a memorable day. Met a lot of cool creative people! Love the westcoast #danja”

“The other pic with @only1danja @IBGDRGN”

Danja is a record producer who has worked with a lot of major artists including Timbaland (who he does a lot of producing work with; Give it to Me, ) Justin Timberlake (SexyBack, What Goes Around…Comes Around, My Love) Bjork (Innocence, Earth Intruders), Nelly Furtado (Promiscuous), Britney Spears (Gimme More plus some other songs on the Blackout album)… as well as Madonna, Mariah Carey, P!nk and more.


“@Chris_Stamp ‘s doggy 🙂 damn cute!”

No surprise that dog-lover YB couldn’t resist the charms of that gorgeous pit bull.  Even less of a surprise was his hanging with the Stark family at Chrome Hearts.

“In chrome hearts factory! With richard and @IBGDRGN”

“Getting FLY at chrome hearts”

“Having fun with @jessejostark #chromehearts

“Richard! #chromehearts”

“Had a good time at chrome hearts factory. Coolest place i’ve ever been starkjojo @jessejostark

Also via @peterchun: “thanks Richard! @Realtaeyang #chromehearts”

@peterchun: “familay portrait @IBGDRGN @jessejostark @Realtaeyang and 누나 (noona)~ “

@jessejostark: “fun at chrome hearts @Realtaeyang”

From the looks of it, CH has got something special planned with GDYB. (About time they made it official. I’m surprised that they don’t already own stock.)

But the best story in LA outside of the concert was completely unplanned.  The story through twitter:

@Realtaeyang: Unknown artist #streetconcert http://instagr.am/p/RtGp9VQgek/

@Realtaeyang: Thank you for taking our request 🙂

@LakinDaie: @Realtaeyang You are very welcome!! And…I didn’t know you were a pop star?! Haha all these girls were jealous & asking where you went 😉

@Realtaeyang: your voice touched my soul:) and i listened to your record !! Keep it up!! God bless you

@LakinDaie: Awww thank you!!! Let me know when you want to co-write a song 😉

@LakinDaie: By the way, listened to your stuff too…”Wedding Dress” is my JAM right now! Lol…you can sang!

@Realtaeyang: haha:) thanks!! Let’s keep in touch!!

@LakinDaie: Sounds good haha…have fun on the rest of your tour!

To summarize, YB saw her performing on the street and liked her singing.  He (or someone in his group) requested Extreme’s “More Than Words.”  She had no idea who Taeyang was at the time, but soon found out after he tweeted about her and she was immediately given the heads up by curious and excited fans.  After responding to a number of fan tweets, she also graciously uploaded a video:

What up twitter-ers! A big thank you again to @Realtaeyang for giving me props. Here’s a thank you video for you all 🙂

And now my heart’s all mushy. (Find out more about her on her website www.lakinmusic.com .)

All of these through @realtaeyang on twitter and @youngbeezzy on Instagram.  He’s getting better at this SNS thing, yay!


6 thoughts on “Taeyang Adventures in LA (November 2012)”

  1. A few more photos that got left out:

    YB being his trollsome self tweeted this (after he had left the building of course)

    “Catch me if you can! :b http://instagr.am/p/Rge3aFwgYe/

    Fans checked out the Chrome Hearts store to see what was written in the guest book (via @YB_518)

    Gdragon has also done his share of tweeting(@IBGDRGN). One of the early ones of the trip:

    And stylist JiEun shared this (before going private on Instagram)

  2. Loved his conversation with Lakin 🙂 I can’t check out her video due to my Internet data using up soon 😦 but will definitely have a listen/watch the video when I get back home. Glad he had some fun and chilling out with his BFF! And can I just say it’s very him to appreciate a street artist? I don’t mean anything else by it, but I wasn’t surprised by this fact and was waiting for it for some odd reason lol

    And he’s definitely playing the SNS game very well!! Love that he’s so comfortable with it now 🙂

    P.S. That troll pic with the guestbook is cute and adorable ❤

  3. Gosh, he’s just so amazing. That’s all I can really say. Hahaha

    Looks like he and his bestie are just partying it up and having a blast in LA.

    I’m thinking a little photoshoot was going on at CH. Now it’s time for them to officially pimp the gear! Hahah

    And kudos to him for recognizing street talent. He seems so sincere in his praise for her too. I love it.

  4. These two are really just too much (man, I love their friendship)
    Totally not surprised about the chrome hearts (I mean, it would have been shocking if they DIDN’T do something with them, lol)
    Glad to see them having fun on their off time since they have so much going on now a days!

    Hope these bros remain Best Friends For LIFE! (I can totally imagine them older with wives and kids and they’ll try to set their kids up with each other like they do in a lot of asian dramas, lol)

  5. That meeting with Lakin is very sweet. I reminds me of a GQ interview where YB said he wanted to just sing on the street like HongDae or have a concert on the island in the middle of Seoul. (You guys know what I’m talking about.) I believe it when people say that YB is married to his music. Happy to see that his love for music is still very pure even though everything else about him has changed.

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