Taeyang teases from the set of his new MV (131010)

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the Sun will rise

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“the Sun will rise”

We may not have an actual date yet, but it looks like we may get confirmation real soon… (crosses fingers.) After teasing for the past 3 years, how much more hype do we need?

It’s another drop in the trickle of updates about his recent fashion concepts (last seen at an exclusive event for Hermes and in a mention on Style File) but at least this one is more promising for music fans since it’s directly connected to the album.  We’re more than ready to hear some of the new music – I’m excited for audio teasers! (Especially seeing that froth of blonde hair and what looks like tribal tats…)

15 thoughts on “Taeyang teases from the set of his new MV (131010)”

  1. I don’t really need a glitzy MV – just one with a concept that really works with the song – so I can’t imagine what his styling says about the music. It seems like a completely different direction from the regular-super hot-dancing guy he played in both HOT and Solar so I’m excited and worried at the same time. YB never really did big “concepts” before so I have no idea what to expect.

    1. Doesn’t look R&B/soul at all to me…
      And if Im not mistaken, there were some news of him filming his first mv with dreadlocks in a sports car not long ago…. so unless he’s doing something alternative or neo soul or somesort of worldbeat (but I highly doubt, given YG’s and the usual Kpop’s visual>music tradition) it looked more like YG’s trademark hip-hop+electro.

      1. I guess I’ll wait, since video/pic doesn’t work for me…anyway, I …I just hope it will be at least one r’n’b/neo soul. Man…i really do hope so. But you’ve said it, it’s YG’s trademark -.-‘ …but wait, then again D-Lite’s new album is smooth and cool one, so…based on THAT i do hope YB will chill down a little bit with electro thing…peace out!! Feeling happy thought.

    1. Maybe not quite Paris, but I was wondering about that too because those girls do look western (and that guy in front of him with the cornrows) How he would manage to leave the country without fans knowing though…sneaky guy…

      lol. I just want audio teasers!

  2. As with his previous albums that had 2-3 MV’s each, I’m expecting this one to be the more ‘Dance’ oriented MV, i.e. ‘Prayer’ for ‘Hot’, ‘Where U At’ for Solar. Whereas the MV he filmed that was mentioned in that GD interview where he called YB, I expect that to be more of a storyline oriented MV, since apparently we’ll get to see a side of YB we’ve never seen before, a more mature side.

    As to what type of music he’ll be releasing. I think it’s best not to try judge off of a single photo, an instagram picture at that, it’s not even an official teaser/concept photo. So I’ll hold off my opinion until we get teasers that are more solid than a photo of his backside.

    I will say this though, I for one didn’t expect a physically ripped singer, donning a faux-hawk to hit us with a track like ‘You’re My’, so looks can be deceiving for those of you thinking the album is going to stray off to the electro-pop side of things.

  3. Finally YB is teasing us with pics! I’m super excited! ^_^ I’m anticipating some awesome high tempo beats for this particular song from what we can see from the pic. Even though we’re more used to hearing slow jams from YB or mid-tempo tracks like superstar, I’ll be there etc… I’m all for breaking outside of the box and bringing that creativity in both concept and music. So I’m excited to see how creative this concept will be…

    However he said R&B will always be his base so I trust it will, because as we know YB is very stubborn and particular lol, especially when it comes to his music 😉 . It’s somewhat clear there will be some fresh elements to this new album though. In actuality that’s YB being true to himself, in terms of bringing something fresh to the kpop scene in music as well as showcasing his talent, which I believe is what has always earned him respect and made him stand out as an artist.

    YB being fully blond is the most shocking thing for me though haha. It’s nothing YB has ever done before, but I’m excited to see the whole look. I’m just glad we are at the stage where he’s now dropping hints about the MV. The release must be very close. I’m also excited to get some audio teasers as well as more visual teasers and I hope by tomorrow, because I’m too excited to wait any longer after this lol. I think (and hope!) we might just be getting that mid-october release date after all! 🙂

  4. YES!! it’s amazing how I get so happy from just a picture of his back ^^ I just can not wait for him to return with new music! diffrent concept are okay with me, he has to try diffrent things in life, we all go through diffrent stages of behavior and fashion too ~

  5. When I first saw the picture I thought it was GD until I saw the tattoo and realized YB had gone blonde haha. That is definitely going to take some getting used to.

    From the picture alone I can’t even think of what the song or music will be like. And I know I’ll drive myself crazy coming up with things so I’ll just try to be patient and wait for something more than just a picture. Hopefully that wait won’t be too long 😉

  6. Hints from the MV filming so far:

    We have sexy models:


    Motorcycle stunts:


    And a good idea about the design theme for this promo since they’ve been repeating the same tribal rising sun logo on the walls and props of the set, the model’s hat and on YB’s body. 😉

  7. After trying for 3 days to get the 2NE1 uk concert tickets, and now it being fully booked. And then seeing YB in long blonde hair. This day officially sucks.

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